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Liberals Want to Maintain 1965 Status Quo for Minorities

Wednesday, June 26th, 2013

Today’s lesson in “How to Piss Off a Socialist” is simple…

Tell them that they are only allowed to vote once per socialist per election.

That is essentially exactly what a 5-4 decision from the United States Supreme Court said yesterday.

The law requiring certain states, once solidly blue and now, decidedly red, to provide proof that any changes they want to make to their voting procedures are not racist to the United States Attorney General, the 1965 law, was deemed old, out of date and unconstitutional by the Supremes.

What are socialists gonna do NOW???

Well, let’s see…

Obama said, “I am deeply disappointed with the Supreme Court’s decision today. Today’s decision invalidating one of its core provisions upsets decades of well-established practices that help make sure voting is fair, especially in places where voting discrimination has been historically prevalent.” 

Eric the corrupt and contemptuous Holder stated:


Obamacare IS a Fundamental Transformation Tax

Monday, July 2nd, 2012

Obamacare is THE largest TAX INCREASE, the most deceitfully CONTRIVED and UNSCRUPULOUSLY passed bill in American history!!!

As a law, Chief Justice Roberts was absolutely CORRECT in finding it CONSTITUTIONAL as a TAX law and THAT is as FAR as I believe he could possibly go in his ruling. The Supreme Court had no choice but to hear arguments and adjudicate upon the MERITS of the law itself and in that light, Chief Justice Roberts was 100% correct or…Was he?

Here’s a MAJOR problem though…According to the Anti Injunction Act from March 2nd, 1867…NO TAX LAW CAN BE ADJUDICATED UNTIL AFTER IT TAKES EFFECT and in the case of Obamacare, the Supreme Court should NOT have ruled on it in whole…AS A TAX LAW…until after 2018 but that would require yet ANOTHER round in 2 years at the High Court.

Now then, what neither he nor any of the Supreme Court could do, considering the nature of the action by which it was BROUGHT to the Highest Court, was adjudicate it upon the MANNER in which it was passed. I suggest that had THAT aspect been the focus of the case, the outcome may well have been QUITE different.

Roberts and the Court found it to be a TAX law and CONSTITUTIONAL because it’s a TAX law.

Oh…Obama TOLD us it WASN’T a tax and that nobody in the middle class would see THEIR taxes go up…”Not one single dime.” But…And I know this will come as a GREAT shock…Obama was lying. He wasn’t misspoken. He wasn’t misquoted. He wasn’t taken out of context. He wasn’t misunderstood or any of the rest of the lame excuses so often used by politicians.

It’s NOT conservative spin, right wing propaganda, parsing of words, misrepresentation by the right, racist, scare tactics or any of the other things the liberal/socialists are want to use as dismissive talking points or labels either.

Obama was flat out, bald faced, down and dirty, through is teeth, without blinking an eye and without a second thought…


And one can EASILY believe he was LYING because HE, and a handful of others, KNEW that the ONLY way to obtain passage of Obamacare, was to proceed Unconstitutionally and WITHOUT a SHRED of ethics nor rules adhered to.

Here is how it went down and WHY it SHOULD be regarded as UNCONSTITUTIONAL.


From WHERE did the Obamacare TAX Come…EXACTLY??

Saturday, June 30th, 2012

Well…He tried, didn’t he?

The EMPEROR tried and tried and TRIED to convince us all that Obamacare was NOT a tax.

He said it and said it.

The EMPEROR told us it wasn’t a tax and he told us and TOLD us that under Obamacare…NOBODY would be taxed a SINGLE DIME.

The EMPEROR started telling us that the day he started the process and he KEPT telling us that it was not a tax right up to the very day his Solicitor General made the argument before the Supreme Court that…oh yes…It WAS a tax.

Then, last Thursday, in their ruling, The Supreme Court and the deciding Justice who wrote the opinion, Chief Justice John Roberts, made sure that we all knew, once and for all, that…

Obamacare IS a TAX and the only reason it is Constitutional is BECAUSE it’s a TAX.

So much for the high fives in the oval office.


“DOH…IT’S A TAX!!!!!”

According to the tweet of DNC Executive Director, Patrick Gaspard…


Stolen Valor – Lost Honor

Saturday, June 30th, 2012

In all the very appropriate outrage over the Supreme Court ruling on ObamaCare, another ruling made by the Supreme Court has gotten much less attention – except in military/Veteran circles. And we are disgusted. Not to mention furious. The Supreme Court ruled on the Stolen Valor Act, as well as ObamaCare.

The Stolen Valor Act prohibits a person from falsely claiming that he or she has been awarded a military honor. It was passed by Congress in 2005, signed by President George W Bush, and called for a possible 1 year prison term.

Voting in favor of striking down the Stolen Valor Act were the Chief Justice John Roberts and Justices Kennedy, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Stephen G. Breyer, Sonia Sotomayor and Elena Kagan.

Supporting the law were Justices Antonin Scalia, Clarence Thomas and Samuel A. Alito.

The case the Supreme Court heard involved a man falsely claiming to be a Marine having been awarded the Medal of Honor – the highest of Honors. In Boot Camp we ‘joked’ that to get the Medal of Honor you had to be dead – you had to have sacrificed yourself to save others. It is commonly presented posthumously.

The Medal of Honor is, admittedly, the most extreme example. Many of our heroes live to receive their military awards, rather than having them presented to a grieving family. And they are often left with serious physical injuries, and even more often with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) or other mental and emotional injuries.



Thursday, June 28th, 2012

Today, after a group of MORE THAN 100 liberal/socialist Members of the house arose and walked out in protest, thus showing THEIR contempt of Congress, Eric Holder WAS indeed held in contempt BOTH CRIMINALLY AND CIVILLY by a vote of the House which included both republicans AND democrats.

On a day when the Supreme Court affirmed that an administration, through taxation CAN force upon the American people a good or service and order the IRS to go after those who choose NOT to partake, The House of Representatives DID indeed hold the Attorney General in criminal contempt of Congress for withholding tens of thousands of documents, emails and memos from the House Oversight Committee investigating the Fast and Furious operation and its cover-up.

Both the Supreme Court ruling AND the contempt vote against Holder SHOULD serve to ignite conservatives and mobilize them against the scourge of this administration.

Tea Party Patriots, Conservatives, Republicans and yes, Independents should now realize that this administration is so solidly aligned against the American people, American values and the very foundation OF America that they will unite, in mass, to vote Obama and his ilk from office.

Regarding Holder, this nation can no longer stand idly by while the head of the Department of Justice stalls and subverts justice from his post.



Thursday, June 28th, 2012

With today’s Supreme Court ruling, upholding Obamacare as Constitutional, the American People have LOST their individual sovereignty.

By allowing the federal government to MANDATE the American people purchase a good or service under the TAX code and not the Commerce Clause…The Federal Government now has a clear and unhindered path to MANDATE the purchase of ANYTHING any administration deems appropriate!!

The THREAT that the federal government would REMOVE ALL MEDICARE FUNDING from individual states should they OPT OUT of Obamacare HAS BEEN FOUND UNCONSTITUTIONAL!!!

Does this mean that the High Court has ruled that individual states WILL be allowed to OPT OUT OF OBAMACARE ALTOGETHER? That much is unclear.


Without the ability to OPT OUT by the states, the ONLY conclusion which can be drawn from this ruling is…



Tuesday, June 26th, 2012

Yesterday, the Supreme Court ruled on Arizona’s SB 1070 striking 3 of the 4 sections of that bill.

That simply wasn’t good enough for the Emperor so, he and he alone, has gutted the only remaining provision of that bill. The Supreme Court voted UNANIMOUSLY to UPHOLD Section 2B of Arizona’s SB 1070 but the EMPEROR ruled UNILATERALLY to strike that provision as well.

Regarding SB 1070, immigration is indeed the prevue of the federal government and according to the Supreme Court, Arizona is not allowed to do what the federal government refuses to do and THAT is where Obama has won.

That’s right, OBAMA wins on SB 1070 but, Patriots…That is FAR from the end of it.

Yesterday,  the Department of Homeland Security instructed their agents in the field to…not…NOT…cooperate with Arizona law enforcement should they, the federal agents, be called upon.

This is because Obama, by decree, is deciding which laws will and will not be enforced or defended.


Upon his rise to the throne, the now EMPEROR Obama swore an oath:



Monday, June 25th, 2012

What has been seen as the key provision in Arizona’s SB 1070, Section 2B, requiring law enforcement officers to check immigration status of those in contact with law enforcement for other reasons HAS been upheld by the United States Supreme Court!

The high court today basically allowed Section 2B to stand but also remanded it back to the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals.

THAT means that, as soon as an Arizona Law Enforcement officer proceeds with such an immigration status check, it is very likely that a court challenge OF it will ensue and THAT case will proceed quickly to the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals.

The case is far from settled.

Basically, what the Supreme Court said was, regarding Section 2B, it cannot be ruled upon until it is in play IN Arizona and a challenge TO it has made its way back TO the Supreme Court.

3 other provisions of SB 1070 including making it illegal in Arizona for illegal aliens to seek work were struck down by the Supreme Court.

Arizona Governor Jan Brewer HAS stated that her state WOULD, if portions of SB 1070 were struck down, begin to REDRAFT those provisions into a new law.


The Emperor’s Mistimed Misdirections

Sunday, June 24th, 2012

What’s an Emperor to do when he fears something bad is about to happen?



“Ooo, Ooo…I’m the Emperor!!! Look over here. Here. Right here…Pay no attention to what’s about to happen over there…Look over here!!! This is MUCH more interesting than anything that’s going to happen over there!!!”

The thing about misdirection is that it has to be perfectly timed.

Make no mistake…Mistime your misdirection and the misfortune of your misadventure will NOT be…missed.

In the last week, the Emperor has employed 2 misdirections. One was well thought out and well planed in advance while the other was hastily thrown together.

The problem is, both were mistimed in their execution.



Obamacare – Ramping Up for the Ruling

Saturday, June 23rd, 2012

As WE wait for what will most likely be Monday’s announcement of the Supreme Court decision regarding Obamacare, now would be a good time to take a look at how we got to this point.

Rather than look at the bill in specifics, all 2000 plus pages of it, generalities will suffice.

To start it off, one could go back as far as the introduction of Medicare, Medicaid or other social(ist) programs but, rather than that, let’s go back to where THIS particular bill started.


In the first 1 ½ years of the Clinton administration, Bill put Hillary in charge of socializing medicine. It was an utter disaster. Unknown millions, perhaps billions of taxpayer dollars were spent to find a way to bring socialism to the nation’s healthcare system.

She couldn’t do it and it was dropped, at least for a time.

With the rise of Obama to the throne…Liberal/socialists knew they had their best shot at it and almost immediately, Obama launched into the effort. In so doing, at a time when the economy was in recession, the housing slump killing American dreams and bailouts being handed out with reckless abandon, Obama ignored completely the economy and jobs market to focus on Obamacare.

What came out of more than 1 ½ years was a bill, some 2000 plus pages in size.