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Weekend Edition: The State of the 4th Estate

Sunday, February 23rd, 2014

If you think that the FCC’s backing down and running away with their tails tucked hastily between their collective legs regarding the proposed Government-Goons-in-the-newsrooms-of-America debacle is the end of it…

Think again.

It’s nothing more than the tip of the tyranny iceberg.

Yes, you probably heard about the idea of sending goons to monitor newsrooms under the guise of some sort of study and, you most likely were up in arms about it given the 1st Amendment’s guarantee of “Freedom of the Press” but, there may well be things you didn’t realize.

1st, is the notion that all of this was to somehow procure a “study” regarding minorities and the balance of news coverage.


This was the precursor to a government-forced or mandated idea of racial balance both IN the newsrooms and delivered BY them.

Either news and media organizations were going to be forced to hire minorities whose primary job qualifications were going to be the color of their skin or…

This was going to bring about a government-ordered SELL OFF of some media groups directly TO minority ownership regardless of the private market, fair selling prices or interest in those companies BY minority groups.

Government mandated pandering to a known liberal voting bloc under the guise of racial equality.

2nd…There is no way in hell this is really over.

Yes, the FCC backed down. They blinked and pulled their plans to snoop and SUSPENDED this unlawful study but…Consider this…

If this was really over…It would have CANCELLED the “study” and…


Obama Supporters – Dry Humping the Leg of Socialism

Monday, January 6th, 2014

“If YA don’t like the way I’m doin’ things, feel free to file a lawsuit.”

THAT is, essentially, Obama’s definition of “leadership.”

He feels safe in this respect because, over the years, liberals have loaded as many socialist/activist judges into the federal court system as possible and, on the off chance Obama finds his agenda being aired before a judge NOT of that ilk…He has the element of threats on his side.

This is exactly how the Dictator, Barack Hussein Obama manages to issue his unilateral decrees without the interference of congress.

I have another definition for you too:

dry hump

vulgar slang
gerund or present participle: dry humping
  1. 1.
    simulate or unsuccessfully attempt sexual activity with (someone or something), usually while fully dressed and without gratification.

What we have here is an unknown entity, Obama, who has had his college records sealed, his thesis sealed, his selective service records sealed and hides them behind a forged selective service registration form.

Obama has had…His Illinois State Senate schedule sealed…His Illinois State Senate RECORDS sealed and any record of his BAPTISM sealed.

Barack Hussein Obama, if that is his real name…Has had any notion of seeing his long form birth certificate sealed and has provided what has been proven to be a bad forgery of a birth certificate posted on the white house website with the claim that it is real.

HE…refuses to allow US…To see ANY of these things and yet…


Friday Fume

Friday, November 1st, 2013

Keeping track of the behavior of liberals is a little like herding cats but, week in and week out, we designate Friday’s as the day to laugh at em.

This week is no different than the rest.

We finally have a number for the crush of people who enrolled for Obamacare on the very 1st day.



An Italian magazine claims that Obama’s NSA was…SPYING ON THE CONCLAVE THAT ELECTED POPE FRANCIS!!!!!

Well, that explains the sudden downturn in the over/under line on Cardinal DOLAN.


According to a report…Back in 2011…Kathleen Sebelius’ HHS Department paid out…$23 MILLION DOLLARS in MEDICAID to…DEAD PEOPLE!!!


Good grief…


It’s Friday friends and Patriots and…


Obama – Put Your Hands UP and Get Your Feet Off the Desk

Wednesday, August 7th, 2013

Every Time Ed Snowden sneezes, there’s a breaking news update.

If the guy breaks wind, I’m reasonably sure the media would glom onto it as though a petrified rat had just been found on Mars.


Because Ed Snowden is a wanted man. He’s on the lamb and he’s looking for a nice, quiet little communist community where he can settle down.


For espionage.

In a “phony” scandal.

Under a long defunct provision called the Espionage Act of 1917.

ESPIONAGE they say. He has harmed the nation’s security…Or so they say.

As Snowden prances about the globe applying for asylum and being turned down and, as he finally gets out of the Moscow airport…Snowden is America’s most wanted American.

I have to tell you…I don’t get it.

What’s so special about Ed Snowden anyway?


Snowden…Hero, Traitor or Straight to Video D List Movie?

Tuesday, June 25th, 2013

Ed Snowden.

A squirrely cross between Carmen San Diego and Waldo…

Where in the world IS Ed Snowden??

He WAS in Hawaii before he hightailed it to Hong Kong.

It was while he was IN Hong Kong that his hybrid leak of national security secrets and whistle-blowing regarding the NSA and their spying on ALL Americans became public knowledge. He gave a Q and A via the internet during his 2 week stay in the People’s Republic of China and then, boarded a plane for Moscow.

Supposedly flanked by Wikileaks lawyers and advisers, Snowden landed in Russia for a layover on what everyone believed was a run for Ecuador but, alas, the plane bound for a South American country not friendly to the United States left Russia with HIS seat empty.

So…Now we are left with a few questions…

Where IS Ed Snowden and, is he a traitor or a hero?

Let’s take the 2nd question first.


The Snowden Effect

Tuesday, June 11th, 2013

The latest revelation of abuses of power by the Obama regime is troubling indeed.

It was leaked, late last week, that this regime, out of control, consumed with power and as paranoid as the day is long, has been spying on Americans.

Over the weekend, Obama ordered his henchman Holder to find out where the leak originated and then, just hours later, Snowden came forward, from HONG KONG and owned up to it…Sort of.

Edward Snowden, a 29 year old who says he worked for a time at the CIA and as a contractor for the NSA before becoming a contract worker for Booz Allen Hamilton, has let loose a real problem for the regime.

According to Snowden,  “When you’re in positions of privileged access …You recognize some of these things are actual abuses. Over time, you feel compelled to talk about it.”

“My sole motive is to inform the public as to that which is done in their name and that which is done against them.”

“I understand that I will be made to suffer for my actions,” but “I will be satisfied if the federation of secret law, unequal pardon and irresistible executive powers that rule the world that I love are revealed even for an instant.”

Snowden went on to say…


Friday Fume

Friday, June 7th, 2013

Oh man…Just when ya think you’ve seen and heard it all…

Along comes yet ANOTHER week of despicable socialist behavior.

Can you even BELIEVE some of the stuff this week?

Some socialists daughter gets the brainiac idea to JUMP OFF THE ROOF and INTO THE POOL but…She MISSED and NOW…The MOM posted the video of the event and is BEGGING for people to send more than $4,000.00 FOR THE MEDICAL BILLS!!!

Just because your daughter is an IDIOT doesn’t mean she’s entitled to OUR MONEY…GOT THAT???

Reporters asked Beltway Jay Carney, the paid liar, about the DOJ’s targeting and spyng on James Rosen a few days ago and Carney told them, “I would refer you to the Justice Dept”.

Well…Since Holder refuses to answer any questions…Maybe the reporters should just wait for details to leak out of the white house and Obama can learn all about it when HE READS IT IN THE DAMN PAPER!!!!!

And…In an effort to prove, once and for all, that Tea Partiers are just a bunch of paranoid conspiracy theorists for getting upset over the DHS buying nearly 2 BILLION rounds of hollow point ammo…Last week…The DHS sent…ARMED AGENTS TO MONOTOR A TEA PARTY RALLY IN MISSOURI!!!

That should put the conspiracy to rest huh?

My friends and fellow Patriots…Sit down and hold on…Today is FRIDAY and…

I’m fuming.

Well, I WILL admit its few and VERY far between when I will CONGRATULATE a Member of the SOCIALIST party much less…SOMEBODY FROM THE LICE INFECTED EPA BUT…

Richard Windsor has EARNED a hearty ATTA BOY!!!

Windsor has been named a “Scholar of Ethical Behavior” at the EPA for what?


Obama – Holder…Connect the Kenyan Dots

Thursday, June 6th, 2013

There may well be more to Eric Holder’s “possible” perjury and the DOJ’s spying on journalists than appears at first blush.

While congressional committees continue to probe the James Rosen situation and Holder’s obvious lying TO the committee…

I am taking another look at the DOJ and their spying on the Associated Press.

Now, we ALL know what the DOJ gave as the reason for the clandestine grab of AP phone records that could well have placed HUNDREDS of press reporters AND many Members of congress in the snoop-happy cross-hairs.

It was the DOJ’s attempt to find out who was leaking classified info TO the press.


Hold on…Not so fast…

I have a question.

If Holder and his goons were trying to find the source of leaks…Why wasn’t he spying on the only possible SOURCES of those leaks?

Obama’s inner circle.



The Most Transparently CORRUPT Administration EVER

Monday, June 3rd, 2013

It seems that desperation is setting in at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in a big, BIG way.

The Dictator is doing his level best to distract from one abuse of power by trying to highlight another and another.

Just a couple of days after 3 whistle-blowers shed some light on the truth of Benghazi, Lois Lerner, in a nothing-burger conference answered a planted question regarding possible abuses by the IRS and the targeting “scandal” came to light.

The most transparent administration in history is transparently corrupt.

The only plausible explanation for having the question planted and answered with an apology by Lois Lerner is that Obama must have thought he would be able to distance HIMSELF more from the IRS abuse of power than he could from Benghazi and there are a few direct reasons FOR that tact.

We KNOW that SOMEBODY had to issue the Benghazi “STAND_DOWN” orders and the chain of command there is very short.

Had someone OTHER than Obama issued those orders, somebody’s head would have already rolled through the rose garden long, long ago.

Then there’s the fact that Obama himself, DISAPPEARED from the entire situation room situation on the night OF the attacks. He was there and then, he was gone and, under sworn testimony, we know that he never checked in again.



Contempt PLUS Perjury? DOWN GOES HOLDER!!

Wednesday, May 29th, 2013

I’ve always said, “If you want to know what liberals are up to, just pay attention to what they accuse conservatives of doing.”

Liberals, for years now, have accused conservatives of being an angry, violent mob.

Compare and contrast Tea Party rallies with those of liberals, socialist unions which support liberals and the Occupy movement.

Enter the abuse of power, via the Department of Justice under this corrupt administration relating to Fox News reporter, James Rosen.

In 2010, Eric, “Fast and Furious” Holder’s Department of Justice obtained private emails and phone records of James Rosen. They also obtained the emails and phone records of the PARENTS of James Rosen.

The cover for these actions was to build a case against Stephen Jin-Woo Kim, an accused leaker of classified information but…That’s hardly where it ends.

The Justice Department, in order to obtain the court order FOR those email and phone records from Rosen and his parents, ACCUSED ROSEN OF BEING A CO-CONSPIRATOR IN ESPIONAGE!!!!!

If you want to know what liberals are up to, just pay attention to what they accuse conservatives of doing.


It gets worse.