Beware of Liberal Wolves Dressed as Shepherds

real 1When it comes to the next two elections, November 2014 and November 2016, we…as Conservatives, MUST get our priorities in line or we will not only lose those elections…we’ll lose this country.

When I say ‘priorities’ I mean our platform.

Simply put, we win on policy and we WILL lose on social issues.

I know there are some Conservatives out there reading this who will say I’m off base and that’s okay…they’re dead wrong.  They are entitled to their opinions but if they want to take this country back…back from liberals and their warped ideology of socialism leading to communism and back from the abyss of big government control of our lives and businesses and back from the brink of global disaster…They need to understand exactly what the real problems this nation faces ARE.

Right now, our southern border is wide open. Illegal aliens are flooding in by the hundreds of thousands and tens of thousands of those illegal aliens are children. Tens of thousands of them are infested with contagious diseases and Obama has our military acting as baby sitters while our agencies, originally put in place to protect our border are being tasked with being the taxi service that disperses these illegal aliens throughout OUR country rather than sending them back to THEIR countries.

It’s illegal. It’s human trafficking being carried out by our own government and it is a gross violation of our Constitution.

This is not a social issue…

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Weekend Edition: The Hagel Debacle – Unfit For Command

Former Senator, Chuck Hagel, underwent his confirmation hearing last week and it was, quite clearly, the worst performance of a nominee to any post I have ever seen.

It was abysmal.

Many, trying to be nice, say he was unprepared.

Those being honest say he is simply either not qualified or is, in fact, incompetent.

And then there is the socialist brain-trust.

NPR ran an article, “Hagel’s Hearing: 7 Things We Learned” and in it, they whine about the hearing being nothing but political and weep tears of disgust over how those mean, nasty and oh-so-partisan Republicans were bullying poor Chuck Hagel.

Perhaps NPR has, inadvertently, made a sound point.

It was political.

After watching and listening to Hagel during last week’s confirmation hearing, one thing jumped out at me and I’m sure, many of you as well.

What ARE his qualifications to become the Secretary of Defense???

According to Hagel himself…

“I volunteered for the draft and then volunteered to go to Vietnam after I received orders to go to Germany.”

Hagel Continued..

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