Have You Hugged a Terrorist Today?

By Craig Andresen Right Side Patriots http://www.americanpbn.com/

Mark Zuckerberg had this to say regarding Islamic terrorists and Islamic terrorism…hug 1

“I believe the only sustainable way to fight back against those who seek to divide us is to create a world where understanding and empathy can spread faster than hate. Where every single person in every country feels connected and cared for and loved. That’s the world we can and must build together.”

In 2014, Hillary Clinton said this on the same topic…

“This is what we call smart power. Using every possible tool and partner to advance peace and security. Leaving no one on the sidelines. Showing respect even for one’s enemies. Trying to understand, in so far as psychologically possible, empathize with their perspective and point of view. Helping to define the problems, determine the solutions. That is what we believe in the 21st century will change — change the prospects for peace.”

Last year, in 2015, Obama spewed out this line…

“Efforts to counter violent extremism will only succeed if citizens can address legitimate grievances through the democratic process and express themselves through strong civil societies.”

And it was Marie Harf, the propagandist for John Kerry’s State Department who offered up this take on Islamic terrorists…

“We’re killing a lot of them, and we’re going to keep killing more of them. … But we cannot win this war by killing them. We need … to go after the root causes that leads people to join these groups, whether it’s lack of opportunity for jobs or…”

Let’s take these quotes from last to first shall we?

hug 2Jobs. Marie Harf indicates that Islamic 7th century barbarians would act civilized if only they had…jobs. It seems to Harf, and because she propagandizes for  John Kerry perhaps it also seems to Kerry, that if only Islamic terrorists had job opportunities they would all just settle down and everything would be okay.

You know…a job…something that an Islamic 7th century barbarian could do, perhaps vocationally, perhaps professionally, maybe even at an entry level position in order to make some money so as to feel some sense of self-worth. Of course, there are some jobs Islamic terrorists WON’T do, like working in a bacon factory or, as we all know, driving a beer truck, but there do have to be some jobs out there that your garden variety, 7th century barbarian is perfectly suited for…

Like beheading infidels, or lighting them on fire, or drowning them or blowing them up in markets, on trains or in airports. Those seem to be perfect jobs for Islamistshug 3. There’s also shooting innocent people at concert venues, at a magazine offices, at company Christmas parties or just about anywhere else infidels meet, and let’s not forget the possibility of Islamists becoming airline pilots.

Now before you start to thinking there isn’t really any money in these lines of work, think again. Iran is offering $7,000 to the families of slain 7th century barbarians if they are killed by civilized people in the course of doing their jobs, and they’re offering $30,000 to any terrorist’s family who gets their house flattened in reprisal for a terrorist act. Yes, I realize that is more somewhere between a life insurance policy and a pension but still…it is a job-related bonus if you will, so it seems to me like these Islamic terrorists already HAVE jobs and therefore, unemployment probably isn’t the cause of their behavioral issues.

Next up is Obama’s call for addressing the “legitimate grievances” of these 7th century barbarians so, let’s have a look AT those grievances shall we?

hug 4Islamic terrorists seem to have a burr in their diapers over little things like…people whose countries allow freedom. They just don’t seem to agree with those who subscribe to actual religions over their 7th century ideology of hate, death and destruction. Islamists, it would appear, don’t particularly care for independent women, and it also seems as though your average 7th century barbarian on the street is somewhat testy regarding things like…women who want to choose who they marry, certain cartoons, people who don’t go around yelling ALLAHU AKBAR every time a camel or a goat breaks wind and the occasional Torah-toter…just to name a few.

Their solution to these and other such grievances? Simply kill everybody with whom they HAVE a grievance, and of course, wipe all the Torah-toters off the face of the planet. Obama’s solution to the grievances of 7th century barbarians? Addressing them through some sort of “democratic process” which one can only guess means…to take a vote on them.

Call me a nut but…I don’t view hatred, to the point of murder against any and all who refuse hug 5to submit to a 7th century manifesto that insists on death and destruction of anyone who doesn’t agree to put their head down at the east end of an area rug with their ass up in the air at the west end of it five times a day, and take up the subjugating of women, honor killings, beheadings, genocide, mass murder, aloha salad barring everything that walks, talks, sneezes or farts and strapping oneself with explosives for a bus ride to the local market to be…LEGITIMATE grievances, and my vote, in the democratic process, would not just be a no, but an OH, HELL NO.

Let’s move on to Hillary’s call for empathy.

hug 6Hillary says that using “smart power,” by empathizing with these barbaric bastards and seeing their point of view will “change the prospects for peace.”

Oh really?

We’re all supposed to empathize with mass murderers who flew planes into buildings for the expressed purpose of killing 3000 innocent people? We’re all supposed to empathize with barbarians who behead journalists and anyone else who doesn’t see things from their perspective that they can get their hands on? We’re all supposed to empathize with the scum of the earth who lock people in steel cages and light them on fire?

We are all supposed to empathize with a culture hell-bent on GENOCIDE???

According to this disgusting waste of a pantsuit, we’re all supposed to just try, rhug 7eally try, to see things from the point of view of the worst of all humanity, and empathize with them, and THAT will further the prospects for PEACE? EMPATHIZING with MASS MURDERING, GENOCIDAL MANIACS is the pathway to PEACE???

You’ll just have to excuse me if I see that strategy as a fast track straight to hell rather than a pathway to peace and the fact that Hillary advocates for it and I don’t, I believe says quite a bit about both our psychological profiles. In a special note to Marie Harf…Hillary DID give the terrorists jobs…as SECURITY personnel in Benghazi and just for the record…they didn’t seem to appreciate it much.

And that leaves us with Mark Zuckerberg and his solution to the pesky problem of Islamic terrorism…love.

hug 8In Zuckerberg’s world, Islamic terrorists just don’t feel loved and cared for enough, and that is why they have genocidal tendencies. If we would only work to build a world of love, perhaps with some peace and tie dye tossed in for good measure, the Islamic terrorists would calm right down.

May I point out that Obama has already been employing this strategy as he has turned Gitmo into a no-kill shelter for stray Islamic terrorists. Our military, under Obama, goes about the business of taking in these strays and transporting them to Gitmo where they all get a bath and a flea-dip, fed, watered…sometimes with a board…and housed in a place replete with a field where they can run and play until some Islamic nation agrees to adopt them, but for some reason, once at what is supposed to be their forever home, the fur parents just let them run loose and the little curs just go right back to biting the hand that fed them.

Now, in Paris, there was a gathering of folks who were sharing their love of music and hug 9what happened? In San Bernardino, there was a gathering of folks who were sharing the love of Christmas at a company party…and what happened? In Brussels, people were getting ready to fly somewhere to see loved ones and others were perhaps returning home on the train to their loved ones and what happened. In Pakistan, on Easter morning…a morning of love in the world of Christianity…what happened?

In fact, streets, buildings, offices, venues, homes, villages, towns and cities are littered with the bodies of loving people whose lives were ended by sub-human life-forms who just couldn’t give a happy crap about love.

But, I thought I give it a try for myself, just to test Zuckerberg’s theory and a couple of evenings ago, I spotted an Islamist woman sitting on the curb in front of a house just down the block from my own, and considering Zuckerberg’s call for love, I decided to act. I approached, slowly, so as not to frighten the woman, I made no quick movements that hug 10could have been construed as threatening, uttered a subdued “good evening” and then gently bent down and gently gave the woman a hug.

The guy on the front porch immediately asked me what I was doing…with his garbage bag…and while it was an honest mistake, I’ll now have to find a different route when walking my dog but that’s not really the point now, is it?

The POINT is…7th century barbaric Islamic terrorists aren’t interested in LOVE. What THEY’RE looking for is WORLD DOMINATION  or the GENOCIDE of all who don’t surrender TO their murderous desires so you can hug all the trash bags  and goat humpers you want but it’s not going to alter the reality of the situation.

Here’s MY solution…rebuild our military and lock and load them with rules hug 11of engagement diametrically opposed to a psychologist’s handbook, gather up the Muslims who are as sick and damned tired of the Islamists as we are, and set forth around the world to put a permanent end to the 7th century barbarians whose ideology is one of hate, death and destruction as decisively as possible, and empathize with the families of the victims rather than with the perpetrators of genocide.

Or, you can take your chances with hugging a terrorist but that just never seems to end well…does it?

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