Trump’s Incoherent, Obama-Esque Foreign Policy

By Craig Andresen Right Side Patriots

Just a couple of days ago, Donald J. Trump gave his first big speech on foreign policy taz 1where he had promised to name the names of the best and brightest who would be advising him. In fact, he made that promise on Morning Joe…just a few short hours before giving the speech.

He didn’t name a single advisor. Not one. Zip…zilch…zero.

It wasn’t that naming names just slipped his mind…because the entire speech was read from a teleprompter. Had there been names to name, as Trump had promised…those named names would have been in the teleprompter for Trump to name…or read…but they weren’t, because they don’t exist.

This is something Trump would have known before his appearance on Morning Joe…that he didn’t have any names to name, but he said he would name them.

Oh my…

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(Good) Friday Fume

fume 1

This weekend is a weekend of great faith for Christians and Jews the world over and a time when we should all be celebrating as our traditions allow.

It’s Easter.

It’s Passover.

It is a time when our faiths bring us together…when the new and the old testaments find some common ground and a time, whether Jewish or Christian, to celebrate new beginnings.

For liberals and socialists however…

It’s not exactly the same sort of weekend.

Friends and Patriots…grab your eggs and GIRD YOUR LOIN ROASTS because today is Good Friday and…

I’m fuming.

Well, Easter weekend is upon us and up to now, the Easter message has always been clear. That’s where the REVEREND AL “I was FOR the mob before I was AGAINST the mob” SHARPTON comes in.

According to not-so SHARPton…

“I think the message is, that no matter what the world may do to unfairly, no matter how you’re crucified, nailed to the cross at home, or in your personal relationships, or on the job, that you can rise if you don’t lose yourself during the hard times and the challenges.”

The blathering moron then went on to draw a direct parallel between CHRIST THE SAVIOR and…

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Boston, Obama and Bill Ayers – How Sincere

Today, the Media will gush and slobber…Drool and get tingles up their collective legs…They will laud their “Dear Leader” the Dictator Barack Hussein Obama and champion each and every warm, gooey utterance as he speaks at a service for those killed and injured in Boston just a few days ago.

They will roll about in his words and remark about the warm “feeling” he gave the nation.

CRAP…FRESH CRAP…is always 98.6°.

Just how sincere is this narcissist?

His minions and useful idiots…Those who voted for him and those who champion “fundamental transformation” of our nation will rub his intonations all over themselves and try to make US believe they don’t stink out loud.

Allow me, for a moment, to be brutally frank.

Shit stinks and he’s full of it.

The Dictator has already been as sincere regarding the terror attack in Boston as he can possibly be.

He’s read his remarks from his teleprompter.

Twice, this festering pile of insincerity has spoken of the attack in Boston and neither time did his voice reflect passion, anger or resolve.

He read that we will find those responsible…

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