Liberalism’s Moral Abyss

By Craig Andresen – Right Side Patriots on American Political Radio

The ship, the U.S.S. Liberalism, is sinking being dragged to Davy Jones’ locker by the weight of its own hypocrisy…and I have to admit, there is a certain amount of pleasure in watching it slip beneath the waves.

The NFL, once the highest floating ship in the American sporting world, has become a sunken, man-made reef. As players continue to disrespect the nation of fans who made them millionaires, and as league officials continue to cling to their liberal union inspired agenda of allowing such disrespect, the fan base is continuing to turn their backs on the kneelers, and turn off the televised games bringing the NFL to its lowest ratings ever.

Now even advertisers are floating away in life rafts trying to put enough distance between themselves and the rapidly sinking vessel so as not to get pulled down along with it.

Last week, while the players from New Orleans actually stood for our National Anthem, they suddenly took a knee in a show of disrespect for a New Orleans police officer who was recently murdered…

A black police officer, who did nothing wrong, was a good, clean cop and who took the oath to “protect and serve” as his own personal goal.

That comes as no grand surprise, as it was only last year or so that the NFL banned the Dallas Cowboys from honoring 5 fallen officers who were gunned down in an ambush in the street.

The NFL, their liberal loons and their supporters in the mainstream media are getting exactly what they deserve, and paying the price for their disrespectful behavior, but that’s not the end of this absurd story…

Rapper and clothing designer, Sean, P. Diddy, Puff Daddy, Puffy Combs, a multimillionaire himself, and a grand supporter of disrespecting our flag and anthem, is now out there talking about starting up a brand new…black…professional football league.

Oh…PLEASE…do it Puffy P. Daddy Diddy…PLEASE do it.

There would be nothing better than to bear witness to black, self-imposed segregation after decades of black people trying to accuse Conservatives and Republicans of trying to segregate blacks from the rest of society.

By the way, black people are already engaged in their own segregation. The Congressional BLACK Caucus is segregated by blacks…outside an occasional white woman pretending to be black…so too is the NAACP. And what about Harvard, which last spring, held its own black graduation ceremony…at the behest of black students who insisted on segregating themselves from the rest of the class of 2017?

I say if P. Diddy Doofus wants his own all black pro football league…let him have at it.

It could still be called the…NFL…if you know what I mean.

Then, there’s that liberal ship of fools, otherwise known as Hollywood, that’s sinking faster than an anvil.

Hollywood is full of idiots who play make-believe for a living, having nothing of importance to utter unless somebody else writes it for them, and even then they can’t say it right on the first 20 takes. They’ve claimed the moral high ground for decades…pushing every inane liberal agenda item, getting behind every liberal candidate and uttering nonsense under the misconception that anyone other than their own kind gives a happy rat’s ass.

Hollywood celebrities are those people who spend their entire life going out in public, being as abjectly provocative as is humanly possible, saying the most absurd things, dressing like hookers, philandering like rabbits and doing whatever other things that will get them noticed…and then claim to hate the paparazzi who follow them about like junkyard dogs in heat.

For years…decades…Hollywood has been falsely bashing the right, calling Republicans and Conservatives everything that liberals really are, and since last November’s election, they have simply ramped up their transparent lies.

Hollywood and music industry awards shows have become nothing less than nationally televised, liberal agenda events, not to celebrate achievements in various endeavors of preforming arts, but for the sole purpose of airing absurd allegations against the political right side of the aisle.

Last month, the trash at the trashings reached its collective zenith at the Emmy Awards, which was nothing but a non-stop false narrative against President Donald Trump.

Over the past year, how many of those who are but legends in their own minds, accused Trump of being anti-women, accused him of being a misogynist and of being some sort of monster?

Frankly, I’ve lost count…but plenty to be sure.

Then…Harvey Weinstein happened.

Weinstein, it comes out, is a lewd, lascivious pig of the first order that makes Jabba the Hut seem like a good and decent light-hearted soul. Harvey Weinstein…all of a sudden…has been exposed as the sort of sexual predator that should either be in prison, or registered with the federal government.

Don’t think of it as Hollywood’s darkest secret though…because apparently just about everybody in Hollywood has known about Weinstein…for DECADES…and yet said absolutely nothing.

It should come as no great surprise that Harvey Weinstein and the Clintons are old pals, which makes one wonder just what sort of conversations Bill and Harvey had in the back of a bus that never got leaked to the media.

And then, there’s Hillary, who despite being a close friend of Weinstein, and the benefactor of Weinstein’s recent campaign donations…claims she never knew.

Yeah…right…we’re supposed to believe that load of crap?

Sure she knew, and so too did Meryl Streep who claims she, despite her long-time close relationship with the pig Weinstein, didn’t know the dark side of the man.

One by one, liberal celebrities are coming out of the “never talk about Weinstein” closet to admit they knew, they were victims, and that they kept the worst kept secret for decades.

It took Hillary more than a week to answer questions…to try and act as though she were shocked, but when she was asked if she would return Weinstein’s campaign donations…she actually said, “There’s nobody to return them to.”

First of all, that’s Hillary’s sexual misconduct version of, “At this point, what difference does it make,” absurd remark and second, the woman who stood by her man even AFTER horny Bill ADMITTED to using his intern as a humidor is now disgusted by her pal, Weinstein’s behavior? And third, the smartest woman in the world, so anointed by liberals everywhere, can’t possibly…in a week’s time…conjure up anyone to give Weinstein’s campaign donations to?

Floating about out there on social media are posts stating that Hillary should give the money to the victims of Weinstein’s crimes…but they don’t need it as most are already millionaires, and in my opinion…they don’t deserve the money because anyone who remains silent about such atrocities as those Weinstein committed, for decades, while hammering away at false claims against President Trump doesn’t deserve one red cent.

But how about this…

Hillary, as well as all other liberals to which Weinstein gave money during his decades of debauchery could donate each and every dollar Weinstein ever presented to them…to the victims of BILL CLINTON’S sexually depraved actions.

After being widely and rightly rebuked for her bewilderment as to what to do with the donations…Hillary tried to make it all better by claiming she would give the money to charity…and not to insinuate that she would give it to the CLINTON FOUNDATION, but…if neither Bill nor Harvey could keep their cigars in their pants…at the very least…they could keep the money in the family.

The Clinton Foundation, by the way, says they will be keeping the donations Weinstein made to it.

Apparently however, it hasn’t just been the women in Hollywood who, over the years, have been groped, propositioned and even raped by Weinstein who clammed up about it…so too have his male pals like George Clooney, Ben Affleck and Matt Damon among many, many others…thus becoming the enablers of a serial sexual predator.

And let’s be clear about something else while we’re at it…Harvey Weinstein’s sexually predatory behavior was not relegated to adults…he was, over those many years, also preying on children.

Weinstein obviously went to the Roman Polanski school of predatory relations.

While the collective mainstream media focuses like a laser on Harvey Weinstein, providing an open mic for any Hollywood celebrity who wants to admit to prior knowledge of Weinstein’s sexual abuse of women and children…the question is…why now?

Why are liberals rushing to condemn Harvey Weinstein now…rather than 20 plus years ago?

Why all this who-ha with the NFL…ANTIFA…Black Lives Matter…the whole false Russian narrative and so much more?

The answer is rather simple…because liberals are now desperate. They’re losing the national dialogue, and national, state and local elections. Their claims of Conservative voters being racists have been exposed as lies. Their claims of Trump hating women and of being a racist have been exposed as lies. The liberal talking points regarding white privilege, systematic racism, Nazism and fascism have all been exposed as lies.

Under Donald Trump, the mindless liberal narratives regarding foreign policy, man-made climate change, gender issues, bigotry, homophobia and any number of other policy plank issues has been unraveling since last November.

Russian collusion in our election fell flat, and now investigations are showing that the FBI, and James Comey along with the Department of Justice and Loretta Lynch were all aware of bribery being involved with the sale of U.S. uranium to the Russians with Hillary being a direct monetary benefactor while Obama looked the other way.

Donald Trump was surveilled even though liberals denied it. President Trump has been making bold moves against our enemies and has been taking Obama’s knife out of the backs of our allies, and our economy is getting stronger by the day.

Black Lives Matter is falling flat. ANTIFA is falling flat., and claims that Republiocans and conservatives are all Nazis have held as much water as a screen door on a submarine.

Liberals who claim to be all about freedom of expression have exposed themselves as those who resort to violence to stifle freedom of speech.

The NFL protests that liberals were so sure would sway people to their way of thinking have imploded as fans have found better things to do at game time than watch a bunch of multimillionaires claim that they’re oppressed.

And let’s not forget Bo Bergdahl, whom Obama traded the captive Taliban war council to get back, who has now admitted being a deserter and a traitor responsible for the deaths of 6 soldiers who went out looking for him. Liberals have long claimed that turning loose 5 Islamic terrorists for the safe return of a traitor was worth it, and that too has fallen flat.

So…why now? Why all the buzz about Harvey Weinstein and all the rest?

Because liberals need  distractions from losing on every false talking point, and in desperation, they have now thrown one of their own under the proverbial bus and the liberal mainstream media, having found themselves on the losing end of making up one fake news story after another, is all too happy to oblige.

Let’s not forget that all of these distractions, from last November’s election to Harvey Weinstein all have one major thing in common…all claim to be on behalf of some supposed group of victims, because liberalism would evaporate without victims…real or manufactured.

Hillary was a “victim” of the last election, the BLM is full of pretend victims…ANTIFA…more manufactured victims. The NFL? All those taking a knee are pretending to be oppressed. But what of those celebrities now calling out Weinstein? Are they victims?

Yes…they are. They are real victims, but in true liberal fashion, all of those who are finally, after decades of holding the dirty secret in utter silence, now proclaiming their victimhood are doing so from ivory towers built in the depths of liberalism’s moral abyss.

While I am certainly NOT amused by the predatory nature of Harvey Weinstein, in any way, shape or form…there is a certain amount of appreciation involved in watching liberalism’s hypocritical chickens come home to roost.

From drama comes karma and…

Karma’s a bitch…isn’t it.

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