Who is Responsible for Whitney’s Death? Whitney.

Did we need more proof? Is anyone surprised?

For more than 10 years, I was a featured speaker at more than 100 DARE graduations. DARE, for those who may not know, is a program educating youth on the dangers of drug and alcohol abuse.

In those days, I was no more politically correct than I am today and once or twice, I was accused of being somewhat, harsh, in my direct language. I would routinely, at each and every DARE graduation, tell the kids, 5th graders, and their parents, that there were only 2 things drugs would do for you.

1)      Drugs will make you stupid.

2)       Drugs will make you dead.

Once again, a celebrity has proved my point.

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Of Soldiers and Celebrities

Over the last several days, since the death of Whitney Houston, I have noticed a rather disturbing trend in social media.

Many conservatives, and among them my friends, have been posting photos and names of soldiers who have recently died and scolding those who have posted thoughts regarding Whitney Houston.


I get it, to a point. I do.

A celebrity dies vs soldiers who die. I get it.

Unexpected death? Tragic end? I get it.

There is a difference and it’s not about giving one more credit than the other.

Houston’s death was expected. Unfortunately it WAS expected and people have speculated for nearly a decade, that her end, due to a lifestyle which laid waste to common sense, was near. Houston had messed up her life, and like so many other celebrities, she had people around her who simply didn’t care enough to stop her, or try to stop her.

Yes, she made her decisions and in so doing, she lost the voice, the looks and the talent God gave her.

I get it.

I felt exactly that way when Amy Winehouse died last year. It was her fault and she could well have done something to keep it from happening.

What I didn’t do then and won’t do now, is compare her demise with those who have lost their lives protecting our country, our freedoms and our way of life.


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