Obama Eligibility: Identifying the Real Fools

Liberals say you’re a fool and will call you all sorts of other things, if you question the birthplace of one Barack Obama or Barry Soetoro. The media won’t touch it either.

The more we learn, the more we don’t know and that IS the problem.

Pressed for years to display his birth certificate, Obama finally did 13 months ago, and under examination by the first law enforcement driven investigation into it, it comes up as a not even so clever forgery.

The same can be said for his Selective Service registration.

Now, Breitbart has uncovered that literary agents, Acton and Dystal, were publicizing a book that Obama was to have written but never did, “Journeys in Black and White,” back in 1991. In their promotion piece, Acton and Dystal stated that Obama had been “born in Kenya and raised in Indonesia and Hawaii.

Miriam Goderich wrote that promo piece and she NOW says, “This was nothing more than a fact-checking error by me — an agency assistant at the time. There was never any information given to us by Obama in any of his correspondence or other communications suggesting in any way that he was born in Kenya and not Hawaii.”

A fact checking error. Really?

That part of her excuse seems to fly in the face of the rest of her excuse.

“There was never any information given to us by Obama in any of his correspondence or other communications suggesting in any way that he was born in Kenya and not Hawaii.”

If there was never any such information provided what reason could there possibly be to fact check it?

Fact check WHAT exactly?

Fact check a piece of correspondence or communication that never existed?

To believe Goderich’s statement NOW would require one to believe she simply FABRICATED that tidbit back in 1991.

It also requires an unbelievable stretch of reality from Obama himself.

Obama, as we all know, is a narcissist’s narcissist. He’s all about himself. Obama uses the word “I” more often than anyone can fathom. “me.” “I.” “Myself”

Obama’s is all about Obama. He believes himself to be one of the 4 best ever presidents. He believes our military fights on his behalf. He believes he is responsible for taking out bin Laden. Listen to an Obama speech and every time he mentions himself, drink a shot of whiskey. You’ll be unfit to drive before he’s a quarter of the way through his teleprompter text.

So, what’s THAT got to do with it?


If the statement that he, himself, was born in Kenya was INCORRECT, being the poster boy for narcissism that he is, why would HE, himself, not insist on a correction?

It is beyond plausible that this aspiring author didn’t see the promo piece. You KNOW he did and probably sent copies of it to friends and family members and yet…He, himself, didn’t have it edited.

Now, the site, WND has uncovered even more.

It turns out that the same promo piece was used again in 2003 to promote “Dreams From My Father” and again, Obama was, according to the promo piece, born in Kenya.

Did the “author” of “Dreams From My Father” miss seeing this one too?

As highly unlikely as it would be to believe he didn’t see it the first time, it’s even MORE impossible to believe he missed it the 2nd time around.

But wait, there’s more.

WND has ALSO discovered that it was used a 3rd time, in 2007 to promote, again, “Dreams From My Father.”

So…The narcissist Obama let this promo stand for 16 years touting his birthplace as Kenya?

Now then, about the same time as Obama announced he would run for president…Guess what happened?

Yep…his place of birth, according to the promo piece, abruptly…CHANGED.

Go figure.

Let’s connect a couple more dots.

We now know that, while at Occidental College, as an undergraduate, Obama received financial assistance as a FOREIGN STUDENT from Indonesia.

This is VERY interesting because Indonesia does NOT allow DUEL CITIZENSHIP.

This means either Obama LIED when he applied for financial assistance at Occidental College or, he WAS a foreign student from Indonesia. If he WAS an Indonesian citizen he would have HAD to apply for repatriotization to be, as he now claims, an American citizen.

There is no such record of Obama ever doing this so, he either lied to receive financial aid, which is fraud or, he is still an Indonesian citizen.

In Kenya, back in 2009, there were plans underway to build a center dedicated to “President” Obama’s birth place. The “Museum” in the Kogelo community has been “On Hold” because of reported squabbling over who should donate the land.

We have seen minutes from a Kenyan Parliament meeting where it was stated by a Kenyan diplomat that Obama was born in Kenya and went on to become the President of the United States.

All of these dots being connected are facts, plain and simple, regardless of the name calling by liberals toward any who would dare to repeat them but, facts like these lead to speculation over yet another dot on the page.

Obama became the first African-American President of the Harvard Law Review. That too is a fact. While at Harvard, Obama is known to have written a Thesis but that paper, is now unattainable isn’t it?

What could be the reason for locking that thesis up and burying it so deeply that no one can find it?

Could it be Obama got such a lousy grade on his thesis that it is downright embarrassing? Doubtful, as one could not be a dunce and rise to the level of President of the Harvard Law Review.

Plagiarism? Possibly. If he plagiarized the thesis he would, no doubt, be exposed as a cheat but, if he DID plagiarize his thesis, as President of the Harvard Law Review, certainly THAT would have gone PUBLIC and there would be records indicating such. There are none.

What does that leave us?

There must be something within the content of that thesis which Obama and those burying his past KNOW would be so damaging as to have kept him from becoming the president. But what?

Speculation suggests it could be a variety of things. Anti American sentiments. Racial sentiments. Socialist leanings spelled out in detail.

It could be any or all of the above but, what about THIS possibility?

Could the thesis we’re not allowed to read be about how a young man, born in Africa, reared in Indonesia, came to the United States, as an Indonesian citizen and beat the odds to become President of the Harvard Law Review?

Such a revelation NOW would cause a Constitutional Crisis.

This, one can easily suspect, is the reason not a single Member of Congress is willing to touch this issue but one can also make a clear case that by setting a precedent of NOT bringing it to the forefront and dealing with it could, in the future, be even more dangerous than the crisis itself would be.

Leave the thesis out of the equation and you still have a constitutional crisis if Obama was born in a foreign country or is a citizen of a foreign country both of which are supported by more evidence than exists for him being born in Hawaii.

We know, via INS records that between July and December, 1961, only 1 baby, born in Kenya, entered the United States and that falls directly within the range of Obama’s supposed August 1961 birth date.

We have Occidental College records indicating that Obama received financial aid as a foreign student from Indonesia. We know that Indonesia doesn’t allow for duel citizenship. We have no record of Obama ever applying for or becoming repatriated.

We know his grandmother, in Kenya, referred to Kenya as his birth place. We have heard his wife, Michelle, refer to Kenya as his homeland.

From Hawaii, we have nothing official at this point to establish he was born there. We have been presented a forged birth certificate and what of that Selective Service registration which is also forged?

A foreign citizen, living in the United States, would NOT be required to register but, upon Obama’s ascension in politics and his run for the highest office, such a registration card would need to be…provided…as cover were he indeed…a foreigner…and so, unable to acquire an actual 1980 official U.S. Postal Department date stamp, a 2008 date stamp was altered, by cutting off the “20” and simply flipping the “08” over to appear as…”80.”

Hawaii became a state on August 21st 1959. In 2008, during his campaign, Obama stated he had been to all 57 states with 2 or three to go. This, by liberals and the media, was attributed to him being tired from being on the road. I have been DEAD tired at times in MY life but, had someone, at those times, asked me how many states we had, I would have known the answer to be 50 and it simply doesn’t wash with me that someone who, “potentially” was born into the 50th state, less than 1 year after it became a state, wouldn’t know, with some sense of pride, that he was from the last of the 50, not 57 or 58 or 59 or 60 states.

So, liberals can attempt to dismiss those who want proof of Obama’s citizenship all they want. They can name call, swear like sailors, whatever. We know and THEY know if the party’s were reversed and a republican president had even a wisp of doubt regarding citizenship, THEY would be all over it and so too would the media.

If 1/100th the effort put into the Bush National Guard investigation was put into the Obama citizenship issue, records would have been uncovered by the media by now. If 1/10th the effort were put into looking into Obama’s past as has, so far, been put into looking into Mitt Romney’s alleged high school prank, the Washington Post, the newspaper which brought down Nixon, would have printed a 550 word story on it by now.

When Mike Zullo and Sheriff Arpaio revealed the initial results of their Cold Case Posse investigation, the media immediately went after the investigators rather than the information garnered FROM the investigation.

We can only imagine the sort of investigation that would take place by members of the media should republican president have a Social Security card, issued by a state in which that president never lived and formerly belonging to a dead man. A Social Security card with does not pass the E-Verify standards.

At stake is a constitutional crisis. We most likely have an illegal president. While bills he has signed into law may or may not be in jeopardy, certainly, his appointments, from the Supreme Court to agencies would be. All Executive Orders signed by him would be also. While money spent by his actions could not be recovered, any and all measures implemented by his hand or by those appointed by him would need to be struck down.

Is it worth sweeping it all under a rug to avoid the turmoil of such a crisis?


Such a sweeping would set a precedent by which it would all be allowed again. Neither party could be held to account and anyone, regardless of their allegiance, could run for and hold the office. The implications of that would be far worse than the impending crisis we now face.

Perhaps the most stunning thing is that, knowing what they KNOW and knowing how much they DON’T know, having a man who’s past is buried, who has produced a forgery to attempt to verify his place of birth and who may well be a foreign citizen to this day, are willing to vote for him again.

It is the ultimate betrayal of the Constitution, our founder’s vision and of the country itself.

Liberals say you’re a fool and will call you all sorts of other things, if you question the birthplace of one Barack Obama or, Barry Soetoro.

Those who would deny the calls for investigation, those who would actively assist to cover up this man’s past, those who would vote for him again…Those who would call others fools and other names for asking the question, are the real fools.


Please, allow these folks some slack for their language as we know not how they were raised. This is a thread from a FB group this afternoon regarding this article.

Personally, I would like to thank them for helping to prove my point.

15 thoughts on “Obama Eligibility: Identifying the Real Fools

  1. Update

    Today, apparently, Mitt Romney had his campaign release his birth certificate, and guess what, it is a computer-generated short-form birth certificate.


    It does not have the name of the hospital or the delivery doctor or any signatures from the doctor or the mother. The image of the document provided does not show the color of the security paper or an embossed seal, and there is a clear “void” on the document. What is Romney hiding?

  2. Sorry, I forgot to put in the quotation marks in the remarks from Ellen.

  3. In contrast with Romney, who has not shown his birth certificate at all, Obama has shown both his short form birth certificate and his long form birth certificate. He has show both the images of them on the Web and shown the actual physical copies of them to the press. The long form was passed around in the White House press room and everyone there got a chance to hold it, examine it and feel the seal on the back. One reporter even photographed it.

    May 25, 2012

    Why not bash the birthers?

    The notion of Obama’s mother, late in pregnancy, traveling alone (WND has shown that Obama senior was in Hawaii on August 4, 1961) from Hawaii where there are good hospitals, to Kenya, where there was Yellow Fever and bad hospitals, and doing so without any INS record of her leaving the USA or any record of her arriving in Kenya—is absurd. And the fact that there is a birth certificate showing that she gave birth in Kapiolani Hospital in Honolulu makes it even more absurd.

    Obama has produced his birth certificate repeatedly despite the fact that the long and dangerous trip by his mother was hugely unlikely. Romney has not produced his birth certificate at all despite apparently having been born within a single mile of Canada. If it is not such a big deal Mitt, then show us the credentials please.

  4. The Pathological Liar Usurper has pulled a slick Willie 😉
    If its not such a big deal, then show us the credentials please, why do you have them under a veil of Bottom-Feeding Lawyers Barry???
    Its blatantly obvious this illegal immigrant assclown is not eligible, or he would simply produce the required documents. PuppetBoy should not be in the House and needs to be removed, nullify his admin & all laws made since 2008. Stand trial for crimes against the state including treason & several Constitutional laws.
    “Oust the Bastard Usurper!!”

  5. Re: “Who says Stanley Ann Dunham traveled ANYWHERE from New York? From the west coast, one could easily get to Kenya. From Hawaii to Japan and so on.”

    Yes, this is possible. But it is not likely. The normal way was via London.

    The Asian route was a lot longer and more expensive. Hawaii to Tokyo, Tokyo to Hong Kong, Hong Kong to Bangkok, Bangkok to New Delhi, New Delihi to Teheran, Teheran to Cairo, and Cairo to Nairobi. There would have been hours of waiting between flights (as there would have been via London too of course). So it is not likely that she went either way, but the way via New York was more likely.

    The point that I am trying to make by going into the difficulty and expense of the trip, then the fact that there are no records of the travel or of her being in Kenya, then showing that a birth certificate of Obama existed in Hawaii, is not a birth in Kenya was impossible–but that the odds of (1) her taking the trip (2) doing so without a travel record and (3) getting a birth certificate for her child in Hawaii were so low as to be a laughable possibility.

    Someone has claimed, I think it was the former dictator of North Korea, that he got a hole in one in every one of the 18 holes that he played that day. Is that impossible? No. It is just so improbable as to be laughable.

  6. Re: “Nobody has said that a woman in “late pregnancy” traveled from Kenya to the U.S. virtually or otherwise. What we DO know is that a woman with a baby…a live born baby boy, DID travel to the U.S. from Kenya at the time of Obama’s “supposed” birth in Hawaii. INS records indicate this clearly and it is not virtual;, it is real. Only 1 woman with a baby boy did so in that time frame.”

    NO, what I said was that a woman in late pregnancy would have had to have traveled from HAWAII, where there are good hospitals, to Kenya, where there are lousy hospitals and YELLOW FEVER. For an American woman in late pregnancy to have traveled internationally at all in the early 1960s would have been extremely rare. For her to go to a country with Yellow Fever would have been rarer by far. And for her to make such a long and expensive trip (and they were not rich, not by far) and somehow get the child back to the USA without (1) a record of her being in Kenya; (2) a US government record of her leaving the USA; (3) a US government record of her returning to the USA; (4) A US government record of her applying for a change of her passport to include her son to get him to the USA; (5) A US government record of her son arriving in the USA; (6) A Hawaii birth certificate saying that the son actually was born in Hawaii–would have been as close to impossible as, say, winning five major lotteries in a single week.

    The bottom line is that (1) the trip was extremely unlikely; (2) there is no proof that it was ever taken; (3) There is a birth certificate in Hawaii proving that Obama was born there, and the fact it exists has been confirmed by officials of both parties, the birth notices in the newspapers (which in HAWAII, not other states perhaps, at the time were sent to the papers only by the DOH and only for births IN Hawaii), and the index data, which has been a public document for years–if not decades.


    Re the birth certificates of adopted children. Yes this is a problem. But the fact is that the officials in Hawaii have stated that the facts on Obama’s published birth certificate are exactly the same as on the one in their files. The newspaper birth notices for Obama appears in the Health Bureau Statistics section of the papers, which included births—not adoptions.

  7. Craig, D. Hussey.. Ya’ll r absolutely correct about birth records! I have 2 adopted brothers, one of them was adopted by another couple as an infant, then offered for adoption@ 4yo, so he has absolutely NO idea who his birth parents are or where they came from! Both boys’ birth certificates have my parents listed, period!

  8. TNugent,

    Reread carefully the “Admins” reply it is full of good explanations
    for questioning your rebuttal points.

    I can also assure you that his point 7 is accurate. On my short form “official” birth certificate, the only one I knew of for 30 years does not have my bio fathers name on it but instead has the name of my adoptive father. Which I was not even aware of until 30 years ago. That is how “official” it looks. The states record of births that handles issuance of birth certificates has confirmed this and will not release the original without the two people listed on the original allow me to have a copy, that is until they have both passed away. So I can not get a copy of that original birth certificate. I know who my mother is I do not know who my father is. My point is in the real world of truth you are incorrect and make wrong assumptions of things you do not know anything about regarding a birth certificate and how it all works.

    Maybe you should educated yourself more careful before you try to educate others in things you do not know about.

  9. Craig, you laid it out clearly enough that a caveman can connect the dots. Why is it that our congress, made up of some of the smartest people in land cannot? Do they fear race riots, economic collapse, personal safety, or just plain embarrassed that they have allowed this to happen? Why, why, why, when just a few subpoenaed documents would settle issue?
    I will forward your post to my Senators. & Representative but doubt there will be any different response.

  10. Obama published his Hawaii birth certificate, the official short form, in 2008 before the election. He showed the long-form 13 months ago. It was unnecessary to do so because the short form is the official document, used by thousands of people every year to get their US passports. Both Obama’s short form and long form show that he was born in Hawaii, and the facts on those document were repeatedly confirmed by officials in Hawaii, and by the birth notices in the newspapers in 1961.

    “Typo” may not be the best word. Error would be. Obama was not born in Kenya.

    These are the facts:

    (1) In 1961 virtually NO US women traveled late in pregnancy. Only if she had traveled late in pregnancy could the birther story work because, after all, she was attending classes.

    (2) A return trip from Hawaii to Kenya would have been ENORMOUSLY expensive in today’s dollars because there were no direct flights, and in fact since there was little airline competition, long international air trips were particularly expensive.

    (3) There is NO document in Kenya showing that Obama’s mother arrived in Kenya, gave birth in Kenya, or departed Kenya. Nor is there a US INS document showing that she left New York in 1961 (which was the way to go in those days, no direct flights) for anywhere outside of the USA (and New York INS files have NOT been lost). Nor is there any INS document showing that she returned to the USA or that Obama was checked into the USA.

    (4) There is no US State Department document showing that Obama’s parents applied for a document to allow Obama to enter the USA in Kenya. That would have had to have been either a US visa on a foreign passport or Obama being added to his mother’s US passport while they were both in Kenya). The records of applications for visas and for changes to US passports in Kenya in 1961 have not been lost, and the Bush Administration at the request of the McCain Campaign is certain to have checked to see if such a document existed. IF it had existed, they would have published it and McCain would have won.

    (5) Only 27 people came to the USA from Kenya in the fiscal year 1961.

    (6) There IS a Hawaii birth certificate for Obama. This is proven not merely by the document itself but by (a) the “index data” showing that there was a file on Obama, (b) the birth notices for Obama in the Hawaii newspapers, and the statement by the newspapers and the DOH of Hawaii that in 1961 the papers only took birth notices for the “Health Bureau Statistics” section (where Obama’s birth notice appeared) from the DOH and not from relatives. The DOH has further stated that in 1961 it did not issue birth certificates with a Hawaii place of birth on it (such as Obama’s Honolulu place of birth) to people who were not born at that place of birth. (And for that matter, it still doesn’t).

    (7) The fact that a Hawaii birth certificate listing Honolulu as the place of birth exists in the file is confirmed not only by the document itself, and not only by the notices in the newspapers and not only by the “index data” but by three Republican officials in Hawaii and several Democrats too, including the current director of health who stated in writing that she had seen it being copied onto security paper to make the official long form birth certificate.

    For Obama to actually have been born in Kenya, his relatives would have had to have been rich enough to afford the trip (which they were not. Obama’s father was a furniture salesman and his mother at the time was a low-level bank employee). Obama’s mother would have had to have taken the risk of Yellow Fever to go to Kenya. Kenya would have had to have conspired to hide all documents showing that she arrived.

    The US INS and US State Department would have had to have conspired to hide their documents. The Hawaii government back when the Republicans were in charge in 2007 and 2008 would have had to have conspired to publish false “index data”–and all the microfilm copies of the newspapers birth announcements in Hawaii in dozens of US libraries would have had to have been forged.

    • tnugent,

      Let me explain this to you.

      1) Nobody has said that a woman in “late pregnancy” traveled from Kenya to the U.S. virtually or otherwise. What we DO know is that a woman with a baby…a live born baby boy, DID travel to the U.S. from Kenya at the time of Obama’s “supposed” birth in Hawaii. INS records indicate this clearly and it is not virtual;, it is real. Only 1 woman with a baby boy did so in that time frame.

      2) What does a return trip from Hawaii to Kenya have to do with ANYTHING? We DO know that a few years later, Stanly Ann and her son DID travel to Indonesia and the stated reason for their trip, on her passport application was, “To return home.”

      3) Who says Stanley Ann Dunham traveled ANYWHERE from New York? From the west coast, one could easily get to Kenya. From Hawaii to Japan and so on.

      4) Have you considered that Kenya to the US may NOT have been the route? As, in 1971, Stanley Ann Dunham applied for a passport to “Return home” to Indonesia, it could well have been a Kenya to Indonesia to Hawaii trip. It could also have been a trip from Kenya to the US as we simply have no access to the records needed.

      5) You may well be correct that only 27 people made the trip from Kenya to the USA in 1961 but ONE of them was a woman with a baby in tow. So…

      6) If there IS a verifiable birth certificate for Obama in Hawaii…Where the heck IS it? Why has it never been released? Why is Hawaii now refusing to provide it to the state of Arizona’s Attorney General? Why did the Governor IN Hawaii say he had seen it…not seen it…it is there…it’s not there…?
      It has also been documented that many people in Hawaii sent notices of births of relatives from other country’s to the newspapers there and if you intend to rely on a newspaper notice as an “official verifiable” piece of evidence…You have a great deal to learn about verifiable evidence.

      7) If there IS a verifiable birth certificate in Hawaii for Obama…Let’s SEE it and put an end to this.

      At the start of your comment you claim his short form certificate is proof enough. It is far, far from it. In my own case, MY short form birth certificate has my name on it…Craig Andresen but, that is NOT the name I was born to. I am adopted. The people who adopted me are listed on my short form cert. as being my parents and there is nothing on it indicating my adoption. So, in your world, a short form certificate with neither my name at birth nor my birth parent’s names on it is “Official?” Guess again. The long form cert you hold up as further proof by Obama that he was born in Hawaii has now been shown, via a law enforcement agency investigation, to be a forgery. You claim that someone ELSE claimed to see it being copied onto safety paper. Nope. That would NOT show the layering which is evident on the certificate Obama presented 13 months ago. THAT would NOT happen with a copy machine but ONLY if that document was created, layer by layer, on a computer.

      Twain said, “Better to be thought a fool than to open ones mouth and remove all doubt.”
      Twain was a very wise man and his advice is such that you should heed it.

  11. As for ” we, the people”, we’re witnessing the fallout of the dumbing down by revisionist historians & the crap being shoved down the throats of out youth that is labeled “education”! Is very sad when new immigrants know more about our country’s history & how govt is SUPPOSED to work than people who’ve been here their entire lives! There is no limit to the depths of sheer stupidity! We can’t rightly call it ignorance anymore, as the info is there for anyone who can read our hear. So, unless a person is blind & deaf, or has been in a persistent vegetative state for yrs, they have no excuse!

  12. “Fraud, imposter, usurper” …none of those words r adequate to cover the most treasonous crime ever perpetrated on the American people! & it CONTINUES as long as Congress, the courts, the media remain either complicit or too fearful to confront it head on! As for ” @

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