The Fraud Behind the Curtain

By Craig Andresen Right Side Patriots

dd 1It seems that the dumbing down of America, via decades of liberalism through government indoctrination centers otherwise known as public schools as well as asylums of higher indoctrination, also known as colleges and universities is nearly complete.

No greater evidence of this can be seen than in the results of Super Tuesday voting.

Donald Trump, with the highest disapproval ratings in history, continues to win primaries. The question is…why?

Here’s the answer…

Trump voters simply don’t give a damn about the issues and they don’t give a flying rat’s ass about Trump’s complete, total lack of substance or lack of any articulated plan to accomplish any of the myriad of things he says he’s going to do should he become the president.

Trump voters also don’t give a crap regarding the fact that poll, after poll, after poll shows him losing in November to whoever happens to become the liberal/socialist nominee.

To Trump’s Trump-drunk, low information voters…absolutely none of what should matter…matters at all and don’t blame me for calling his voters “low information voters because those are exactly the sort of voters Trump himself is reaching out to in this election.

Here’s what he said…

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Giving Obama’s SOTU the BIRD!


Tuesday night, our Dictator delivered his Hate of the Union address.

The gallery was full of professional victims and…Ted Nugent.

Oh, I COULD regale you with fact checks and and counterpoints along with pointing out all the contradictions but, why bother?

It’s been done and it doesn’t honestly differ much from his previous Lying like a rug addresses.

Instead, I thought maybe a pictorial recounting of the way Patriots viewed the drooling and applause laden fiasco might serve as a better alternative and when it comes to giving the entire manifesto the bird…I say…Flip it THE most PATRIOTIC bird you can find!

SO…Needless to say, after the first 5 minutes, the Dictator’s nose had exceeded the limits of my 55 inch screen.

It’s a good thing this festival of bull wasn’t shown in 3D…

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