Right Side Patriots…2016 ‘Dream Team’

By Craig Andresen and Diane Sori  Right Side Patriots on http://www.americanpbn.com/

cab 1As primary season kicks into high gear Right Side Patriots has decided to go a step further than what most people are doing…as in laying out who they think their candidate’s Presidential Cabinet should be comprised of. On Wednesday’s Right Side Patriot’s radio show on americanpbn.com we went a step further and laid out who we believe our choice for the new president’s entire cabinet should be not just the ftop few key positions. We now present them here for all to see.

Now before anyone gets “their panties in a wad” as Craig likes to say, please read through the entire cabinet as we think at the very end you will be pleasantly surprised especially if you apply logic to what we are proposing.

Marco Rubio…because he is the strongest and most knowledgeable on the most critical cab 2issue facing our country today…the issue of foreign policy as it relates to ISIS and terrorism, and because he supports cutting and dismantling useless, ineffective, and costly departments that do NOT serve this country well. It’s also time to turn the leadership of our country over to the next generation.

Vice President of the United States
Carly Fiorina…knowledgeable, strong, able to react with common sense instead of emotion…could easily step-in to the POTUS position if need be.

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Is THIS the Writing on the Socialist Wall??

Who didn’t see THIS coming?

There is now some talk about Obama dumping Biden from the 2012 ticket and replacing him with Hillary.

First off, Obama is in trouble and he knows it. His base is fleeing. He needs to add someone who socialists want. Hillary fills the ticket. She ran hard against Obama in ’08 and there seem to be a lot of liberals who would rather have HER in the White House than HIM.

The weirdest part of the scuttlebutt at this point is that Biden and Hillary would swap jobs.

Can you even IMAGINE Joe Biden as Secretary of State? Seriously, at this point, the guy can shoot off his mouth with all sorts of inane and crazy blather – and other than making for some entertaining sound bites, it’s harmless. But as Secretary of State…he would be sticking our national foot in HIS mouth on the WORLD stage and I suspect, that within days of taking the job, Biden would manage to INSULT at least HALF of our allies.

Let’s get back to the VP Hillary thing.

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