Presidential Portraits Unveiled…

Today, in the White House, the official portraits of George W. Bush and Laura Bush were unveiled.

In attendance were friends and family of President Bush including his parents and daughters as well as many members of the White House staff. It was a lighthearted and respectful ceremony.

Official Presidential portraits always try to capture the true essence of the President and First Lady and the images revealed today certainly did just that.

While watching the televised unveiling, one could not help but wonder how the true essence of Barack and Michelle Obama would be captured in a few short years.

First, an artist will be commissioned and that artist will then take input from the Obama’s.

The official Obama portraits will attempt to show them, their personalities and their true character.

May we humbly suggest…

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Lobotomized Shepherds Tending Their Flocks

They do walk among us. Really, they do.

Stupid people.


Pardon my redundancy.

A couple of days ago, in what can only be seen as a non partisan, clearly not racial, and certainly a prime example of the separation of church and state they liberals so heavily preach in favor of sort of event, Eric Holder spoke to a group of black religious leaders and the Congressional Black Caucus about…

How they could use their pulpits to help reelect Barack Hussein Obama.

So…there he was, the Attorney General of the United States, who is under investigation and possibly facing contempt of congress charges, speaking to black preachers and black caucus members.

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The National Patriot On The Air

Last night, it was my great pleasure to be a guest on Rapture Ready Radio with Matt Buff and Jim Fletcher.

Over the course of the hour, we delved into many different political issues and topics including Allen West, the 2012 elections, foreign and domestic policies, Mitt Romney and a good deal more.

I thoroughly enjoyed the interview and hope to again be asked to in their conversation!!

The National Patriot portion of last night’s show begins at the 72:30 mark. Please have a listen and, like me, become a fan of Rapture Ready Radio!

To hear last night’s show, please CLICK HERE!!!

DHS is Watching YOUR Social Media Posts

GOOD MORNING fellow Patriots, users of social media…Facebook, Twitter etc. Are YOU thinking of posting something today? Maybe tomorrow? The next day? I’ll bet you are.

I am.

I post EVERY day and I’m willing to bet YOU do also.

We have known for some time that we are being watched. Big brother IS out there watching what we do, post, say and reading our comments. If you think this is 2012, you’re dead wrong.

THIS is 1984.

What our administration fails to realize is that “1984” was a BOOK…Not the instruction manual for a government takeover of the people but it HAS become that manual…Hasn’t it?

Here’s the deal Patriots…YOU and I are being watched via social media and its being done under the guise of national security. In fact, it’s the Department of Homeland Security who is monitoring what we’re doing. That’s right…DHS under the thumb of Janet Napolitano is watching our posts tweets and comments.

They have a list of words and key phrases that are RED FLAGS and whenever those words or key phrases show up in social media…DHS takes a closer look.

It’s not as bad as you might think however. If YOU don’t want to be spied on by your own government, all you need do is avoid using those red flag words or key phrases. Simple.

Below are those very words and key phrases released by DHS through a Freedom of Information Act request.

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On Memorial Day We Salute Our Heroes

Some died in well known battles. Some in lesser known. Many died in places whose names are known to all. Others in places we have never heard of or on nameless plots of ground. Many were returned home. Many were not. Some were lost for years and decades and some remain…missing.

They died in faraway places. Germany, France, North Africa. They died in Vietnam, Korea, Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan. They died on Pacific islands and many more places too numerous to mention.

Some lost their lives on hills…San Juan…Hamburger…881 and Porkchop.

Some lost their lives on beaches…Omaha…Sword…Juno and Gold while others died on beaches we may have never heard of at all.

They died in forests, cities, mountains, swamps, rice paddies, deserts and trenches too.

Many died here at home…the Revolutionary War…the War of 1812…the Civil War.

Some died in the air. Some died at sea. Some died in places that were never talked about on missions never officially sanctioned.

Many volunteered to go and many didn’t but, they went. All of them went.

Sometimes, it was easy for them to identify the enemy and sometimes it was impossible. Some died in the heat of battle while bullets filled the air and bombs exploded all around them. Others died sleeping in their barracks, eating a meal or in places they thought were safe from harm.

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2 Soldiers – Memorial Day 2012

As we celebrate Memorial Day, we take time to remember and honor those who have served our nation. It’s not enough to honor them once or twice each year. We must honor them always.

Yesterday, We published an idea. I simple idea but one which we believe will have lasting honor for our fallen Veterans. We Call it…National Patriot Honors.

If you missed that article, please click here and let us know in the comment box if you will take National Patriot Honors to heart and build YOU National Patriot Honors team.

Sometimes, an image can say more than an entire article. Today, rather than an article, we will leave you with a specially created image we call “2 Soldiers” which we, at The National Patriot, believe captures what Memorial Day is about. Don’t forget to check out and comment on, National Patriot Honors and be safe this Memorial Day weekend.



Honoring Fallen Veterans – We Can DO This

Friends and Patriots,

It is Memorial Day weekend and where we, at The National Patriot, would normally publish a story regarding our heroes, this year I am asking for your help.

We hear, every year around this time and sometimes around Veteran’s Day…Stories of soldier’s graves in states of disrepair. We shake our heads, say it’s awful, and wish it were not the case.

It doesn’t have to be the case. We can make a difference.

In every town and city, in communities and neighborhoods across this great nation, there are cemeteries. Within them are the final resting places of our soldiers. Men and women who either died in the service of our country or those who came home, lived and died after their service.

Military grave, many of them, go back to into the ages of time. Many of these heroes families have died or moved away. Those graves receive what care the groundskeepers can provide but that care is dwindling too.

Many cemeteries have faced cutbacks on grounds crews or face financial shortages which reduce the care they can provide.

This is where we can help but before I get into that, allow me to relate a few examples of the disrepair.

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Friday Fume

Well, here we are, staring a 3 day weekend right in the face.

Before everybody starts their big BBQ, parade and Indy 5oo plans…How about we take a quick look back at the liberal/socialist week that was?

It’s been a banner week for foolishness and you KNOW I can’t let it slide.

Here we go Patriots!!!

Today is Friday and…

I’m fuming!

Let’s start the liberal/socialist tour de force this week in a cesspool of brilliance.


As voters in Wisconsin make their final decisions regarding the Governor Walker recall election, maybe they should take a good, long look at Detroit Michigan…IN THE LIGHT OF DAY…since it will soon be nearly IMPOSSIBLE TO SEE A MOST OF IT AFTER DARK!!!



After DECADES of liberal/socialist control and union decisions…Detroit’s population is now only 40% of what it was in 1950. As more and more people have fled the city…TAX REVENUES…NO MATTER HOW HIGH THEY’VE BEEN JACKED UP…are no longer enough to keep the lights on.


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Obama’s March of Treason on the World Stage

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.

Obama’s dealings on the world stage are NOT inept. He does what he does…On purpose. He is intentionally trying to wreck any and all ability for the United States to protect our one national security and the security of our allies.

Obama should NOT be trusted…By ANYBODY except our and our ally’s enemies.

Right now, Obama and his administration are trying to work a deal…Placate…Iran over their nuclear weapons program. Israel should NOT trust, or wait for, Obama to make the situation better. The ONLY entity which will benefit from Obama’s actions in this arena is Iran.

What we have learned THIS week should make this Obama doctrine VERY CLEAR.

We have learned that the Obama administration, in the days following the bin Laden raid, started their victory lap and spiking of the football by allowing Hollywood unprecedented access to information about how that raid was accomplished.

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Indoctrination Propagandist Suspended With Pay

North Rowan High School teacher, Tonya Dixon-Neely, has been suspended…WITH PAY…for her misinformed tirade against one of her students.

Misinformed? No…not misinformed.

Flat out wrong.

Tirade? No again.


Here, in North Caroline, in a high school, we have a classic example of liberal indoctrination caught live on tape. It’s pathetic.

In a class room which this teacher, Neely, obviously has no control over, she starts a topic by bringing up Romney’s alleged “bullying” prank in high school. A student, Gunner Rogers, asks a simple question. “Didn’t Obama bully a girl in high school?”

The correct answer would have been that yes, Obama, by his own admission, while in high school, bullied a girl. That is NOT the response garnered from Neely. It’s not even close.

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