Cut the Shackles of Government Regulation!

By Margaret Smith on May 23, 2011

We have so many Federal regulations affecting businesses that small and large companies had to create positions just to deal with the “shackles of government”; now that is job creation!

Consider how the US EPA started, officially it is stated as December 1970, yet was truly revolutionized in 1962. This time frame is when Rachel Carson wrote “Silent Spring” in serial form in the New Yorker. The article was about pesticides and its effect on the bird population. Because of its popularity from readers the book was published and started a grass roots movement of environmentalist. Today, because of his books influence we have, ” 14,000 scientists, lawyers, managers, and other employees across the country to fight the good fight for “environmental protection.” Many of us probably would not be so concerned about the USEPA if it was only fighting pesticide companies.

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Hero? I Think Not.

By Jennifer Stephens on May 13, 2011

A toy company, HeroBuilders, has created an Obama action figure with him dressed as a Navy SEAL from SEAL Team 6, our heroes who took care of bin Laden. What an insult to our SEALs. (And as a Marine I have to say, insulting the SEALs is a seriously bad idea. Hazardous-to-the-health bad idea…) Obama has never served, and certainly not as an elite SEAL. He has never endured the training they go through. He has never made the sacrifices they make.

They are heroes, he is not.

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The Wrong Side of the Right Thing

By Craig Andresen on May 5, 2011

After the 2008 election and in fact before it, one by one by one, liberals both in and out of government stepped up and decried that enhanced interrogation techniques were wrong, would not lead to useful information and should never be employed.

Obama, Pelosi, Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden and on and on all made such statements and made them emphatically. They all called for the shuttering of Gitmo…PROMISED it in fact.

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UBL Dead – Was It Worth It?

By Craig Andresen on May 1, 2011

Bin Laden is killed…dead…hiding no more, making no more videos, taunting us…no more. Was it all worth it?

The thousands of lives of US service men and women and the effect of their loss on those left behind, the toll upon the wounded and their families, the billions upon billions of dollars spent on war, the untold billions spent on security measures…was it worth it?

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