Right Side Patriots Set to Spread the Word

We have some very exciting news for our readers this morning!!!

With so much at stake in the upcoming 2014 AND 2016 elections and, while the current regime is doubling down on THEIR efforts to “fundamentally transform” America into something the Founders and Framers never intended it to be…

The need for us to reach as large an audience as possible has become paramount.

I am VERY happy to announce that, The National Patriot, in partnership with Diane Sori and The Patriot Factor, have been approached by CPR Worldwide Media to…


Diane and I have accepted the challenge and our show, “Right Side Patriots” will debut THIS WEDNESDAY from 2-4pm EST!!!

“Right Side Patriots” will be a TEApublican, hard-hitting, politically incorrect take on today’s political landscape both here in America and abroad and will be mixed with humor, bits and pieces of our personal lives, great guests and some music guaranteed to get you up and moving!!!

In fact, our very 1st guest will be Bill Finley. That’s right…Wild Bill for America and, we know he’ll become a regular on “Right Side Patriots.”

“Right Side Patriots” will also ALWAYS be looking for LISTENER input and comments as well so, don’t be strangers to the show.

The LIVE show will are every Wednesday afternoon, be rebroadcast at Wednesday’s at midnight EST and, CPR will also air it again over the weekend so there are PLENTY of opportunities to hear Right Side Patriots every week!!

Don’t worry…Both The National Patriot and The Patriot Factor are going to continue with our regular postings a NOTHING in THAT respect is going to change and, we will continue to be regular guests on other conservative radio shows as well!!!

Diane and I have also set up a Facebook community page for “Right Side Patriots” and we invite you to CLICK THIS LINK go there now and “LIKE” the page!!!

CPR Worldwide Media has been VERY gracious to extend to us this GREAT opportunity and neither Diane nor I can thank them enough.

We are VERY excited to get “Right Side Patriots” launched this Wednesday and we hope that YOU will make it a part of YOUR weekly schedule as well.

Stay tuned and check back to Diane’s page and mine…Both in The National Patriot and in The Patriot Factor for the show link tomorrow and, we hope you’ll join us for our VERY 1st “Right Side Patriots” on Wednesday afternoon!!!