Did Cornered Obama Launch a Preemptive Strike?

Over the last several days, we have seen an uptick in the rhetoric from the Obama campaign and it’s all personal attacks against Mitt Romney.


We fully expected that during this campaign and, we fully expect it not only to continue but, to get worse.

Lots worse.

We know Obama can’t run on his record and we know he’ll try to swing the topic away from things like jobs, unemployment, the debt, the economy, raising taxes and just about any part of his record or administration one cares to mention.

But what has transpired in the past few days may well be being mischaracterized by almost everybody in the press and the blogosphere.

What we are hearing most often are words and phrases like…”Jumped the shark” and “desperation.

Here’s what is leading to what could well be the biggest missed foreshadowing in recent history.

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Obama’s Eligibility…Not One Shred of Authentic Verifiable Evidence

In the wake of Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s press conference regarding his Cold Case Posse’s investigation into Obama’s documents, we are left with some questions.

These questions are NOT new questions but they bear asking again and now, since an official law enforcement agency has finally investigated and issued a report, perhaps these questions gain in validity.

Yes, many others have raised these questions and rightfully so. The questions began nearly 4 years ago but, for the sake of sticking to the documents in question, we will confine our points to questions raised within the last year.

On April 25th 2011, Obama “released” his “official certificate of live birth” in a press conference from the white house briefing room. Nearly immediately, those who knew of such things as computers, graphics, layering and such, called into question the process employed in creating this birth certificate.

Not for a minute should their efforts be discounted in questioning the validity of it. Indeed, they set the stage for this official law enforcement investigation and without doubt, they deserve credit for their work. The difference is, while they did indeed know their stuff, they were not affiliated with an official law enforcement investigation and therefore, were ripe for ridicule, ripe for what we now KNOW was UNWARRANTED ridicule.

Now, to the questions regarding the long form birth certificate which MUST be asked, AGAIN, because of the OFFICIAL LAW ENFORCEMENT INVESTIGATION, conducted by the office of Sheriff Joe Arpaio in Maricopa County Arizona.

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Why Sheriff Joe’s Finding Are SO Important

This afternoon, the much awaited results of Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s Cold Case Posse were made known. Arpaio presented the evidence to a room full of reporters and used a multi-media presentation to show the process.

Without going into detail, the results were not all that surprising as we already suspected what we learned.

Regarding Obama’s birth certificate, the Cold Case Posse utilized forensic document experts to show HOW it was created. The document was indeed layered but, by showing a control document, the experts were able to explain how a computer scan will layer, in more than 100 layers, such a document.

Those layers are random. A computer scan will take portions of a given document randomly and layer them together until the full document is processed. A bit here, a parcel there, no rhyme no reason.

Obama’s birth certificate, on the other hand, contained only 9 layers. That, while not at all consistent with a computer scan of a document, was not the real surprise. In those 9 layers, each layer contained a perfectly logical order.

For instance, all the names were on one layer. All the dates were on one layer. All the information of any certain topic was contained in its own layer.

This simply never happens with a computer scan. In fact, according to forensic document experts, the ONLY way that happens if a human is controlling the creation of the document.

The conclusion regarding the birth certificate was that it is 100% fraudulent.

Much the same techniques and processes with a few differences created Obama’s Selective Service card. It simply did not match, in appearance or standard date stamps used in 1980 to a real, authentic Selective Service card.

The Card also was found to be 100% fraudulent.

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For the first time, a law enforcement officer has investigated Obama’s eligibility.

Today, Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio, released his findings in a Phoenix news conference. Arpaio has had his cold case posse hot on the trail regarding the eligibility issues surrounding Obama and scoffed at by liberals.

These are essentially, the same issues brought forward late last month in Georgia. In that hearing, as we all know, neither Obama nor his attorney bothered to show up, no evidence on his behalf was presented and no witnesses supporting Obama’s claims were on hand.

Even given that, the judge, Malihi, some 10 days later, rendered a decision in Obama’s favor.

Now, more states are joining the cause related to eligibility and we, at The National Patriot, have been covering their efforts.

Sheriff Joe has promised to get to the bottom of the matter and, recently, has stated that some of his findings will be quite surprising. In what way, we don’t know. How close to the bottom did he and his posse get? We don’t yet know.

Our thanks to WND for their live stream of this event. The following, is our blow by blow account of Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s press conference:


Chatter ahead of Arpaio’s arrival…someone stating that the DOJ was not allowed to attend the press conference.

Phoenix local TV is in attendance.

Initial findings to be made public. Leader of cold case posse to provide details. J. Corsi in attendance. Computer specialist and document specialist is there.

(live stream is somewhat choppy)

Birth Certificate layered by computer. Green safety background added in final layer. 9 layers in all. White halo not cause by optimization. White halo is of unknown causes but not by optimization. Layers found in Obama’s cert not in line with expected results of real document.

Conclusion is that Obama’s “official” cert was built by computer via human logic and not random computer processes.

Green safety paper would have had to be applied by computer and doesn’t fill in where other fonts are present…only in black spaces.

Conclusion: Obama’s long form birth certificate is not authentic. By using a control document, clear differences were made apparent.

100% certainty that OCS software was not used as was claimed by Obama.

OCR software used.

Optimization produces very different results on control docs than on Obama’s cert. Low number of layers indicate simple production. Many layers indicate random computer organization without logic or order.

Obama’s cert contains only 9 layers and those layers are in logical and complete order. Example…All date stamps and registrars stamp are in a single layer and imported from an unknown source. That would not happen in a random computer order.

Document is a fraud. Document failed every test it was subjected to by experts in documents, forensics and computers.

Speculation Obama was born in Kenya.

Any flight coming into Hawaii would have a manifest but they don’t exist any longer. National archives have microfilm INS copies of everyone who entered the US during that time. 10 years of records.

Aug 1-7 1961 records had disappeared from microfilm records.

No explanation given by INS.

No way to make a determination if Obama and mother came into US at the time they claimed.

Selective Service Card

Was Selective Service registration card received when it has been claimed?

Standard pica stamp used. Not the correct stamp used by the post office where Obama supposedly turned in his card. Obama’s card shows a 2 number date stamp but all others from the post office use a 4 number date stamp.

Card of Obama’s Selective Service shows CLEAR differences from authentic cards from the same time.

Conclusion: Obama’s Selective Service card from 1980 is a fraud.

No ligit birth certificate, no authentic selective service card. No proof from what Obama has produced can prove he was born in Hawaii.


Sworn affidavits available from many.

Example: Government employee introduced Obama to Bill Ayers as a foreign student trying to get financial aid.


Corsi –

Expresses sympathy for the passing of Andrew Breitbart.

Says interview was arranged last night for Breitbart with Arpaio…perhaps his last interview.

Corsi invited last August to give presentation in AZ and ask Arpaio to take on this investigation…That led to the cold case posse investigation.

Corsi aided investigation with as much info as he possessed. Investigators were not jumping at the chance to undertake this case.

Corsi agreed to continue his research and turn it over to the posse without first publishing his findings and he did NOT take part in any decision making BY the posse.

Sheriff Joe and his Cold Case posse have utilized a great deal of experts in the fields of computer graphics, computer and document forensics and researchers to arrive at today’s conclusions.

Again…According to Sheriff Joe Arpaio, his cold case posse and the investigators and experts employed to pour through the available information, Obama’s birth certificate is a fraud as is his selective service card.

The microfilm regarding the dates of claimed arrival into the country by Obama and Obama’s mother have disappeared.

Forgery and fraud are implied by the examination of these documents.

Arpaio promises to continue his investigation. Arpaio makes clear that he is NOT claiming OBAMA forged these documents only that they DO seem to be forged and the White House and Obama have attested that the certificate in question is authentic.

Reporters are angry and snapping at Arpaio over his investigation and posse findings. Accusing Arpaio of a vandetta or some such thing. Reporters are incredulous over the findings and are now questing the political affiliations of the lead investigator of the cold case posse.


Why Arpaio’s Findings Are SO Important!!