Wright Wrong About Our Constitutional Foundation

By Craig Andresen – The National Patriot and Right Side Patriots on cprworldwidemedia.net

Over the past several months, I have been told, many times, that ours is a CHRISTIAN nation…and that our Constikw 1tution most definitely reflects that as fact.

Nothing could be further from the truth but, many have told me, in no uncertain terms, that they can PROVE it and Wednesday was no exception.

Kevin Wright, who has resorted to telling lies regarding my stand on certain topics…such as that I approve of “the jailing of Christians, and the closing of Christian schools and Churches,” none of which even approaches the truth, and that I…”agree, that Christians should be dismissed from political office…” again, a lie in the bald-faced realm…made it quite clear that…”The US Constitution, is established by Jesus Christ. If you have a problem with that, leave. We do not need any more pretend patriots.”

Oh, really?

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Beware of Liberal Wolves Dressed as Shepherds

real 1When it comes to the next two elections, November 2014 and November 2016, we…as Conservatives, MUST get our priorities in line or we will not only lose those elections…we’ll lose this country.

When I say ‘priorities’ I mean our platform.

Simply put, we win on policy and we WILL lose on social issues.

I know there are some Conservatives out there reading this who will say I’m off base and that’s okay…they’re dead wrong.  They are entitled to their opinions but if they want to take this country back…back from liberals and their warped ideology of socialism leading to communism and back from the abyss of big government control of our lives and businesses and back from the brink of global disaster…They need to understand exactly what the real problems this nation faces ARE.

Right now, our southern border is wide open. Illegal aliens are flooding in by the hundreds of thousands and tens of thousands of those illegal aliens are children. Tens of thousands of them are infested with contagious diseases and Obama has our military acting as baby sitters while our agencies, originally put in place to protect our border are being tasked with being the taxi service that disperses these illegal aliens throughout OUR country rather than sending them back to THEIR countries.

It’s illegal. It’s human trafficking being carried out by our own government and it is a gross violation of our Constitution.

This is not a social issue…

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Friday Fume

Can you believe we made it through another WHOLE week of this socialist crap?

ME EITHER…But we did and we’re thankful for it.

Nancy Pelosi wants to have a “CONVERSATION” on RACE and JUSTICE when she’s at home next week. I’ll bet the mild mannered folk across the bay in OAKLAND ain’t gonna be jiggy wit it though.

The socialists in congress say that the IRS needs an additional $12 BILLION dollars next year because…APPARENTLY…IT’S GONNA COST MORE TO LEAK ALL OUR MEDICAL INFO THAN IT DID TO POST 110,000 SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBERS!!!

And…The thugs, thieves and despots at the United Nations have decided that November 19th, 2013 be…INTERNATIONAL TOILET DAY!!!!!

I say we send em OBAMA for the FIRST CEREMONIAL FLUSHING!!!!!!!

If you can’t tell, it’s Friday my friends and…

I’m fuming.

What have we here???

“An analysis of one textbook cannot provide a balanced understanding as to what the students in Brevard Public Schools are learning throughout their academic careers.”

Those are the words of Brevard County Schools spokeswoman, Michelle Irwin, as she defended…DEFENDED a Prentice Hall World History textbook being used by 9th graders that contains…

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An Ode To Those Who Cling

Every day’s a Holiday

Unless of course, you’re Christian,

Mohammad’s  considered acceptable

But Christ is an affliction.


Reading the Koran in the Park

Is clearly Not Detested,

But Quote the Bible in Public Places

And You will be Arrested.


Freedom OF Religion

Is What the Founders Said,

But Freedom FROM Religion

Is the Atheists Flag of Red.

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We Called it and the Liberals Left Has Delivered!

Almost as if on cue. just a few days after writing and posting “Another School Shooting and the Liberal Double Standard,” a story comes across the wires which is so predictable, it’s frightening.

If you haven’t read that article you should before finishing this one.

Have we heard a word, a single word from the liberal left regarding the candlelight vigils and prayer meetings for students of Chardon in the wake of that horrible school shooting earlier this week?


Not even a whisper.

Had these same students held prayers BEFORE the tragic event which has now claimed the lives of 3 students, we would have had liberals, their mouthpieces and the ACLU coming unhinged; but, in response to the shooting, no way.

Let me be clear, they, the liberal left and their mouthpieces, SHOULD keep their yaps shut.

They should also shut up if a school wants to have a prayer at a graduation or if a student prays at the lunch table or if a student athlete Tebows on the sideline.

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13 Words Obama Admin Does NOT Want on WWII Memorial

With thy blessing we shall prevail over the unholy forces of our enemy.”

Those 13 words, spoken 67 years ago meant something. Those words meant a lot. They were words of comfort and of hope spoken to the nation 67 years ago.

With those 13 words, spoken to the nation by President Roosevelt 67 years ago, the United States launched, on June 6th, 1944, the D-Day invasion and sent thousands of our troops into the most dangerous situation of their lives and our history.

That decision by Roosevelt was not, could not have been easy; and he, as well as the nation, knew that many of those being sent to those fateful beaches would never return.

Those in uniform knew that too.

Roosevelt also knew the beaches would just be the beginning and that of those who made it off those beaches, many more would be lost before the end of that war.

He knew it, we knew it and they knew it.

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