An Ode To Those Who Cling

Every day’s a Holiday

Unless of course, you’re Christian,

Mohammad’s  considered acceptable

But Christ is an affliction.


Reading the Koran in the Park

Is clearly Not Detested,

But Quote the Bible in Public Places

And You will be Arrested.


Freedom OF Religion

Is What the Founders Said,

But Freedom FROM Religion

Is the Atheists Flag of Red.

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Desperate Obama Goes to War on Religion

Mention a war on Christmas or a war on religion to a liberal and they will dismiss you. They’ll laugh and call you names. Liberals will tell you that you’re crazy and other things too.

They will. You know it, I know it and THEY know it.

Here’s something else we all know too.

There’s a war against religion being waged in this country and leading that war, are liberals and this administration.

Every Christmas, we go through it. No manger scenes in parks, no Christmas carols in schools or post offices. Christmas trees and Christmas programs become “Winter” trees and programs.

The war on Christmas is just a skirmish and one which was meant to start the process.

Now, liberals are starting to feel the pressure. They’re getting desperate. Their grip on power is starting to erode.

We know that and they know it too.

The midterm election of 2010 was a warning shot over their bow. It scared them. They thought THEY had it in the bag and THEY got a shellacking. They weren’t ready for it. They never saw it coming.

Now, as we head into the 2012 election, they, the liberal/socialists and their leader, Obama, are feeling the pressure and they’re ramping up the war. Way up.

Remember when Obamacare had to be passed to find out what was in it?

Turns out, one of the things in it was a mandate that religious organizations purchase Obamacare with coverage for abortions, contraception, morning-after pills and sterilizations.

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