Obama’s Dry Hump 2017 World Tour

By Craig Andresen – Right Side Patriots on American Political Radio

Lou Dobbs, in a recently published piece, has rightfully pointed out that Barack Hussein Obama…that would be private citizen Barack Hussein Obama, has been shadowing President Trump around the world…meeting with the same world leaders as President Trump.

Obviously, Obama is worried that his 8 long years of trying to make America as destitute as the rest of the world is in danger of being erased as Trump has set forth to Make America Great Again.

If it wasn’t so sad…it would be funny…okay…it is funny.

Let’s have a look at the travel itinerary shall we?

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Kim Jong Un…Hell-Bent on War

By Craig Andresen – Right Side Patriots on American Political Radio

North Korea is a hermit kingdom, run by a tin-pot dictator who is not only prone to having family members assassinated on a whim, but brutal enough to kill those of his own citizens who he suspects might be dissidents and enslave their families.

From his grandfather, to his father, and now to him, Kim Jong Un has isolated his people from the rest of the world, starved them, and murdered them.

North Korea is a nation of nothingness…and yet…

They are terrorizing their neighbors, and holding the rest of the world hostage.

How can this be?


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Dear Leader vs Dear Leader From Behind

Tensions in the Korean peninsula are rising quickly.

In the north, THEIR Dictator is doing far more than rattling his sabre. He…Kim Jong Un-stable has declared that a state of war exists between the north and South Korea.

OUR Dictator is puffing out his chest, unwilling to call the nuclear armed enemy of our allies an enemy.

North Korea is a horrible place. There, one will find gulags filled with whole families deemed enemies of the state. There one will find mass poverty, starvation and a “government” hell bent on holding their people down.

No internet. No cell phones. No contact whatsoever with the outside world.

Education in North Korea has all but been outlawed and what there is of it is nothing more than propaganda force fed to the young to bolster their absurd claims that the rest of the world is a far, far worse place then the misery they experience every day.

Kim Jong Un-stable is genetically insane.

No amount of diplomacy can alter that fact and no amount of diplomacy or medication will ever keep him sedated. Those who suggest otherwise are, themselves, delusional. Diplomacy can only reach peaceful solutions between those who share a common desire for peace.

Now, Un-stable has rockets aimed at South Korea and at U.S. military bases in the pacific region. He has made public his intentions, whether achievable or not, of attacking the United States.

And what has OUR Dictator done?

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