“Occupy Wall Street” is a SOCIALIST Dress Rehearsal!!

If you have, as I do, liberal friends either in person or through social media, no doubt you, as have I, been on the receiving end of dismissive and at times, curse-laden retorts when you truthfully refer to their party as socialists.

Glenn Beck, for years, has been on the receiving end of such vitriol every time he brings up Cloward and Piven or Saul Alinsky.

I’m about to link it all together for you in one neat and tidy little package.

The “Occupy Wall Street” protests.

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Fantasy World of the “Occupy Wall Street” Adult Children

The “Occupy Wall Street” adult children have listed 13 proposed demands from their website. I especially love Demand 9.

Yeah, that should work out just perfect. Nothing like a couple hundred million poor people flooding into our country at the same time! Pure Genius! And go to the link below and read their comments, it’s fantastic! It will remind you of the 6th grade debate team! Completely oblivious to the real world.

Demand One: Restoration of the living wage. This demand can only be met by ending “Freetrade” by re-imposing trade tariffs on all imported goods entering the American market to level the playing field for domestic family farming and domestic manufacturing as most nations that are dumping cheap products onto the American market have radical wage and environmental regulation advantages. Another policy that must be instituted is raise the minimum wage to $20 an hour.

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