Today’s Students are Tomorrow’s Jaywalkers

For the better part of 4 decades, socialists, UNION socialists, have been in charge of the nation’s government school children.

Those are YOUR children.

For at least 20 years, there has been a concerted effort to DUMB DOWN those government indoctrinated little mental sponges.

It’s been working.

What we have today, in our classrooms, is dumbed down kids who have become “teachers.”

Now, the DUMB are making kids DUMBER…FASTER.

After all…How can socialists “fundamentally transform” a once great nation into a Dictator led CANDY STORE where all the public’s wants and needs are supplied TO them BY the government if KIDS are…Well…EDUCATED???

Ummm…Socialists…It’s not a trick question…

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Obama’s “Private Sector’s Doin’ Fine” Dance

Last Friday, Obama gaffed BIG time.

That’s what the media wants you to believe. That he gaffed when he said that the private sector was doing fine.

Mainstream media of course went into damage control using liberal talking points. Obama himself “clarified” his remarks as soon as he could.

Now, a few days later, some conservatives are questioning whether it was a gaff at all. Now they are speculating that he simply slipped up and spoke aloud what he really believes regardless of the political fallout.



Not a gaff???

A show of hands please…Who would like to know what last Friday’s Obama statement REALLY was???

Okay…Here we go.

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The Wisconsin Effect on Liberal/Socialists

Last night, liberal/socialists were crying in their beer. Governor Scott Walker won Wisconsin…Again…in stunning fashion. Walker becomes the first Governor to face a recall and win which makes his victory historic.

This morning, liberal/socialists will stop crying and start denying.

It will start with the fact that conservatives outspent liberals in the Wisconsin reelection. Of the 63 million dollars spent in total, only 14 million was spent by liberals. To this, liberals will say that most of the money favoring Walker came from outside Wisconsin while his opponent Barrett, garnered most of HIS money from WITHIN the state and THEREFORE…Conservatives BOUGHT the election.

Nice spin.

While it’s true that Walker’s coffers were filled in a large part from outside the State of Wisconsin, the bulk of his donations came in $50 increments. Yes, big donors DID put in, but this was a grassroots-level funding machine; and what liberals KNOW and won’t ADMIT is that Walker’s support from OUTSIDE Wisconsin signals a conservative Tea Party element HIGHLY engaged…NATIONWIDE.

That does NOT bode well for liberals in November, and they are in denial.

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Walker’s Reforms = Obama Referendum

Tomorrow is reelection day in Wisconsin. REELECTION DAY.

Forget the RECALL, it’s not going to happen.

When Scott Walker was running in 2010, he knew his state was on the edge of the abyss. He knew the financial disaster looming would be bad and he ran on a platform of making substantial decisions aimed at pulling Wisconsin away from the brink.

Walker said that collective bargaining of public sector unions had to go. Wisconsin could no longer afford them. Walker said that union Members would have to start paying for a portion of their own pension programs for the same reason…Wisconsin could no longer afford to foot the full bill.

Walker won that election over his liberal rival, Tom Barrett.

Once he became the Governor OF Wisconsin, Walker set about putting into place exactly what he said he would when he was a candidate.

His actions, and those of his conservative majority in the state legislature set ablaze the liberal/socialist machine.

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With the Wisconsin recall election a mere 2 weeks away, set for June 5th, all political eyes are squarely on the Badger state.

Many are calling this a microcosm for the national election in November but, I’m not sure that’s accurate.

Micro seems far too small a comparison to me.

A foreshadowing is maybe more appropriate.

With two weeks to go, Governor Scott Walker’s lead in recent polls, is growing. Just two weeks ago, the race between Walker and liberal rival, Tom Barrett was a dead even heat. That is no longer the case. In a poll conducted just a couple days ago, Walker has a 6 point lead and indications are that his lead could grow to around 9 points by recall election day.

If there is a microcosm involved it comes from liberals.

As Governor Walker and the state legislature implemented measures to remove collective bargaining rights from public unions, liberals went into orbit and showed their true colors.

What happened at the State Capitol was disgusting. Liberals “occupied” the capitol, inside and out, hurled slurs and written threats to legislators, Governor Walker and any who stood with them.

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A Reckoning, Not In but FROM Wisconsin

The vote in Wisconsin yesterday which placed 6 republicans up for recall by a liberal base infuriated over the successful legislation put forth in April limiting collective bargaining by unions was NOT a shot over the bow, not a referendum and not a precursor. It was a reckoning.

4 of the 6 republican senators held their seats in Wisconsin. Of those who lost, Dan Kapanke won his seat in a heavily democratic district by a very narrow margin last November and was in the greatest danger of losing this recall and Randy Hopper faced the ire of democrats for his support of the April legislation as well as from republicans who have been rightfully rankled over his tribulations regarding an affair with a young staffer outside his marriage.

This recall vote and the GOP success in it should send a clear message to liberals for several reasons.

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