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  1. All that is well and good but is still short of getting rid of the back-story as to how things got into such a mess.
    First: control the lobbyists. Make it illegal for any lobbying to be done on or around capital hill. Establish one location where members of Congress and their committees
    may meet with citizens and vested interests to discuss legislation and every word is recorded. Dis-allow all socializing between members of Congress and lobbyists. Repeal the defense of Monsanto. Shut down the FDA and start over; then ban all of “big pharma” from any participation in legislation and testing. Shut down the EPA and declare everything re:man made global warming to be the fraud that it actually is. Get rid if the Federal Reserve and take back control of our money from all Central Banks. Close the IRS and replace it with a banking transaction tax. Reduce corporate taxes to 5% or less. Get rid of foreign aid and give all that money, and more, to government, corporate and university R&D. Bring business and industries back to America with a five year moratorium on taxes and give to those who do come back, at no cost to them and with clear title, their choice of the many hundreds of government owned office buildings, and warehouses that currently sit empty. Stop the militarization of local and state police forces, and put them on notice that the courts are not to protect them from litigation if they abuse ANY Constitutional Right.
    In as much as Mr Obama is the ultimate illegal alien, he is not and never has been a duly elected president. Therefore every document that has his signature on, every appointment he has made, every tzar, agency, committee, and executive order is to be rendered null and void.
    If Congress does not take action on all of these demands between now and September 1st, 2016, WE THE PEOPLE will cancel the 2016 election and physically, by the millions march on Washington, shut it down, clean all of you out, and start over.
    And all of these things are only the beginning. We will return to being a God respecting, English speaking, enemy expelling, strongly defended nation.

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