6.4 Million Holier Than Thous Supported Obama

By Craig Andresen – The National Patriot and Right Side Patriots on cprworldwidemedia.net

hol 1Earlier in the week I woke up the choir and they didn’t like it one little bit. I sent a certain segment of one particular brand of Christianity into a fit leading them to accuse me of being of a nature such that their descriptions of it were, in some cases, vile…as these self-described good and moral Christians are so apt to do when one challenges their slumber with facts.

Yesterday, I brought forth more than the quotes of our Founders and Framers to illustrate just how they deliberately kept ANY religion or specific brand of any religion from becoming the foundation of our nation and provided clear evidence and reasoning as to why they took those very deliberate steps.

That was also not well received by those who profess to follow the teachings of Jesus more closely than thou.

Today…the lesson we must learn from their actions…

I began the article a few days ago with the talking point of “better the Muslim we know than the Mormon we don’t,” which was put into the Evangelical lexicon leading up to the hol 22012 presidential election.

The Evangelical line was NOT to vote for Romney as ROMNEY was a MORMON and therefore wasn’t fit to lead the nation. This is the same sentiments observed by the Founders and Framers who, while men of faith, various faiths, opted NOT to base the foundation upon Christianity or ANY religion due to the lack of trust and strong, aggressive biases between various brands of Christianity back then. Obviously, those biases are still in play today.

So…what happened?

Well, as I was informed by some of THE best Christians in a much LESS than Christian manner…the Evangelicals cast more votes for Romney in 2012 than they did for McCain in 2008. That much is true but, as cheery-pickers often do…they stopped when the ripest cherries on their particular tree were harvested. They should have looked deeper into the foliage.

In 2012, Obama received fewer overall votes…6.6 million fewer votes than he did in 2008 which on the surface lookhol 3ed good for Romney but…Romney received 1 million fewer votes than did McCain in 2008 still…advantage Romney. Right?

There was a great deal of give and take…Obama winning more of the Hispanic and single women’s votes along with more of the “moderate” vote and Romney won more votes from married women…give and take but here’s where things get interesting.

In 2008…74% of Evangelical Christians…voted for McCain but in 2012…that vote went UP to 78% for Romney just as I was informed but deeper in the foliage is this cherry…

In 2012…21% of white, Evangelical Christians…the very brand of Christianity who so chastised me earlier in the week…21% of white, Evangelical Christians voted hol 4for…Barack Hussein Obama.

This is the exact brand of Christianity that has been harping that to be a TRUE Conservative…one MUST follow the EVANGELICAL brand of Christianity and yet…21% of them voted for Obama?


Perhaps because, as someone informed me earlier in the week…” Bottom Line Craig, true “faith-voters” vote their consciences, as they should. McCain and Romney, like Dole before them were terrible candidates who ran terrible campaigns. The GOP must do better in holding those claiming to be republicans to principled standards.”

I can only surmise then, that 21% of the “faith voters” consciences were telling them to vote for the treasonous Muslim dictator rather than for the Republican nominee, Mitt Romney.

“Better the Muslim we know than the Mormon we don’t” right?

Here are a few more hidden cherries…

In 2008…26% of the total votes cast were cast by white, Evangelical Christians. In 2012…the same percentage of the total vote…26% was from white, Evangelical voters but…in 2008, there were 125 million total votes cast compared to just 117 million in 2012 meaning that some folks just stayed home in 2012. Who were they? Well…some of the stay at homes were Evangelical Christian voters because, in 2008, the total votes cast by hol 5white, Evangelical Christians was 32.5 million while in 2012…it dropped to 30 million.

Also, during the 2012 PRIMARIES…there was a RECORD turnout by Evangelicals yet there was no change in the Evangelical turnout from 2008 in the GENERAL election so…what happened? Simply put…the Evangelical candidate of choice in the 2012 primaries, Rick Santorum was not the republican nominee and if one of their own, based on religion…something the Founders and Framers warned about…wasn’t in…THEY were OUT.

The key to the puzzle is this…in 2012…6.4 million white, Evangelical Christians…comprising the aforementioned 21%…voted for the Muslim they knew to be a dictator rather than vote for the Mormon they knew to be a good man and a leader and it was all about Romney’s religion and the Evangelical distaste for it.

Think of it…6.4 million American voters who profess to be SO Christian that they are VEHEMENTLY opposed to abortion, opposed to gay ANYTHING or gay anyone…opposed to big government and government intrusion into our private lives went out and voted FOR someone who stands for everything they hate with a passion because…the other guy was a Mormon.hol 6

Had the Evangelicals turned out for the general election like they did for the primary and voted for Romney over Obama…that usurping, treasonous racist wouldn’t be in the Oval Office today but…they voted their hypocritical conscience…didn’t they?

The agenda here SEEMS clear…there seems to be a healthy number of Evangelicals out there who, if they can’t have THEIR one and only candidate whose only major platform plank is his religion…they’ll leave the earth scorched until they get someone elected who will try to install the laws of the Bible, the ones that they agree with, into our civil law.

These are social issues voters who, against the wisdom of the Founders and Framers, believe the social issues belong at the federal level to be made the law of the land rather than at the state level where the Founders and Framers, via the constitution, intended them to be adjudicated. The fervent hope here is that an Evangelical president will appoint Evangelical judges, not only in the federal courts but to the Supreme Court to force Biblical laws, based on their favored interpretation of the scriptures, into our national laws as THEY believe that THEIR brand of THEIR religion trumps the Constitution and that if you don’t agree with THEM…the holier-than-thou set…YOU are somehow not fit as either a hol 7Conservative or a Christian.

“With all the serious problems our nation faces,” I was asked earlier in the week, “why are you attacking Christianity?”

I’m not attacking Christianity and this, the extortion of our Constitutional Republic to install a pseudo theocracy into power against the deliberate actions of our Founders and Framers IS one of the serious issues we face as a nation.

In utter desperation I was told…

comment 1


comment 2

What a fine holier-than-thou Christian Richard is…accusing me of thumbing my nose at and denying God when I clearly did no such thing…stating as “PROOF” that our nation was founded in Christianity our Founders and Framers thought it SO OBVIOUS that they simply didn’t feel the NEED to include it in our founding documents (an admission that it ISN’T there combined with last-ditch desperate explanation for why it’s not there) and claiming that for ME to say what they believed or wanted is FOOLISH while Richard endeavored to do exactly that himself was, apparently in his mind…not foolish at all.

And your fellow claimers and posers might TOLERATE other religions but not SUPPORT them, Richard? Well, perhaps the holier-than-thou doth protest TOO much as 6.4 MILLION of those who hide their true intentions behind a cloak of religion, just like Richard, supported the MUSLIM in 2012.

And then…there was this…

comment 3

“Pretty clear that Craig has no relationship with the God of our Fathers(Jesus Christ) therefore he would be unable to make a sensible comment on our founding Fathers. Since I’ve been on both sides, I understand, but once saved by the Blood of Jesus, the Holy Spirit teaches you the full Truth through His Word. It will leap off the page and fill you with a very different understanding. Godbless!”

Is it any wonder that I refer to people like James Dickie Vaughn as holier-then-thou? Employing the golden rule, which by the way predates Christianity by some 1800 years hol 8and can be traced to Egypt in its origin…Dickey…just because I haven’t been brainwashed by YOUR particular brand of Christianity, apparently by your assessment, the ONLY brand of Christianity capable of making a sensible comment regarding our Founders, doesn’t mean MY faith in Christianity isn’t strong or that I don’t have a relationship with God. It is and I do. Historical FACT, James Dickie Vaughn, via the 1st Amendment is CLEAR and TRUE that “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion…” and exists to this day as actual PROOF that our Founders and Framers intended that religion, any religion and any brand of religion was most DELIBERATELY NOT be the basis of our government nor the foundation of our nation…Godbless!

Alexis-Charles-Hhol 9enri Clérel de Tocqueville, the French politician, sociologist and political scientist wrote in his 1835 work, Democracy in America “On my arrival in the United States the religious aspect of the country was the first thing that struck my attention. . . . I questioned the members of all the different sects. . . . I found that they differed upon matters of detail alone, and that they all attributed the peaceful dominion of religion in their country mainly to the separation of church and state. I do not hesitate to affirm that during my stay in America, I did not meet a single individual, of the clergy or the laity, who was not of the same opinion on this point.”

Hmmm…in his American travels…de Tocqueville failed to meet a single individual…either of the laity OR the clergy…who was NOT of the opinion that the peaceful dominion of the various sects…brands…of religion existed as it did BECAUSE of the deliberate actions of our Founders and Framers in SEPARATING our government FROM religion so…apparently…neither de Torcqueville, the laity NOR the clergy of America was as holy as the holier-then-thou James Dickie Vaugn and his fellow holier-than-thous and therefore incapable of rendering a sensible comment on the subject.

I will end this article with the exact same quote with which I ended the first…a quothol 10e by Thomas Jefferson whom I have been told in the nastiest of ways, by holier-than-thou Christians, was a Christian through and through and, by the ilk of that same holier-than-thou, hypocritical crowd…apparently a Godless, nose-thumbing idiot at the same time…

“History, I believe, furnishes no example of a priest-ridden people maintaining a free civil government. This marks the lowest grade of ignorance of which their civil as well as religious leaders will always avail themselves for their own purposes.”

Reference:Joel C. Rosenberg’s Blog