Friday Fume

Please don’t miss out on our Operation Patriot Christmas for our troops. You will find a special message at the end of today’s Fume!!!

It’s clear that socialists after the reelection of their Emperor act exactly like the fans who riot after their team wins a title.

This is why we can’t have nice things.

In Egypt, Tahrir Square is again filled with pissed off people after Morsi made himself a Dictator, North Korea is acting like they’re gonna launch another soon to fail missile test and the United Lair of Thugs, Thieves and Despots voted for Imaginary Statehood Status for the terrorists of the never existed in the first place Palestine.

But this week, we’re going to concentrate on our local lunatics.

We’ve made it to the end of another week Patriots. Today IS Friday and…

I’m fuming!!!

With an Emperor who wants to punish success, it stands to reason that…


Remember, just a couple weeks ago, when Hostess went BANKRUPT and their IDIOTIC UNION STRUCK THEIR WAY RIGHT OUT OF THEIR OWN JOBS AND PENSIONS???




I am NOT making this up…

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Time is drawing short my friends.

It’s NOT that there are only 26 more SHOPPING days until Christmas…

There is LESS time than THAT to do something VERY important.

WE can make a difference in the lives of heroes.

I am talking about Christmas cards my Patriot Friends and I am asking that you take a few minutes and spend just a few dollars on…


Most of us have never received a Christmas card from someone we’ve never met, don’t know or have any connection to whatsoever.

Imagine what it would be like.

Right now, Members of our military, on duty or those who have been injured in the service of our nation, are away from their families.

Some are fighting for their lives, others heeling from their wounds.

They are in rehab learning to do basic things that many people take for granted. Walk. Talk. Tie their shoes. Pick up a spoon.

Others are dealing with unseen scars and learning how to live without their experiences, dreads and fears invading their every waking moment and causing them not to sleep.

So many are stationed in far away places too and a message from Patriots across our country will mean SO much!!!

They protect US and OUR freedoms.

THEY stand up for US.

Christmas is coming. They can’t be at home with their families.


This is my idea and it’s a simple one.

The National Patriot brings you… “Operation Patriot Christmas.”

Here is how this works.

Please…PLEASE go out today and buy a minimum of 20 Christmas cards.

Inside each card…HAND WRITE a short note to wish a Hero a MERRY CHRISTMAS. Wish it to them AND to their family as it is not just our soldiers who make sacrifices, so to do their families.

Thank them, ask God to Bless them and wish them the Blessings of this Season throughout the year.

You will have no idea who will receive the cards. Men, women, Christian, Jews, others…No idea but there are some VERY important guidelines…

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Ideology vs Faith – The War on Christmas

The war on Christmas is now in full swing…again.

Godless vermin at the “Freedom From Religion” gateway to hell, located in Madison Wisconsin, are at it…again.

Somehow, they manage to find one, unnamed, source to file a complaint in any town where there is some sort of Christmas tradition.

Alsip Illinois, for 40 years, had erected a cross atop their water tower. It has, over the years, become a tradition and nobody complained…

Up to now…

Suddenly, an UNNAMED source has filed a complaint to the Freedom FROM Religion weasels and THEY, claiming that they try always to fight their war through education or legislation…NOT litigation…

Filed a lawsuit.

Alsip, like many towns, is not raking in the money and rather than get involved in a lengthy and expensive lawsuit, will NOT put their cross on the water tower this year.

You see, the municipality owns the water tower and these freaks in Madison are citing the separation of church and state clause which simply does not exist in the constitution.

Here is what the Constitution DOES say about religion:

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Weekend Edition: The Emperor and the Pharaoh

So much for the Arab Spring.

Those of us who are, by liberal/socialists definition, blind to reality, saw it coming.

With apologies to the Bard…

Now is the winter of their discontent made glorious summer by this sun of Cairo.

Has Hillary Clinton been made a fool of again? I rather doubt it. Hillary Clinton’s most trusted and consistently visible adviser is Huma Abedin. The two are joined at the hip. Abedin is, to put it bluntly, the Muslim Brotherhood’s “diplomatic” arm or OUR State Department.

A boil on the buttocks of diplomacy between the United States and our allies.

Abedin’s ties to the Muslim Brotherhood go much deeper than ideology. They are familiar ties and deeply rooted.

It is inconceivable to me that Abedin knew nothing of the planned power grab by Egypt’s Morsi and therefore, inconceivable that Clinton didn’t know.

We knew this would happen years ago.

Our Emperor, Obama, gave the Muslim Brotherhood the VIP treatment when he started his World Condemnation of America Tour back in 2009. Obama spoke in Cairo, the Brotherhood sat up front and, at the end of the speech, in Arabic, Obama said he was one of them.

With Cairo’s Tahrir Square filled with angry protesters, our Emperor said that Mubarak had to go.

Then, said the Emperor, the Muslim Brotherhood deserved a seat at the table in the formation of a NEW Egyptian government.

The Muslim Brotherhood claimed they would NOT seek the presidency…

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Friday Fume

Well, It’s a special after Thanksgiving edition of the Fume today.

After being mesmerized by the aroma of turkey, stuffing, potatoes, yams, bread and pumpkin pies…It’s back to reality.

Sit back, hang on and let’s get through this together.

It’s Friday my friends and…

I’m fuming.

Okay then.  This should come as no surprise to Patriots.

In Chicago…socialist voters voted FOR a guy WHO NEVER EVEN CAMPAIGNED because he was IN A  MENTAL HOSPITAL and who has been under investigation by the Feds AND the House Ethics Committee for…



Frankly, considering how things went in the last election…


Junior Jackson is apparently working out a PLEA DEAL which MIGHT have him do a LITTLE time but…It’s a fair bet that shortly AFTER the plea deal is struck


According to the OTHER, OLDER Jackson…

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It was back in 1998.

We were in Lincoln Nebraska and I was in radio doing 2 live shows a day.

Our morning show was a free-wheeling top 40 show and great fun to be a part of.

It was the day after Thanksgiving and, as always, we got the show off with a newscast, some music and settled in.

That’s when my on-air partner, Jerry Balletta asked the seemingly simple question.

He look at me and at Kala and Liz, our co-hosts and asked:

“How was everybody’s Thanksgiving?”

We never talked before the show and never discussed topics or ideas. We always wanted things to be fresh. Spontaneous. No rehearsals, nothing planned in advance.

So, it was a simple question. Almost rhetorical. “How was everybody’s Thanksgiving?”

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A Patriot’s First Thanksgiving

As We prepare for Thanksgiving, the travel, family, friends and a feast, too many individual traditions are there to mention. Some may volunteer to serve those who through circumstances are homeless while others may take time to visit retirement communities.

Some will remember our troops in various ways and I hope we all take a moment to thank them for all they do to maintain our freedoms.

There will be laughter, prayers, football, food and stories told tomorrow.

Some will, no doubt, speak of the first Thanksgiving, the Pilgrims, the Indians, their hardships and how they came together.

I would, this year, like to take you back to a Thanksgiving long ago which most never think of on this holiday.

Before Thanksgiving WAS an official holiday it was still celebrated. Perhaps now as we celebrate it today but, indeed it did hold meaning.

The Thanksgiving of which I hope you will remember is that of 1776.

A newly declared independent nation was at war.

Thanksgiving was no longer thought of as a Puritan or holiday of religion although the thanking of God was a certain factor. In 1776, it was a holiday for Patriots.

Traveling to the home of relatives was generally not done unless of course, those relatives lived in your community. Distance was one thing and naturally, by carriage or horseback, such travel would have been quite time consuming.

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Nobody Died From the Use of White Out

Good grief.

Now Congress is going to hold hearings, being people in and question them regarding talking points.



Rather than try and find out who changed the talking points that went from Petraeus to who-knows-who and back to Petraeus where, apparently he didn’t recognize his own memo…

How about we try to learn what actually LED to the need for those talking points to begin with before we delve into “Who put the bomp In the bomp bah bomp bah bomp???”

Instead of going full on to discover who used white out and removed “Terrorists” to be replaced with “”grumpy film critics” why aren’t we going balls to the walls to find out the following???

Why were all the requests for added security in Benghazi denied and who exactly denied those requests?

Why was security DOWNSIZED in Benghazi and who made THAT call???

Why, after 234 terrorist attacks in Libya over 16 months, 48 in Benghazi, 2 on our Consulate, 2 attempts on the life of the British Ambassador and both the British and the Red Cross pulling OUT of Benghazi was it deemed unnecessary, despite the repeated pleas for more security even by Ambassador Stevens himself, to ramp up security as the anniversary of 9-11 approached???

Who exactly was watching in real time, on 9-11-12, in the State Dept. and in the White House and possible in the Pentagon as the attacks took place???


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Weekend Edition: How Stopping Iran Starts in Gaza

According to the State Department:

“Designated as a Foreign Terrorist Organization since 1997, HAMAS has carried out attacks – such as suicide bombings, rocket launches, improvised explosive device attacks, and shootings – against civilian targets inside Israel.”

Hamas has been designated as a terrorist organization since 1997 but, the broadcast networks, ABC, NBC and CBS simply refuse to use the designation in reports of the war between Hamas and Israel in Gaza.


You shouldn’t be.

The attack carried out at Fort Hood has been labeled by the Obama administration as, “Workplace Violence.”

Remember “Man Made Disasters?”

Benghazi they tried to convince us, was the result of film critics panning a bad You Tube video.

The politically correct term for Hamas TERRORISTS is now…

“Militants” or…“Militant Islamic leaders.”

They are terrorists. Hamas is a terrorist organization and the rockets they continue to fire into Israel are acts of terror.

The world’s most corrupt organization, the United Nations, condemns ISRAEL over Israel’s reaction TO these acts of terror perpetrated against them. Israel fights back. Defends herself. The world’s collection of despots, thieves and thugs are beside themselves.


Because “Palestinian” civilians are being killed?

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Weekend Edition: Israel’s Defensible Position

As rockets fly, launched from Gaza into Israel, at Tel Aviv, at Jerusalem and elsewhere, the near future seems clear and I will Stand With Israel.

Israel will soon be at full on war with Hamas.

I don’t quite know where to start.

Perhaps with Egypt.

Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood president is condemning Israel for their offensive.


Yes, for that is exactly how those bent on the destruction of Israel view Israel defending itself. An offensive.

Rockets, hundreds and hundreds of them, launched by Hama from Gaza and raining death and destruction from the shy in Israel has drawn the response OF Israel and for putting up a defense, for firing into Gaza as a response, Islamists deem Israel as being on the offensive.

It’s Absurd Squared.

Israel has every right to defend itself and its people against such deadly aggression and frankly, their ability to contain themselves to the extent they have is astounding to me.

Israel is also being condemned by the corrupt United Nations. This, naturally, comes as no surprise.

Also joining the anti-Israel chorus, and disgustingly so, are Obama’s voters. This too should come as no surprise as Obama’s foreign policy, as we have outlined on countless occasions, is designed to embolden our enemies and the enemies of our allies. Namely, Israel.

Yesterday, Kim Kardashian tweeted support FOR Israel and immediately, her throngs of liberal/socialist tweeps descended upon her like a pack of wolves. They wished HER dead. Wished the destruction of Israel and leveled at her, vile names and comments.

Within 5 minutes, the woman famous for being famous removed her tweet, having no intestinal fortitude for standing with Israel.

Such is the life of the rich and vapid.

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