Ignore Trayvon? Move on? Old News? THINK AGAIN!!!

I would like to take a moment and address all of this Trayvon and Zimmerman nonsense.

I am seeing it all over social media and frankly, enough is enough.

I’m talking about all those who say there should be nothing more said regarding Trayvon and Zimmerman. They say we need to focus and while I agree, I am still at something of a loss.

Focus on what, exactly?

It seems every other post I see telling me to focus is telling me to focus on something different.

Focus on Benghazi…THAT is THE most important thing.

Focus on Obamacare. THAT is THE most important thing.

Focus on Obama’s records fraud. THAT is THE most important thing.

Focus on the IRS abuse of power.

Focus on the NRA.

Focus on agenda 21.

Focus on abortion.

Focus on Extortion 17.

Focus on this…Focus on THAT…

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Welcome to Trayvon’s World

Welcome to Trayvon’s world.

Trayvon’s world is populated by “creep ass crackers” and “niggas.”

In Trayvon’s world, the people HE associates with speak something THEY call, “Black English” and they don’t see anything racial about the term “creepy ass cracker.”

Trayvon himself smokes pot. He has pictures of himself doing it on his phone along with pictures of him holding a gun and giving those looking AT his pictures the middle finger.

Trayvon has been thrown out of school. Not once but twice and Trayvon has things that obviously don’t belong to him. He has women’s jewelry, lots of it, in his book bag.

Trayvon’s world was dominated by those who pimp race and have become purveyors of racial unrest. People like the “Rev.” Al Sharpton and the “Rev.” Jesse Jackson Junior. Such people only raise their heads and voices when there is race to be exploited. It’s a way to put their own names into the headlines and, they think, to justify their own existence.

Trayvon’s world has it’s own band of militants meant to intimidate others. The New Blackkk Panther Party. They make threats and act tough because they believe others will fear them. Fear equal respect in Trayvon’s world and it’s not earned, it comes in response to thuggery.

In Trayvon’s world, what matters is the color of your skin. Black is right and white is wrong.


 Trayvon respects those who feel as he does. He would have respected Obama. Obama, like Trayvon is black. Obama, like Trayvon was a drug user. Obama, like Trayvon cares more about the color of his skin than he does about anything else.

Obama has said…

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Cos and Effect – Bill Hypocritical on Trayvon

To quote the words of Eddie Murphy as he was imitating Richard Prior, “Tell Bill I said have a coke and a smile and shut the &^@$ up.”

What that line was in reference to was a skit wherein Bill Cosby called Eddie Murphy to criticize his comedy style.  Eddie Murphy then recounts a conversation he had with Richard Prior about the subject.

However, the line is just as appropriate when you consider Bill Cosby’s latest comment regarding the Trayvon Martin shooting.  “When you carry a gun, you mean to harm somebody, kill somebody.”  Let that sink in for a moment.

I am a gun owner as are, I suspect, many of you reading this.  I can say first-hand that my carrying of a gun has never meant I mean to harm somebody or kill somebody.  What it has meant to me was self-defense.  The simple act of carrying a gun gives me peace of mind.  When deployed, I would carry a gun, as would all military members (and some civilians) around me.  Not one person has ever given me pause to think they are intending to kill someone or do someone harm.  In fact, the reason to carry is gun is to prevent harm, or should someone intend to do me or others around me harm, I can answer back with lethal force.

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