James Comey’s Kathy Griffin Moment

By Craig Andresen – Right Side Patriots on American Political Radio

Oh, the week that was…

The liberals haven’t had a week that bad since early last November, and it all culminated last Thursday with the testimony of James Comey.

Let’s take a look at last week’s liberal low-lights…shall we?

It all started with Megyn Kelly, the big liberal score who left Fox News for the friendlier liberal confines of CNN, whose debut show on the fake news network garnered FEWER viewers than a RERUN of 60 Minutes…stuff that people had already seen.

And her interview with Vladimir Putin? Kelly was nothing more than Putin’s punching bag…at one point, he even told her that SHE should be arrested.

Then, there was Reality Winner…

The little liberal troll who crawled out from under her slimy rock and got busted for leaking classified documents from her desk at the NSA. Little Reality LOSER was an Obama minion who, along with leaking like a screen door on a submarine, also had all sorts of notes related to various terrorists and terrorist organizations and some sort of documentation where she had stated she supported and wanted to join the Taliban, that she would side with Iran, and that she wanted to burn down the White House.

It seems that Obama was stocking the shallow end of the NSA gene pool with terrorist sympathizers and America haters, which comes as no surprise, and so far, she’s the only one to get caught, but I’m willing to bet that when Reality sinks in…she isn’t the only one that will get caught.

After that came the chiefs of our nation’s intel community…and if we’re going to call them chiefs…shouldn’t we be calling it our intel TRIBES?

The tribal chiefs took their seats in front of the Senate committee last week, an event that had liberal drooling in anticipation over testimony they were oh-so-sure would implicate President Trump in all sorts of obstructionist doings…and what did the chiefs have to say?

Well…one little, two little, three little Indians all said they felt absolutely NO pressure from President Trump to alter, or end the whole Russian collusion investigation.

In other words…all of the mainstream media’s collective secret sources, and all of their hyped reports were completely bogus…as in fake news.

By Tuesday evening, the puffed up liberals were deflating faster than Tom Brady’s balls.

And that brings us to James Comey…a 6 foot 8 inch mass of gelatinous goo upon whom liberals had staked their hopes and desires for the testimony that would get President Trump impeached…and how exactly did that work out for snowflakes everywhere?

Well, Trump ain’t getting’ impeached, and Comey will be lucky if he, himself doesn’t get arrested.

Let’s just say it didn’t go as well as liberals expected, and about as well as last November’s election went for them.

Comey sat down before the Senate Committee, and from the moment he opened his pie hole, until the time he crawled out of the room, he managed to completely vindicate President Trump, lay waste to any and all liberal dreams that Trump had obstructed justice, made a strong case for his own firing, revealed that he, himself was guilty of leaking documents to the liberal press, and if all of that wasn’t enough, Comey unmasked Loretta Lynch and Hillary Clinton as the real, actual justice obstructionists.

Let’s break it all down…

Comey admitted, in no uncertain terms, that President Trump never once ordered him to end the whole Russian probe thingy, nor did he ever once demand that Comey or the FBI cease their investigation into Mike Flynn.

Oh, according to Comey, President Trump did say he “hoped” the whole Flynn thing would end…but as Senator James Risch from Idaho questioned Comey, the real truth became quite clear.

“He did not direct you to let it go?”

Comey: “Not in his words, no.”

Risch: “He did not order you to let it go?”

Comey: “Those words were not an order.”

Risch: “Do you know of any case where a person has been charged for obstruction of justice or for that matter any other criminal offense where they said they ‘hoped’ for an outcome?”

Comey explained how he interpreted what Trump said to him about Flynn. “I don’t know well enough to answer. The reason I keep saying his words is, I took it as a direction. When it’s the president of the United States with me alone saying ‘I hope this,’ I took it as, ‘This is what he wants me to do.’ I didn’t obey that, but that’s the way I took it.”

Risch: “You don’t know anyone that has been charged for hoping something?”

Comey: “That is correct.”

So…Trump never gave the order that the liberals insist he gave, and “hoping” isn’t against the law, therefore, no obstruction of justice there.

And how exactly did Comey’s memos get into the hands of the liberal media?

Well…Comey testified that he personally handed them over to his friend, a Columbia professor who turns out to be Law Professor Daniel Richman, whom Comey instructed to hand the memos directly to the media…which Richman promptly did. That makes Comey the leaker, and since those memos were documents that in fact belonged to the FBI…it was illegal for Comey to hand them to someone outside the FBI, and just as illegal for Richman to hand them to the media…making both the leaker and his minion…criminals.

Now, one would think that the former head of the FBI would know that dispersing such documents outside the FBI was illegal…and one would hope that a law professor, a guy who is actually teaching young minds the law, would know better than to take documents he full well knew belonged TO the FBI and give those documents to the media…but alas…either neither knew the law, or both thought they were above the law.

I suspect the latter, and I also suspect that President Trump as well suspected the latter which then makes a perfect case for firing Comey…doesn’t it?

Then came what may well have been the most unexpected, and revealing part of Comey’s testimony…the stuff regarding Loretta Lynch.

In his ingenious attempt to justify his actions, James Comey tried to convince the Senators on the committee that it was the way he INTERPRETED what the President had said regarding Flynn, and not the President’s actual words, that mattered, and in an effort to show the similarities…Comey dragged Loretta Lynch and Hillary Clinton down the drain with him.

Comey tried to implicate President Trump in obstruction of justice by telling the committee that it wasn’t at all different that when Loretta Lynch DIRECTLY DIRECTED him to quit calling the Clinton email investigation, an investigation…and instead…call it a “matter” as per Hillary Clinton’s direction to Lynch. That way, it would not only look better for Clinton on the campaign trail, but it would also lower the standard of what the FBI was doing to an almost nothing burger.

Comey admitted that he did indeed follwed Lynch’s directive and infamously let Clinton off the hook saying that while it was clear that Hillary did break the law, he couldn’t charge her with it because he was unable to find “intent” on Hillary’s part. Of course, back then, Comey left out the whole thing about Lynch’s directive, which SHOULD have been a BIG deal in an INVESTIGATION…but was of no consequence in a “matter.”

But there were other liberal agenda crushing things that came out in Comey’s testimony too…like the fact that he supposedly kept detailed “memos” regarding one on one conversations he had with President Trump…while he compiled no such “memos” regarding one on one conversations with Obama…or Lynch…and how about this little fact…Comey memoed to himself, supposedly every fine detail of his conversations with President Trump…as brief as they were…and yet didn’t even record Hillary’s testimony in the email…”matter.”

Obviously…he was out to clear Hillary…and try to bury Trump…except that what sounded good in his empty head before his testimony didn’t exactly come out that way when he opened his mouth.

Naturally, liberals tried to spin their disaster to their benefit, by trying to label Comey as a whistle blower…exactly what they years before wanted Ed Snowden arrested for…but Comey was the head of the FBI…the guy who was most definitely NOT in the whistle blower position, but the very guy who was supposed to investigate what whistle blowers brought to him.

Then there was all the times that Comey told the senate Committee that he was “confused” or “shocked” or “stunned.” He was the Director of the FBI for crying out loud…NOTHING should shock, stun or confuse the Director of the FBI.

Comey whined and moaned about his firing…how it just wasn’t fair, because he was supposed to have a 10 year stint. Hell…during all of that, liberal nut case Diane Feinstein even had to tell Comey, as though he were a three year old…or a college snowflake, that “You’re big, you’re strong.”

“I know the Oval Office, and I know what happens to people when they walk in. There is a certain amount of intimidation. But why didn’t you stop and say, ‘Mr. President, this is wrong—I cannot discuss that with you’?”

Ah…a chance for the sad-sack to maybe regain a little self-respect and suck in his quivering lower lip…and what was Comey’s big boy response?

“Maybe if I were stronger, I would have.”

Wait for it…


It’s a goddamed wonder that Feinstein didn’t launch herself from her chair, like a North Korean dud missile, and waddle over to Comey to present him with a box of Crayons, an official liberal coloring book, a bottle of bubbles and a slobbering therapy puppy, because the BOOGEY MAN in the Oval Office scared him by expressing… a HOPE!!!

Comey…the fired Director of the FBI…an official leaker of government material…the guy who willingly, and apparently gleefully accepted the obstructions of justice directed by Loretta Lynch and Hillary Clinton made it perfectly clear, and much to the chagrin of liberals everywhere…that the ONLY thing Trump was guilty of was…


It was…in no uncertain terms…James Comey’s, Kathy Griffin “he broke me” moment.

And the liberal panty wadding…continues.

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