Liberal Women Behaving VERY Badly

By Craig Andresen – Right Side Patriots on American Political Radio

puss 12I didn’t want to do this…but because of the abject stupidity of it, I now feel compelled to issue this article and address it to specifically those…whatever they were…at last weekend’s parade of pussies in Washington DC.

What in THE hell, were you bunch of drooling, slobbering liberals thinking?

Seriously…you wanted to have a voice…you had the biggest stage imaginable…you wanted yourselves and whatever cause it was you claimed to represent to be taken seriously, and you dressed up like clowns from a circus of hookers, drew up vulgar signs and pranced about like a 500,000 member gaggle of shrieking, malcontented, pissed-off sufferers of PMS pansies.

In just 24 hours, you mangy morons managed to show more disrespect, more abject hatred of your own gender and did more to demean your cause that President Trump could possibly do in a lifetime.

And speaking of gender…

I was under the impression that liberals, regardless of their gender, didn’t give a happy puss 13damn about gender, and that being the case…why on earth were you out there demanding anything specifically related to one gender?

You can’t be gender-neutral, and be marching for any gender’s rights at the same time…unless of course, you’re admitting your own hypocrisy.


Please, any one of you who were there, name even a single right that you had as women before last Friday at noon that you lost as OF noon on Friday when Donald Trump was sworn into office. Just one. Anyone?



puss 14You can’t, because you haven’t lost even a single right, so what was it again you were out there for?

Oh, yes…a woman’s right to have an abortion…and you’re scared that if the Supreme Court swings back to the Conservative…you might lose that right.

We know that this was exactly what your little parade of fools was all about because we know that Right to Life groups asked to be included in your orgy and that the organizers OF your orgy refused them.

What really has your parts all puckered up is the idea that the Conservative majority in Congress might vote to divest the American taxpayers of funding Planned Non-Parenthood. Now here’s a couple of things you probably haven’t spent too much time thinking about, and by the look of so many of your get-ups at your protest last weekend, I rather doubt that very many of you take the time to think at all…but Planned Parenthood, is not a non-profit bastion of abortion. They are FOR profit, and therefore probably don’t deserve taxpayer monies to begin with.

Now before you start telling me that oil companies get taxpayer dollars and they’re for profit…let me just point out that Exxon isn’t killing the soon-to-be-born on demand, so there is a difference.puss 15

Here’s an idea…why don’t you just pay for your own abortions, or better yet…don’t get pregnant to begin with and judging by the way you presented yourselves at last Saturday’s rally…the latter shouldn’t be much of a problem.

It really is amazing how you liberals want the government involved in everything…in every aspect of our daily lives, but you draw the line at government not paying for your abortions. You WANT the government to protect your ability to HAVE an abortion…you WANT them involved in your vaginas at THAT point…but you march about carrying signs telling the government to stay OUT of your vaginas.

So…which is it? In…or out…or in…or out…or in…

And don’t start screaming, “OH GOD, OH GOD,” because we know that your ilk doesn’t even believe in God.

You claim that you have the collective RIGHT to have an abortion.

puss 16No…you don’t. Finger through all the Amendments in the Bill of Rights, when you aren’t busy fingering something, or someone else, and you won’t find a single thing in their about any right, endowed by the Creator, regarding you having any right to end the life of a soon to be born child. And while you’re at it, take a moment to discover that our Constitution and our Bill of Rights makes it clear that our unalienable rights do not come from the government.

So…how did the organizers of this obtuse gathering pull it all together so quickly? Simple…it had been planned for months…as a celebration of Hillary’s win…which never happened…hence the need for hand lettered rather than pre-printed signage.

And women’s rights? Really? That’s what this was all about…in a country where women have equal rights? What about all the countries, many of which donated money directly to Hillary Clinton via her pay to play set up at the Department of State where women most assuredly do NOT have anything even slightly resembling equal rights?

Countries where women are stoned to death for being raped? Places where women are beaten for daring to be seen in public without their husbands? Countries where women are not allowed to drive, or get an education, or vote, or decide for themselves who they will marry?sto 1

Nearly all of those countries have an embassy in Washington…where these liberal woman could protest for women’s rights…where women’s rights are desperately lacking…but did they?

Of course not.

Those liberal moonbats protested for their right to have their soon to be born children killed, as a matter of birth control…and to have their deeds paid for by the American taxpayers.To those liberal women, and the smattering of liberal men who attended…the greatest injustice that women here face is the prospect of having to pay for their own abortions, or worse yet, in their eyes, the prospect of not being able to end the lives of their soon to be born children at all.

Oh, the humanity.

sto 2Let me now put the finest, sharpest point on the abject stupidity of this march that I possibly can…once it went from being a Hillary Celebration party to a so-called “women’s rights” march in protest of President Trump…the CO-CHAIR of this “women’s rights” gathering of liberal loons was…Linda Sarsour…a Muslim, tied to terrorist organizations…WHO SUPPORTS SHARIA LAW…which contains absolutely NO rights for women.

Okay, all of that said…allow me to address some of the idiots who joined the parade of pussies last weekend individually.

First up, we have what at first blush seems to be a woman dressed as a cow, but upon closer inspection, and after a little research, it is actually a cow dressed up as a woman. EradiGate is not how you spell…eradicate…which I believe is what you may have meant and I’m sure that had you possessed a dickshunairy…you would have known that.

puss 1

Next…we had THIS liberal wordsmith…who had well over a month to come up with something deep to write on her sign…

puss 2

But felt compelled to wallow about on the shallowest end of the gene pool she could find in order to show us all that liberals really are…staggeringly more enlightened than anyone else.

Then, we had this glowing example of liberal womanhood…

puss 3

A woman who somehow managed to put her ass on backwards last Saturday morning, and she wore a shirt proclaiming that “the struggle is real.” Yes…yes it was…

After that, we come to THIS…

One can only imagine that she is trying to tell the rest of the world that she has managed to plow through all the available American men, and lesbians…along with having hosted all the illegal aliens in her own, private sanctuary city, so now she’s inviting all of Obama’s unvetted “refugees” through the front door.

puss 4

Apparently, she isn’t particularly interested in vetting anyone who takes the plunge, therefore all but admitting her status as a multi-cultural slut…but there are a few things of which she might like to be aware…

All of Obama’s unvetted “refugees” are from Islamic countries, and some of them tend to wear clothing packed with dynamite, and some are prone to early self-detonation which could well lead to her first ever explosive orgasm. Also, those Islamists are looking for 72 VIRGINS and if one reads between the lines of her welcome mat…she doesn’t qualify.

Next up…

puss 5

Her voice coach has been trying to get her to sing from her diaphragm…apparently, with some measure of success.

How about this tremendous example of liberalism who managed to turn her 15 seconds of shame into a TV interview

puss 6

While I would tend to agree that building the wall she suggests would most likely repel illegal alien invaders…I have a hunch she wants the American tax payers to foot the bill and not the Mexican government.


puss 7

If yours are ROARING…you’ve got problems bigger than Donald Trump.

This next one is a real head-scratcher…

puss 8

Let’s see…you’re at a rally promoting abortion, but you have a toddler…maybe 3 or 4 years old….and you’re parading that child around carrying a sign containing 4 words…at least 3 of which she doesn’t even understand…in the hopes that she’ll grow up to be both as stupid, and as bitter as her mother.

Mom of the year.

Just a couple more…I promise…

What’s really ironic is that the vast vaginal majority of last weekend’s prancing genitalia hate Trump because, 10 years ago, he made a comment about grabbing a pussy…and those who actually voted…voted for the wife of Monica Lewinski’s former boyfriend who used his girlfriend, as a humidor.

puss 9a

And finally…speaking of liberal men…

THIS guy showed up at the weekend march with THIS sign…

puss 10

Atta boy…way to prove my point.

Now that we have seen the mindset of the garden variety liberal woman, on full display, let me wrap this all up with perhaps the most ironic, hypocritical and bone crushingly stupid part of last weekend’s waddling parade of vaginas…a parade supposedly meant, in part, to convince men to stop objectifying women. As your keynote speaker…there to whip the collective women’s movement into a frothy lather, and once and for all times put an end to men treating women as little more than the receptacles they were dressed as last Saturday…you put Madonna on center stage…Madonna…the very woman who promised oral sex to anyone who voted for Hillary.

In the course of a single day, somewhere near 500,000 liberal women managed to delegitimize, and make a total mockery of their entire agenda, because never again will puss 11anyone with an ounce of common sense or caring hear one single word they have to say without envisioning their absurd costumes.

And trust me when I tell you, that nobody takes a 5-6 foot tall, vulgar, slobbering, drooling and acerbic  vagina…seriously.

Absolutely nobody.


Today, Friday, January 27th from 7 to 9pm EST on American Political Radio, RIGHT SIDE PATRIOTS Craig Andresen and Diane Sori discuss Obama’s lesser realized traitorous actions, women behaving badly, and Donald Trump’s first week in office.  

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  1. Front bum girl wins, hands down.

    No sign, no costume

    and most unfortunately, no frock.

    I can honestly say that I am now frightened by ‘some’ vagina.

  2. Thank you! You have written everything I, a woman with brains, have tried to say!! I was totally appalled to see the pictures people have posted, and am even more stunned to read about the remarks those disgusting “celebrities” made. Like you said, they just want the government to fund their baby killing, and they are so pissed at killary’s loss! (And I thank God everyday for that!)

    Finally, those hordes of sluts and banshees do not represent ME or any other smart women around the world. Thank you again, Craig, for your excellent summation of a liberal vaginal free for all.

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