Liberal’s War on Christmas – AGENDA EXPOSED!

Writes Jeffrey Folks, on page 51 of his 1985 book, The Rough Guide to Yugoslavia, “Religious faiths have experienced a waning of worship.”

Folks was describing the transformation of SOCIALIST Yugoslavia into COMMUNIST  Yugoslavia and, in the communist state…CHRISTMAS had been done away with as a publicly displayed holiday.

One wonders, and rightly so, just how far away WE are from THAT.

Perhaps, a better way of posing the question would be…

How CLOSE are we to it?

While even in a communist country back then, as Christianity or Judaism lived in the hearts and minds of those who practiced the faiths, any outward display of them was subject to neighborhood and government spies and no one wanted to suffer the consequences of being caught with a Christmas tree or a Menorah.

In this country, it’s hard to believe that such things would be possible but, let’s remember, it wasn’t THAT long ago that anyone would have thought someone could have been evicted from their home for flying an American flag.

Today’s home owners associations have been downright commie in their approach to veterans who have proudly displayed the stars and stripes over the last few years and, assorted atheist trolls from states hundreds or, thousands of miles from the scene of the Creche, have raised unholy HELL over THOSE public displays.

In today’s politically correct, agnostic, liberal, secular society, why WOULDN’T we expect to start hearing orders that Christmas lights and Christmas trees in windows will be banned?

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Friday Fume

Friends and Patriots…It’s been a very tough week.

The events which have dominated the news have been sad and our prayers continue to be sent to those so tragically effected by last Friday’s horrible events in Newtown Connecticut.

May God be with them all.

I do believe that we all need a smile or two about now.

To that end, and in the days leading up to Christmas and a long weekend for many…We WILL press on.

Today IS Friday my friends so let’s DO THIS!!!

I’m FUMING!!!!!

Well, well, well…Let’s see which celebrity wins this weeks, “SUCKING SCUM FROM THE BOTTOM OF THE SOCIALIST POND” award.

Oh look…LAST week’s winner…HAIRLESS BELAFONTE…is congratulating THIS week’s winner…


You know Marg (no “e”)…From “CSI – DUMBASS”…Well, SHE was responding to a tweet from the “author” Joyce Carol (no “e”) Oats  who had stated, “If sizable numbers of NRA members become gun-victims themselves, maybe hope for legislation of firearms.”

Marg (no “e”) then tweeted…”@JoyceCarolOates One can only hope, but sadly I don’t think anything would change.”

This is what happens when you live in a world of make-believe. You can make up any crap you want and then…believe it.

Marg (no “e”) have you ever noticed that the show on which YOU star…IS BASED ON VIOLENCE and a GREAT DEAL OF IT…IS GUN VIOLENCE???

Here are a few FACTS for Marg (no “e”) Helgenberger…

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In a World Gone Mad…An Unlikely Hero???

It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad, MAD world.

The guy who made a poor quality video about Muhammad sits in jail.

The guy who advocated the torture and painful, slow deaths of the U.S. military and their families…HE got to perform at the president’s Christmas party.

It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad, MAD world.

After Morsi declares himself a dictator, the Egyptian army is now taking control of “security” for an upcoming “election” regarding the new “constitution” which is to cement Morsi’s newly declared powers.

People by the hundreds of thousands are in the streets protesting the moves and what are WE doing???

We ARE SENDING Egypt…20 more brand new F-16 fighter jets!!!

Isn’t that special???

In Syria, Assad has mixed his deadly cocktails of nerve gas and the clock is ticking. In less than 60 days, that gas will become unstable and have to be destroyed. Raise your hands if you think Assad is going to let it sit without being used.

Obama said a month or 2 ago that should Assad MOVE his chemical weapons stockpiles…THAT would cross a red line and “something” would be done about it.

Well…He moved them AND mixed them and what did Obama do???

He moved the goal posts.

NOW…Obama says that should Assad USE those weapons…”Something” will be done because that’s where the NEW red line is today.

If he USES those weapons…Won’t it be too LATE to “do something” about it?

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Army WINS The War on Christmas!!!!

So…What exactly DOES an Islamic terrorist have to do with atheists and the war on Christmas?

More than you might think and for entirely different reasons than you might think.

Have I gone MAD?

Maybe but…Allow me to connect a few unlikely dots and then you can be the judge.

Hang on, this might be a little tricky.

The Islamic terrorist in question is well known.

Nidal Hassan. Yes…THAT Nidal Hassan. THE Nidal Hassan who shot up Ft. Hood Texas in what has been labeled by this pro-Islamist administration as…”Workplace violence.”

Back in November 2009, Hassan went on a rampaging terrorist attack wounding 29 and killing 13 while yeling “Allahu Akbar.”

We all know the story.

Since being taken into custody, the terrorist grew a beard which has become a great point of contention.

Just a couple of months ago, the military judge, Col. Gregory Gross, ordered that the terrorist either shave off the beard or be forcibly shaved.

Okay…HERE’S where this gets interesting…

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Ideology vs Faith – The War on Christmas

The war on Christmas is now in full swing…again.

Godless vermin at the “Freedom From Religion” gateway to hell, located in Madison Wisconsin, are at it…again.

Somehow, they manage to find one, unnamed, source to file a complaint in any town where there is some sort of Christmas tradition.

Alsip Illinois, for 40 years, had erected a cross atop their water tower. It has, over the years, become a tradition and nobody complained…

Up to now…

Suddenly, an UNNAMED source has filed a complaint to the Freedom FROM Religion weasels and THEY, claiming that they try always to fight their war through education or legislation…NOT litigation…

Filed a lawsuit.

Alsip, like many towns, is not raking in the money and rather than get involved in a lengthy and expensive lawsuit, will NOT put their cross on the water tower this year.

You see, the municipality owns the water tower and these freaks in Madison are citing the separation of church and state clause which simply does not exist in the constitution.

Here is what the Constitution DOES say about religion:

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Friday Fume

So, friends…We’ve reached the end of another week.

I am reaching the conclusion that liberals, each and every day, make a list of things to do. On one side of the list is common sense approaches to the issues of the day. One the other, how to approach said issues in the most moronic way possible.

In order to exhibit such consistently idiotic behavior, pre-planning MUST be necessary.

I can assure you of two things:

The moronic approach is on the left side of the list and…

Today is Friday so…I’m fuming!


With the “Occupy Anything Except a Shower” crowd dwindling…mostly due to cold weather and arrests…reportedly, there is ONE liberal FOOL who is still VERY much at it but one has to wonder…WHY???

Steinar Skramstad is a 32-year-old IDIOT who has made his mission, and his ALONE to…


This…PENGUIN’S ARSE…is holding his protest outside HIS PARENTS’ HOUSE.

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Why Liberals Have Declared War on Christmas

Liberals are the purveyors of political correctness and political correctness is the method by which liberals promote the trashing of American values.

This, to liberals, will be scorned and I will be ridiculed by them for stating it but that changes nothing as it is indeed fact. For liberals to promote their socialist agenda and ideology, traditional American values must be torn down and the way to accomplish that is to attempt to shame those who hold such values in high esteem into shying away from them.

While political correctness weasels its way into society’s daily lexicon, it is rarely more on display than at this particular time of the year.


The reason political correctness is so invasive during the Christmas season is because religion is the most deeply rooted of all traditional American values and Christianity has been, whether liberals like it or not, the leading religion in our nation since its founding.

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