Obama on a High Wire

The desperation of the Emperor to remain in power is beginning to show. For all his talk over the last 3 years regarding driving the car, Obama is about to drop the transmission out of it due to jamming the gears.

In the last couple of days, the Emperor has gone from 100 miles per hour into reverse without even slowing down.

First, it was his blink of an eye reversal on super PAC money.

A couple of years ago, the Emperor scolded the Supreme Court Justices during his State of the Union speech for allowing unlimited Super PAC funding for candidates.

Just a couple of days ago, the Emperor again talked about Super PAC funding being wrong.

Then, yesterday, Obama jammed it into reverse urging Super PAC financiers to pour money into HIS campaign.

Liberals are scoffing at any mention of hypocrisy saying if it’s good for Republicans, it’s good for liberals too – but in doing so, they must completely ignore the fact that while Republicans never took a stance against it…Obama DID.

HIS reversal on this topic is the very definition of hypocrisy.

He did it because he’s desperate for an influx of campaign cash. Perhaps that billion-dollar war chest he promised isn’t exactly panning out.

It’s also a clear signal that he and liberals intend to flood the airways this summer and up to the November election with more negative ads than in any election in history, which, by the way, is a record he already holds.

The Super PAC reversal isn’t the only such reversal the Emperor has made this week.

After insisting on a mandate in the Obamacare bill that nobody got to read before it was passed, religious entities such as schools and hospitals would be required to provide Obamacare including contraception and other birth control measures, the Emperor is looking for the backup gear again.

Now, as signaled by David Axelrod, Obama is willing to “Look for compromise” by allowing a 1 year “grace period” before such a mandate would kick in.

“We certainly don’t want to abridge anyone’s religious freedom so we’re going to look for a way to move forward that both guarantees women that basic preventive care that they need and respects the prerogatives of religious institutions.”

Again, a clear sign of desperation.

In 2008, Obama carried the Catholic vote.

With this hidden mandate of Obamacare, Catholic entities would be forced into providing services directly against their religious beliefs and doctrines.

Since this mandate was revealed a week ago, officials of the Catholic Church as well as evangelicals have been making THEIR feelings heard loud and clear. They don’t like it, not one little bit, and they are a voting bloc upon which the Emperor is counting.

Making this even MORE important to the Emperor is the fact that one of the major voting blocs within a major voting block is Hispanics.

There can be no doubt that Hispanics are a liberal voting block and that a majority of Hispanics are also…Catholic.

Obama must find a way to appease them all and he’s hoping this…grace period…will placate them long enough to secure their vote in November.

In what can rightly be viewed as another sign of desperation, Obama, in a Super Bowl Sunday interview, had something to say regarding the situation between Israel and Iran.

“We’re going to do everything we can to prevent Iran from getting a nuclear weapon and creating an arms race — a nuclear arms race — in a volatile region.”

Of course, the Emperor is still advocating a diplomatic resolution to the issue and has signed another Executive Order putting more sanctions on Iran; but one thing is crystal clear: The Jewish vote is of great concern to Obama.

Over the last several months, Obama has advocated an independent Palestinian state, urged Israel to drop back to their pre-1967 borders, been caught on a live mic making disparaging remarks about Prime Minister Netanyahu, sent a letter to the Iranian government begging for talks and his Secretary of Defense let slip the possible timeline for Israeli action against Iran.

In a clear indication of the Jewish vote, after Anthony Weiner’s departure from the House, his seat, which had been controlled by Democrats since 1922, was won by a Republican in a heavily Jewish district.

On the heels of pandering to the environmental voting block at the expense of big labor by killing the Keystone XL Pipeline project, the Emperor immediately made “recess appointments” when Congress was not in recess to bolster the National Labor Relations Board. This was an obvious double clutching maneuver aimed at placating two liberal voting blocs.

With projections of higher gas prices, which will cause the cost of everything which has to travel from one location to another to rise, projections of unemployment rising again, and no budget in sight coupled with ongoing investigations into green bailouts and Fast and Furious, Obama is a man on a high wire in a wind storm.

One would correctly suspect that a percentage of those in the Catholic and Jewish communities who have in the past voted for liberals will vote conservative this time around, as will a percentage of the black community who are dissatisfied with unkept promises and higher unemployment than can be found in national averages.

One would also be correct to believe the environmental vote to stay as liberal as it has always been and the Unions not to switch parties with their votes.

The issue for Obama will be getting those to whom he must now pander to vote at all.

Basically, 80% of the electorate is galvanized with 40% being strongly FOR Obama and 40% against. It’s the remaining 20% which is up for grabs and that 20%, one could argue, contains a percentage who did vote for Obama in 2008.

Add to Obama’s balancing act the fact that he and his administration are now involved in court action regarding states’ voter ID laws, states’ immigration enforcement laws and his own signature piece of legislation, Obamacare, being front and center in the Supreme Court in March with a decision expected by July, and one thing is clear.

While the GOP candidates are now engaged in trying to “out conservative” the other guy, and with what could well be a brokered convention in August, whoever the eventual GOP nominee is, will be required to fight only against Obama in the general election.

Obama, on the other hand, will have a multi-front fight on HIS hands trying to beat the GOP nominee and save as many of his party’s own traditional voting blocs at the same time.

None of this however, should be seen as a clear path to victory by conservatives. While Obama is growing more desperate, that desperation brings with it desperate tactics. So far, he’s gotten away with acting sans the consent and advice of Congress and violations of the Constitution and there is no reason to believe he’s even scratched the surface.

Tomorrow, we’ll look at possible courses of action for combating Obama on the issues.

6 thoughts on “Obama on a High Wire

  1. At last check the polls say 51% of Israeli’s trust BHO, Can it be ? Is BHO’s B.O. not stink enough to tell he is full of B.S. ? Even as he makes ready the US / Iran enslavement of Israel after Nov elections he still is able to keep his Pro-Israel fake face toward Israel?
    Has no one learn from Hitler in his propaganda machine that took him to murdering millions of Jews under his own sign ( not un like BHO who gave up the US flag and adopted his own sign( Just look at Air Force One )).

  2. Tamara: I read the NYT article you posted, and yes, the article’s tone does support your thesis. We need someone like Newt, warts and all, to keep them running scared!

  3. What can you expect from a criminal with the moral compass of a rabid squirrel. He must have ordered Boehner to the microphone on the house floor. Boehner declard today that they cannot and would not give up on their appeal what Obama had done on the Religious rights controversy. I appreciate your blog and enjoye your interview with the radio talk show yesterday. We must push back on the puppet of the elite statists.

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