The Fraud Behind the Curtain

By Craig Andresen Right Side Patriots

dd 1It seems that the dumbing down of America, via decades of liberalism through government indoctrination centers otherwise known as public schools as well as asylums of higher indoctrination, also known as colleges and universities is nearly complete.

No greater evidence of this can be seen than in the results of Super Tuesday voting.

Donald Trump, with the highest disapproval ratings in history, continues to win primaries. The question is…why?

Here’s the answer…

Trump voters simply don’t give a damn about the issues and they don’t give a flying rat’s ass about Trump’s complete, total lack of substance or lack of any articulated plan to accomplish any of the myriad of things he says he’s going to do should he become the president.

Trump voters also don’t give a crap regarding the fact that poll, after poll, after poll shows him losing in November to whoever happens to become the liberal/socialist nominee.

To Trump’s Trump-drunk, low information voters…absolutely none of what should matter…matters at all and don’t blame me for calling his voters “low information voters because those are exactly the sort of voters Trump himself is reaching out to in this election.

Here’s what he said…

“We won with highly-educated, we won with poorly educated! I love the poorly dd 2educated! We’re the smartest people, we’re the most loyal people.”

Those were Trump’s exact words after the Nevada caucus just barely more than a week ago.

He loves the poorly educated and says they are the most loyal and he knows that is his core following…the poorly uneducated…low information voters…will show him blind loyalty. Is that to say that all of his supporters fall into that category? No, but I do believe the vast majority of them do because, throughout this campaign, after viewing thousands of social media posts from Trumpers, I have seen absolutely nothing but a blind following.

And by poorly educated, does Trump or for that matter, do I mean voters who lack college degrees or high school degrees? No. What he and I mean are those who simply lack knowledge of the real issues we face as a nation and those who willingly ignore the facts regarding his history of embracing the ideology of those who have pushed our nation to the brink of the abyss.

dd 3I have pressed many, many Trumpers, over the past several months, to explain to me Trump’s detailed plans on everything from building a wall and making Mexico pay for it, to his detailed plans on how to deal with ISIS. The answers I get, to a one, are…”Mexico WILL pay for the wall,” and…”He’s going to bomb the shit out of them.”

They simply parrot his campaign rhetoric…empty, completely lacking in substance rhetoric and the reason for that is the fact that Trump himself has never articulated any detailed plans whatsoever.

On Obamacare and healthcare…same old thing…no plan from Trump…no answers from his low information Trumpers until late Wednesday afternoon when Trump “released” his Obamacare/healthcare plan. What WAS that plan?

It looked nearly identical to the plans both Cruz and Rubio have been showing for many, many months but it’s one thing to try and glom onto someone else’s plan…it’s quite another when the glommer is on the record and on video advocating for something 180 degrees opposite of that plan.

Trump has said for a long time that HE wants a single payer, universal healthcare system dd 4where “everybody is covered,” and that “the government will pay for it.”

THAT is exactly the sort of healthcare system Obama has been angling for since day one in office and exactly the sort of system Hillary wants and Bernie wants.

So which Donald Trump is telling the truth regarding healthcare? The universal, socialistic system desiring Trump or is it the, I’ll make my plan look just like the plans of Cruz and Rubio Trump?

In many ways, Donald Trump is not so different from Obama. On policy issues and ideologically, Trump and Obama have a great deal in common.

Obama believes that a single payer healthcare system works and so too does Trump. Obama has raised taxes and Trump’s tax plan would raise taxes. Obama is pro-choice and Trump is on the record and on video advocating pro-choice. Obama has a proven record of liberalism and Trump has been a life-long liberal having proactively stood for liberal agenda issues. Obama is on the record stating that he believes Hillary Clinton did a dd 5great job as Secretary of State and Donald Trump is on the record stating the exact same thing.

Obama is all for gun control and Trump, on video, has advocated certain forms of gun control. Both Obama and Trump are in favor of universal healthcare. Both Obama and Trump have donated to the ilk of Pelosi and Reid along with a wide variety of other far left liberal/socialists.

Obama has, in the past, leveled insults aimed at Ronald Reagan. Trump has, in the past, leveled insults aimed at Ronald Reagan.

During Obama’s campaigns, he conned voters with promises of “hope and change” and now, as he campaigns, Trump is conning voters with “Make America Great Again” and neither of them, during their campaigns, offered one shred of specifics or substance as to dd 6how they would make those promises a reality.

And oh yes, there’s something else too…

Both Obama and Trump developed a cult-like following that blindly defended their questionable pasts with vile and vulgar insults hurled at any and all who dared to shine the light of truth and facts ON their questionable pasts.

The low information, “poorly educated” blind sheep, dumbed down voters.

What we’re talking about here are voters who simply don’t want to know the facts and are willing to spew forth excuses, those fed to them by Trump himself, in order to downplay the need to know the facts.

Trump’s tax returns are a prime example of this.

Trump says he can’t release his returns because he’s being audited and he claims the reason he’s being audited is because he’s a strong Christian but his followers can’t point to any history of Trump standing strong on Christian values yet they parrot that excuse.

The real question they should be asking is…what’s in those returns that Trump doesn’t dd 7want his followers to see lest they suddenly have information from which truth can be found?

Mob ties? That goes without saying as Trump has been a long-time real estate developer in NYC and the mob has a strangle-hold on necessary components of that industry there. One can’t build in NYC without going through the mob to get the job completed or, for that matter, started, but do his dealings go any further than that and would his tax returns show that? Maybe, but here’s what I think he doesn’t want out there in the public, low information voter realm.

I believe Donald Trump’s tax returns will show is net worth to be substantially lower than the claims he’s made regarding it on the campaign trial. I also believe that while Trump has, at every opportunity, made claims that everything he does, including his business bankruptcy filings, are a huge success…his tax returns may well show huge claimed losses on a multitude of businesses and deals…loses he’s written off over the years in order to keep his tax rate a little lower.

Donald Trump has spent a considerable amount of time and effort to con his low information, poorly educated voter base into believing he’s a complete success, that all he does is win, that hidd 8s businesses, his properties and each and every deal he makes are highly successful but if the tax returns show anything different from that snake oil sales pitch…even his low information voters might start seeing Trump as a fraud who has run a campaign from behind a curtain.

Low information voters generally make their decisions, regarding their candidate of choice, early…they dig in and they ignore each and every fact that doesn’t fit with their early, knee-jerk decision. It’s their pride over policy. It’s their stand over real substance. It’s their emotions over the facts.

Followers, low information voters put Obama into office twice. Followers, low information voters are  now following Donald Trump. Because of Obama’s blind sheep, low information followers, the fires that threaten to destroy our nation were lit. If the blind sheep, low information followers of Trump have their way, the flames will be fanned.

The blind sheep, low information followers of both Obama and of Donald Trump acted and are acting out of anger.dd 9

I understand the anger that drives them, regarding how Washington works, but raw anger never changes anything for the better. In Donald Trump, they see someone whom they believe will burn the power in Washington to the ground but what will they have then? What will be left? Has a short-term, scorched earth mentality ever produced positive results in the long run?

I understand the notion of giving the finger to the Washington GOP establishment but it seems to me, an eyes wide open, seeing the big picture voter, the only way to do that and forever change the way our side of the aisle does business in Washington, is by getting rid of the go-along get-along Mitch McConnells, Paul Ryans and John McCains and replacing them with true, strong, core-principled Conservatives…not by trying to elect a liberal/progressive with an “R” behind his name as some sort of a monarch to replace the liberal/socialist dictator we have now.

There never has been, there isn’t now nor will there ever be a perfect candidate for any office but there are better, much better alternatives than Donald Trump for the office of president in 2016.

Rather than burning it all to the ground, as Trump’s followers envision of their candidate, Cruz and Rubio are hell bent on putting the power in Washington back into the hands of the people where the Constitutidd 10on says it belongs, but neither is saying it’s going to be an overnight fix…neither is claiming that they alone can make it all happen but both have a long-term, Constitutional Republic, strengthened by We the People as their goal. Those of us who support either Cruz or Rubio understand the issues, we get the anger but we see the nature of the situation and know that the fix is going to take a leader with a long history of core Conservative and Constitutional values to start that process.

And there’s the rub. Trump has followers…Cruz and Rubio have supporters. Followers follow, blindly, without regard to facts, history, policy specifics or substance while supporters vet the candidates based on their history, the facts, their policy projections and their substance to make an INFORMED decision.

Supporters are willing to invest time, effort and research into making their decision on a candidate and are also willing to put forth the same time and effort to truly change the power base in Washington by changing the ideology of those elected to serve in congress, where the real power comes from the people and not from the elected officials.dd 11

Followers follow, blindly, hoping beyond reason, facts or history that who they’re following won’t take them over a cliff, but over the cliff they will go in order not to have to put in the time or effort necessary to avoid the abyss.

Low information, poorly educated followers of Donald Trump are willing to ignore his lack of substance, his ideological, liberal, progressive history and his near total absence of any articulated, detailed plans regarding how to deliver to them the sun, moon and stars he’s promised them because they frankly don’t want to examine the mountain of facts that prove Trump is the very antithesis of a Conservative on every level and at every turn.

And, unable to refute the message of unvarnished truth regarding Trump, his followers do what followers do…they attack the messenger with vulgarities and vile hatred.

Donald Trump knows that the less his followers know, that the fewer facts they have about him, the better the chances are for him. His followers feel the same way toward those who dare to tell the truth about their candidate.

A candidate with supporterdd 12s will continuously tell his or her supporters how great THEY are.

A candidate with followers will continuously tell them how great HE is.

Supporters are willing to pull back the curtains of their candidates, weigh the good, the bad and other aspects OF those candidates and see the BIG picture with regards to the future of the Constitutional Republic and we know this is a long-haul effort…not a one night in early November effort.

Trump’s low information followers are happy to be skipping down the yellow brick road but they are vilely opposed to pulling back that curtain lest they discover that the man behind the curtain isn’t the answer to their various problems.

As we decide who will be tdd 13he Republican nominee, we should believe in our country more than we believe in any one candidate.

I began this article by stating that the dumbing down of America by liberals is nearly complete because the goal of liberals has always been to churn out Republicans that would sink to the depths of voting for a candidate who see the world exactly as they, the liberal/progressives see the world thus to expedite the “fundamental transformation” of America from a Constitutional Republic to a nation of socialism and right now, Trump’s followers, his blind sheep, poorly educated, cult-like followers…are the result.

We will never again be a nation of leaders if we allow vile and vulgar followers to be the controlling voices of the party of Conservative Constitutionalism.



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