Liberals Have But One Core Value

By Craig Andresen – Right Side Patriots on American Political Radio

To say that the democratic party, the party of liberals hell bent on socialism, has an identity crisis on their hands would be an overreach of epic proportions. To have an identity crisis…one must first have an identity.

This has been the problem for liberals for at least a dozen years, and I suspect it stretches back a good deal further than that.

Basically, I believe that the party of socialists, masquerading as liberals who have been masquerading as democrats since the Johnson administration, has been on autopilot in a rudderless ship since the days of Jimmy Carter’s malaise.

While that situation went for the most part unnoticed for decades, it went completely unspoken of by their party candidates and elected officials. Identity is derived from a set of core values, and that was, and is still, the problem for the party of liberals…they have no core values to speak of. They do have a core vote strategy…but possible only one core value.

As Republicans…

Our core values are articulated all the time by elected officials, candidates and by the voters, and while we have met those core values in practice with varying degrees of success, we have always held them as core values.

For Republicans…the party, those we have elected and those running for office…and certainly by those of us who vote…our core values have always been…limited government, less government intrusion into our daily lives, lower taxes, a strong defense, adherence to the Constitution, strengthening the family unit, standing up for the individual rights of all Americans, border security, justice, freedom and an unwavering sense of self-reliance and personal responsibility.

President Ronald Reagan said that “Government is not the solution to our problem…government IS the problem.”

Liberals however, from the bottom up and the top down, hadn’t had any sense of their own core values since the day Kennedy died in Dallas and there is good reason for that. On that day, with the ascension to the oval office by LBJ, things changed. John F. Kennedy, would be considered a Republican today. Maybe not a Conservative, but most clearly a Republican as the core values of his party back then were not that far out of line with the core values of the republican party.

Sure, the two parties were on separate paths, but back then, the destination was the same….a better and stronger America.

But, as I said, things changed abruptly for the party of today’s liberals on a November afternoon in 1963, and by the time Carter was in office, that party had no discernable core values…a situation that was never spoken of by their party elites, candidates, elected officials or by their voters until a certain day in 2005.

It was July 10th, 2005…at a town hall forum held inside the at Macedonia Missionary Baptist Church in Eatonville, Florida when a young, rising star in the party of liberals took the floor, on behalf of the reelection campaign of Florida’s Senator Bill Nelson and uttered quite possibly the only honest words of his life.

That day, in that place, Senator Barack Hussein Obama stood and delivered what his party had tried to keep swept under a long, forgotten rug…

“The Democrats at times have lost their way. We are trying to decide what our core values are.”

Let’s take that apart and look at the two distinct pieces of it.

“The democrats at times have lost their way.”

Adrift, rudderless, on autopilot. Lost…nobody steering the ship. “The democrats at times have lost their way.”  Alone, that part of Obama’s statement is, at most, an admission of the obvious because, every so often, every political party, or at least some of their party’s top brass and elected officials lose their way. It happens, always has and always will…but there is a remedy for those situations.

It is, however, the second part of Obama’s statement that is telling. Teling in such a way as to have shown a spotlight on what the party’s top brass wanted hidden for all time.

We are trying to decide what our core values are.”

You see, core values are no different than a compass. Core values always point back to your due north, and provide you with a sense of direction from which you can find your way back to your particular path. Without core values…you are on autopilot, adrift in a rudderless ship.

You’re lost.

What’s worse…if you have to try “to decide what our core values are,” as a political party…you have no core values at all.

And core values are not something upon which you decide when the mood strikes you…they are the very foundation from which everything you stand for is derived. In the case of a political party, that foundation…those core values are the foundation from which your party rises.

As a political party, you don’t hold a meeting and decide what your core values are going to be…your core values are the principles from which your party was born.

What you decide…is your agenda…and therein lies the problem for the party of liberals. They have no core values…but what they do have, is an agenda.

As Obama was campaigning for the highest office in the land, in 2008, he said…

That’s not a core value…that is an agenda.

And that brings us to the here and now, with a party in power replete with core values and a party flailing about, rudderless, adrift and lost that has no core values whatsoever,

In both 2008 and 2012, the party of liberals ran on bumper sticker slogans…”hope and change,” while the Republicans ran on the issues and their vision of how to meet those issues based on their core values. While the White House eluded the Republican party, those core values re-manifested themselves in something called the Tea Party which led to two shellackings of the rudderless party and the taking of the house and the senate for the Republicans. That, in turn, led to the final piece of the puzzle…the Oval Office in 2016. It was not a bumper sticker, but a hat slogan that was backed up by the core values of the voters, in the face of a few who have indeed lost their way from within the party of Republicans, that made the difference, and today, with President Trump in the White House, along with a red Senate and a Red House…we are seeing our core values guiding our elected officials.

On the other side of the coin…the agenda of the left is crumbling as nearly every day, President Trump chips away at it and lays waste to it one bit at a time…agenda item by agenda item.

Protecting illegal aliens was an Obama agenda item. Single payer healthcare was an Obama agenda item. Support for terrorist states, terrorists, and turning our back on our allies were all Obama agenda items. Screwing our military, installing political correctness as the law and tearing apart our Constitution were likewise Obama agenda items.

Standing up for thugs and villainizing our law enforcement officers…Obama agenda items. Reinstalling racism and dividing the country…Obama agenda items. Demonizing self-reliance, success and self-respect were all Obama agenda items.

In fact, you can’t point to one single thing Obama did for the past 8 years as being any part of a set of core values…but you can rightfully point out that everything he, and his party of liberals did…were just items on an absurd agenda of transforming America to be checked off one by one.

But our core values are prevailing…slowly…but prevailing nonetheless and that has the party sans core values as mad as hell…which is exposing something quite interesting, yet not at all surprising.

They do have one core value after all.


The party of liberals, when you pull back the curtain and lift up that old, dirty rug…has a long-buried core value upon which they base everything, and that core value is hatred.

As the agenda of the party of liberals slides into the abyss, their one core value is manifesting itself for all the world to see. Riots, ANTIFA, violence perpetrated against innocent people, the deliberate targeting of law enforcement, the destruction of other people’s property, college campuses lit aflame to stop the freedom of expression,  and the calls for actual assassinations of Republicans and Conservatives including, but not limited to the President, are all part and parcel of the party of liberal’s core value of hatred.

By demanding the removal of historic statues, and by calling for the assassinations of elected officials, by trying to stamp out freedom of speech and by ramping up their agenda item against the right to bear arms…the party of liberals has taken on the core value of hatred in much the same way as have the barbarians of the 7th century in our 21st century world.

Party of inclusion my ass. Party of tolerance my ass.

The party of hatred, is what it is, and no amount of spin, duck and cover by their propaganda partners in the mainstream media to make the obviously seen become the unseen can change that.

This is why, if you ever bother to watch any of the mainstream liberal news broadcasts, they never talk about a liberal platform…they only talk about the targets of liberal hatred.

The mainstream media is busy making up stories from which fuel for the fires of liberal hatred can be found. During the run up to the special election in Georgia last week, all the liberal mainstream media could talk about was Trump. They never talked about their chosen candidate’s platform, or his core values. did they? That’s because he had no core values from which to develop a platform. But they talked incessantly about the need to win that election in order to beat Trump. Liberals, and their hatred of Trump became their sole driving force and all that mattered was the seat in the house…but clearly not the issues.

The core value of the party of liberals, their hatred of anyone and anything that stands to erase their agenda, is now front and center and their primary target is now the President of the United States…Donald J. Trump…and I suspect they are ramping up that hatred to the point of outwardly calling for his assassination for one, specific reason.

The Supreme Court.

With Justice Scalia now replaced by Justice Gorsuch, the high court again has a 5-4 margin in favor of the core values that founded this great country…and should one, or possibly two more Justices leave the Supreme Court bench, it is a fair bet they would belong to the party that has but one core value. That means, that should President Trump again do what candidate Trump promised to do, and advance the nomination of one or two more Justices with the core values of Justice Neil Gorsuch…well…the agenda of liberals would be sunk for decades…and for generations to come.

It’s a vicious circle really…hatred breeds desperation and desperation in turns breeds more hatred, and the party of liberals desperation is now breeding more and more hatred to prop up their one true core value.

The party of liberals knows that majorities in congress are as fleeting as their agenda items, but they also know that the Supreme Court, if under the majority control of Justices whose core values emulate the core values of our Founders and Framers, becomes an unmovable, unwavering force that not even their hate can penetrate.

Right now, the Supreme Court is a 5-4 majority for core values. If Kennedy retires at the age of 80, it will become a 6-3 core value majority and should Justice Ginsberg go, either by retirement or by natural means while Trump is in office…that core value majority becomes an immovable, impenetrable core value force for generations into our future.

Liberals, and their party, hate the very idea of it, which is why they have become so desperate as to allow their hatred to show. That hatred will breed more desperation which will breed more hatred and so on and so forth until they, and their party collapse under the sheer weight of it all.

Such is always the way for any structure built upon the weakest of foundations.

The fact is, that because of the party of liberals one true core value…hate…


In the end, we win.

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