Europe Surrenders, NATO Nation Attacked

By Craig Andresen Right Side Patriots

Earlier this week, the mastermind and on-the-loose gunman from last November’s Islamic bru 1terrorist attacks in Paris was captured in Brussels where information showed that he was in the process of planning more attacks to be carried out by 7th century barbaric pigs against innocent, civilized people.

Early Tuesday morning, those planned attacks became reality as bombs were detonated at an airport and metro station in Brussels resulting in the deaths, so far, of more than 30 and the wounding of more than 200.

According to Belgian Prime Minister, Charles Michel… “What we feared has happened, we were hit by blind attacks.”

While the events in Brussels are horrible, and while my heart goes out to the families and friends murdered or wounded in the attacks, I cannot bring myself to agree with the Prime Minister.

These were not blind attacks.

You should have seen them coming…

bru 2And the open borders of the European Union are the reason 7th century barbaric pigs were able to waltz in and murder your people so easily. You reached out, to show your tolerance of those whose primary goal is to destroy you and take your lives knowing full-well their ultimate agenda and you call this a blind attack?

You have got to be kidding.

What Europe has created is an Islamist free-range zone from their desire to prove to the world just how open-minded they are. Tolerance of the worlds differing religions is one thing, but tolerance for ideologies of death, genocide and destruction is something else entirely.

Brussels, as a city, is not to blame here. Europe, as a conglomeration of ideologically tolerant knot-heads is.

In case Europe hasn’t noticed, history is repeating itself.

In the mid-1930’s, an ideology of hatred, destruction, genocide and murder invaded Europe with the intent of world domination. Today, another ideology of hatred, genocide, destruction and murder is doing likewise.bru 3

At the onset of WWII, Europe attempted tolerance. Today, Europe is again attempting tolerance.

As WWII began, Europe tried to appease the genocidal element of the ideological hatred and right now, across Europe, appeasement is once again the tactic of the European mindset.

It didn’t end well then and it won’t end well now and another thing Europe has failed to either notice or admit to is that today, whether the rest of the civilized world agrees or not, we find ourselves engaged in a world war but this, so far, is once again at its onset, the most one-sided world war in history. The Islamists have declared war on the civilized world but the civilized world wants to treat it all as a law enforcement issue.

It’s going to require true leadership on the world stage to turn the tide and isolationism, the simple shutting of borders and disallowing of immigration isn’t the answer. That will solve nothing. What’s it’s going to take is a long-range policy of taking the fight to the enemy everywhere and anywhere that enemy is, without regard to rules of engagement that handcuff the militaries involved to promote the winning of hearts and minds of the enemy.

This enemy, these Islamist pigs, aren’t interested in having their ever-so-delicate and fragile emotions coddled into a civilized existence. Their only interest is the death and destruction of any and all who won’t submit or surrender to their barbaric ways.

Here’s a great case in point for the terminally idiotic in our country and across the whole of Europe…

As Islamist pigs run rampant across Europe, the Middle East and even test their ideology of hate and murder in our country, Obama has our military operating under THE most abhorrent rules bru 4imaginable.

Since 2011, under Obama’s orders, our military must comply by a handbook regarding “cultural sensitivity” that literally JUSTIFIES jihad by referring to it as, “communal military defense of Islam and Muslims when they are threatened or under attack.” While that makes sense to the namby-pambies of ideological tolerance, it is absolute rubbish in the face of the reality that our enemy IS the very Islamists themselves.

In other words, Obama insists that our military must engage the enemy without doing any harm to the enemy. Our military must wage a war against an enemy that they are not allowed, by the rules of the cultural sensitivity handbook, to insult.

This is because Obama desires our nation to be just like the collective of Europe because, in his view, Europe, with their tolerance of every ideology including those out for their utter destruction, is somehow more worldly than taking a stand against an ideology of barbarian pigs engaged in genocide.

Of course, it also factors in that Obama has, for his entire life, sided with the world’s barbaric pigs.bru 5

Brussels, in the wake of this Islamic attack, will do exactly what Obama and his ilk promote…they will treat this as a law enforcement operation, seeking out those individuals who participated in the planning or execution of the attack, arrest them if they can find them, put them on trial and pat themselves on the back for their efforts and grand tolerance.

It’s the medical equivalent of removing a half dozen cancer cells and declaring the tumor to be benign.

These Islamist pigs are a cancer on the face of the earth and it’s malignant. It’s spreading and it is approaching stage four but survival is very possible if the cancer is eradicated. Sure it could come back, but if it does, and it’s recognized early, it can be eradicated again but it will never be eradicated by whispering sweet nothings into its ear.

bru 6While ISIS has no country, no uniforms, no army marching in a straight line down the middle of a road and no central command and control feature visible from space, there are countries that support them and other factions of Islamist pigs and a clear message should be sent to such state sponsors of terrorism that their behavior is no longer tolerated by the civilized world.  Sanctions, we all know, have little impact on such state sponsors of Islamic terrorism so…either they provide verifiable proof, and fast, that they, as a nation, have ended their participation in the practice or we, and our allies, will end their rule via military force.

And where was Obama when Brussels was burning and their nuclear power plants were being evacuated in the wake of the Islamist attacks? He was enjoying a baseball game…in communist Cuba…not giving a rats ass other than getting updates by phone.

But there is a direct reason why ISIS attacked Brussels and it has nothing to do with the fact that one of the Paris attackers was there, plotting further attacks when he was captured.

Brussels is the headquarter city of NATO.

Our pact with NATO, not that Obama gives a damn and not that Trump would either bru 7should he become our nation’s next monarch, states that should one NATO nation be attacked, ALL NATO members declare war on the attacker.

ISIS, as well as other Islamic terrorist factions, know they have nothing to fear from Obama and that they would have nothing to fear from a Trump presidency so, attack they did, and as for Europe, they will shy away from anything but an appeasement strategy in dealing with these attacks so as not to insult the very ideology that has waged war on them.

Obama and Europe will say that since ISIS is not bound to any one country, it therefore fails to qualify under NATO’s Article 5 measure of common defense. That is 100% wrong-headed and a classic example of 20th century thinking with regard to 7th century barbarians in a 21st century world.

Before the attacks in bru 8Brussels on Tuesday morning, Donald Trump stated that the United States should rethink our role with NATO… “Frankly, they have to put up more money. We are paying disproportionately. It’s too much, and frankly it’s a different world than it was when we originally conceived of the idea.”

To be blunt, what Trump’s talking about here is a classic organized crime shake-down for “protection,” and it is completely the wrong thing any candidate for president, the leader of the free world should be advocating. Among Trump’s many knuckle-headed problems is that he sees everything as a matter of money and nothing as a matter of freedom or liberty.

Ted Cruz on the other hand, got it right…“Well, I will say, it is striking that the day after Donald Trump called for America weakening NATO withdrawing frobru 9m NATO we see Brussels, where NATO is headquartered, the subject of a radical Islamist terrorist attack. Donald Trump is wrong that America should withdraw from the world and abandon our allies. Donald Trump is wrong that America should retreat from Europe, retreat from NATO, hand Putin a major victory and while he’s at it, hand ISIS a major victory.”

I believe there has never been a more urgent need to step up our involvement with NATO and execute Article 5 than right now, before things get worse as appeasement, tolerance and a lack of strength only emboldens the Islamic pigs but if anyone wants to put an end to our involvement in a totally feckless institution devoted to political correctness and the coddling of Islamic pigs, might I suggest getting the hell out of the United Nations of Thugs, Thieves and Despots.

It’s time to take a stand and show these pigs that we are no longer tolerant, will no longer appease, and will not treat their genocidal agenda as a matter for law enforcement. If they want a war, and obviously they do, I say lets give them exactly what it is that they’ve been sucking around for, for centuries. Let us take off the white gloves, remove the handcuffs that prevent our military from winning and have at it.

While European leaders vow to bring to justice the Islamic terrorists responsible for Tuesday’s attacks in Brussels, what they should be vowing is to enact justice upon the Islamic terrorists plotting tomorrow’s attacks around the world. Being reactive will never eradicate this cancer…but being proactive is the obru 10nly way to prevent it from matastasizing.

To HELL with collateral damage and to HELL with cultural insults. The culture of Islamic terrorism must be obliterated and the practitioners of it given a one way ticket straight TO hell.

Personally, I can think of nothing more insulting to any culture than centuries of hatred manifesting itself before the eyes of the civilized world in the form of genocide.



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