The NFL Can Take Knee and Kiss My…

By Craig Andresen – Right Side Patriots on American Political Radio

An open letter to the NFL…

Dear owners, coaches and assorted uniformed thugs, miscreants and felons,

For the past several weeks, we, the people who spend our hard-earned money on things like tickets, merchandise and the products you pretend to like and use…in other words…those of us who pay your ridiculous salaries…have a little something we’d like to share with you, but first…a question…

Just what is it you are protesting?

You claim it’s got something to do with the police, or injustice toward deeply tanned people by the police, or something else along those lines…right?

You do realize that more white people are killed by the police than black people…don’t you?

You do realize that the overwhelming majority of black people killed in this country of ours are killed by other black people…to the tune of about 93%…right?

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Friday Fume

Week in and week out, socialists just keep adding clowns to the parade.

Hanoi Jane tells veterans and military supporters to “GET A LIFE…”

The Dictator stands in front of a CHINESE MADE CRANE to trumpet about OUR infrastructure…

This absurd administration will be giving Egypt’s MUSLIM BOTHERHOOD (that’s NOT a typo) 8 MORE F-16’s and NOW we learn that NORTH DIARRHEA actually DOES have nukes small enough to FIT ON THEIR MISGUIDED MISSILES!!!!!

But my friends, we press on. We FIND ways to deal with this insanity and LAUGHTER really DOES seem the best medicine.

To that end, we have reached FRIDAY and believe it or not…

I’m fuming.

Never has one claiming to be the president known so little about so much.

He never knew ANYTHING about the REV. WRONG being a RACIST BIG MOUTH.

He didn’t really know BILL AYERS did he?


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