Cos and Effect – Bill Hypocritical on Trayvon

To quote the words of Eddie Murphy as he was imitating Richard Prior, “Tell Bill I said have a coke and a smile and shut the &^@$ up.”

What that line was in reference to was a skit wherein Bill Cosby called Eddie Murphy to criticize his comedy style.  Eddie Murphy then recounts a conversation he had with Richard Prior about the subject.

However, the line is just as appropriate when you consider Bill Cosby’s latest comment regarding the Trayvon Martin shooting.  “When you carry a gun, you mean to harm somebody, kill somebody.”  Let that sink in for a moment.

I am a gun owner as are, I suspect, many of you reading this.  I can say first-hand that my carrying of a gun has never meant I mean to harm somebody or kill somebody.  What it has meant to me was self-defense.  The simple act of carrying a gun gives me peace of mind.  When deployed, I would carry a gun, as would all military members (and some civilians) around me.  Not one person has ever given me pause to think they are intending to kill someone or do someone harm.  In fact, the reason to carry is gun is to prevent harm, or should someone intend to do me or others around me harm, I can answer back with lethal force.

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Are you part of the 42%?

Are you part of the 42%?  If you are, then you are rightly upset by all the rhetoric coming out of the incumbent’s administration and the talking heads on media.  If you are not part of the 42%, then consider yourself lucky.  For the all of you who are wondering what I am talking about, grab a beer, some popcorn and your calculator and read on…

Oh, and I refuse to use the man’s name when referring to the person occupying the seat of President.  I respect the office of the President, as one should.  I do not respect the man or his ideology.

Ok… So… Unemployment is at 8.2%. However, 88 MILLION people are not in the work force. Let’s compile some numbers here (according to the CIA World Factbook)…

  • US Population: 313.8 million (2012 abstract based on 2010 census and data derived comparing previous census data)
  • Population of working age (15-64): 209.2 million
  • Population NOT working: 88 million

And what is the “official” unemployment percentage? 8.2%.  That means that officially, ONLY 17.2 million people are not working.  Hmmmm  Does not add up.  What is the real percentage based on the numbers above?  Well, using the numbers above, you get a percentage of…wait for it…42%. Yes. 42% of people are not in the work force, according to those numbers. And I TRIED to use round numbers of the extrapolated numbers to be as generous as possible, but I am not willing to spin numbers for any reason.  I deal in fact, and the fact is our country is a LOT worse off than our government handlers are letting on.

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They Want Us to Fight Each Other

Ok folks.  Shadow here.  I know it has been a while, but I have been busy taking a class (US History, and it is surprisingly free of liberal bias) and getting ready for Christmas with my family.  Yes you libs reading this, I said CHRISTMAS.  If that offends, so what.  Go read Politico.  If you are here to learn something, then read on.

Obama is losing his base.  In 2008, 66% of young voters gave the nod to Obama.  That is a pretty wide margin, and probably lead to Obama being elected, though his competition was pretty weak and people were sick of Bush…but the youth vote sure did help.  However, a news article from US News states those very same voters say he is likely to LOSE.  That is a serious blow to Obama, who has done nothing but lie his way through office when he wasn’t on vacation.

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Shadow Patriot’s Rant and No Apology For It

The US does NOT apologize…  I just read an article about how Japan refused an apology from Mr. Obama  (I refuse to disrespect the office of the President by using the title on such as him).

When is our apologizer in chief going to get a clue?  We DON’T APOLOGIZE.  Not that we don’t acknowledge when we do wrong.  I have seen firsthand how even our military does the right thing when we get it wrong.  I have witnessed many military operations and there have been some where we have (RARELY) actioned against the wrong house in search of terrorists in Iraq and Afghanistan.  Once the team discovers they have the wrong house, they apologize through the translator and pay the owner for the damage as well as the hassle we caused.  You know why?  It is fair.

Did the US apologize to Libya when Reagan ordered the bombing?  NO.  You want to know why?  Qaddhafi (or however you spell his damned name) SPONSORED terrorism.  We got sick and tired of him doing his thing, and we slapped him back.  Yeah, I know, we nearly bombed the French Embassy, but the fools should have allowed us overflight.  At any rate, that event put Kaddhafi (there is that damned name again) on notice.  He only started playing ball with us when he was caught with his pants down twice importing duel use equipment (stuff used for both civilian and nuclear weapons programs), violating US trade embargoes.  For a few decades, things were OK.  Then he lost his mind at some point.  You know how I know that?  He very nearly caused an aneurism in one of his translators during a rambling address to the UN in New York on 23 September, 2009.  Hope you have your pillows, it is about 100 minutes long.

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What’s So Hard to Understand About “Illegal” in “Illegal Immigration?”

Shadow here.  I was perusing the DrudgeReport and came across an article regarding Alabama and their new anti-illegal rule.   I am applauding Alabama.  They managed to do something many states, most notably Arizona (who Mexico tried to sue… What???), were unable to do.  They passed their version of SB1070.  This is having a profound effect on the state as a whole.  Read more here.

So, I got more air to clear, and you can probably guess the subject matter by now:  Immigration.  Specifically, illegal immigration.

First of all, for some, the phrase “illegal immigration” tends to conjure up images of the poor Mexican immigrant wearing a poncho and a sombrero just trying to make ends meet.  While this may be true in some cases, there is a reason why “illegal immigration” isn’t written as “illegal MEXICAN immigration.”  It is written as “illegal immigration” because not only Mexicans immigrate to the US illegally!!  People from all over the world come here illegally, most maybe because they are looking for a better life or a life away from oppression.  Regardless of WHY they come here illegally, the fact is they broke our laws in doing so, and have affected the whole fabric of the United States in the following ways (not inclusive):

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Where government was supposed to occur

Ok, this is just a short entry.  Just enough to get some thoughts going, hopefully.

Our forefathers were brilliant.  They didn’t always get along, but they were brilliant.  They didn’t always get it right, but they saw that the articles of Confederation were too weak to be effective, and created the Constitution.  They knew that wasn’t perfect, but created a way to amend the Constitution.  In that regard, it can be seen as a living document, meaning having a means of change to adapt to what society wants over time.  It is NOT a living document in the sense that it can be reinterpreted over time and twisted to fit whatever agenda is being pursued without going through the appropriate formal amendment process.

Our forefathers knew that true government does NOT start at the top and filter down.  It was meant to be a local level event.  All the hammering out of legislation, true management, was to occur at the local level.  I am talking city level.  Concerns that could not be worked out were brought to the county level.  If those concerns could not be addressed at the county level, they were brought to the state level.  If the state could not work it out, they were brought to the national level.  The whole idea was to work things out at a local level, leaving the national government to work on things of national importance.  Those things were the items listed in Article 1, Section 8.

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Hello again folks, Shadow here!  And I want to talk to you about something that is guaranteed to make liberals wet their pants out of fear and a country boy to wet his pants out of excitement!  YES, I am talking about GUNS!!!  Or rather, my experiences and observations throughout my lifetime.  Don’t worry, it won’t take too long!

My first contact with a firearm was when I was about 12.  I was in Pennsylvania with my parents visiting some friends of theirs.  Those folks were loaded and had quite the collection of weapons of various calibers.  We had a “boys outing” with my brother, my stepfather and his friend we went to go visit.  That outing consisted of shooting stuff out in the middle of nowhere.  That was when I got the chance to fire my first 22 cal rifle.  Honestly, I don’t know how well I shot, but it was an interesting experience from the perspective of a boy who was always taught that guns were bad.  Yes, I grew up in the northeast, and you know how draconian some of those states can be.  Anyway, the day I shot the rifle was the day that I realized a gun doesn’t make someone bad, and that guns themselves have no capacity for evil.

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