The Scandals are Real – Obama’s the Phony

scan 1Remember the good ol’ days of the Obama regime?

Me either but there WERE days when things were not as they are today. Mainly because they were the earliest days of the regime and the Dictator hadn’t the time yet to extend his special brand of Muslim and socialist corruption far and wide.

Before he was even elected back in 2008, there were those of us who were wondering exactly who this guy was?

Barack Hussein Obama…there were plenty of indications back THEN that he wasn’t who he said he was…an American citizen. Old book jackets said he was born in Kenya. The Kenyan GOVERNMENT said he was born in Kenya.

There were no college records we were allowed to see…no thesis we were allowed to read…nobody knew who financed his upper class education, and where-oh-where was his BIRTH CERTIFICATE???

Well…he cleared it all up by RELEASING his birth certificate didn’t he? You know…the one that was proven to be a fake by people who understood exactly how to fake that sort of thing and then by a law enforcement investigation that also proved his social security number is fraudulent and so is his selective service registration but…those were the good ol’ days of the regime.

What followed has been nothing short of a cascade of corruption flowing down from what was purported to be the “most transparent administration in history.”

Fast and Furious…

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Obama’s Eligibility…Not One Shred of Authentic Verifiable Evidence

In the wake of Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s press conference regarding his Cold Case Posse’s investigation into Obama’s documents, we are left with some questions.

These questions are NOT new questions but they bear asking again and now, since an official law enforcement agency has finally investigated and issued a report, perhaps these questions gain in validity.

Yes, many others have raised these questions and rightfully so. The questions began nearly 4 years ago but, for the sake of sticking to the documents in question, we will confine our points to questions raised within the last year.

On April 25th 2011, Obama “released” his “official certificate of live birth” in a press conference from the white house briefing room. Nearly immediately, those who knew of such things as computers, graphics, layering and such, called into question the process employed in creating this birth certificate.

Not for a minute should their efforts be discounted in questioning the validity of it. Indeed, they set the stage for this official law enforcement investigation and without doubt, they deserve credit for their work. The difference is, while they did indeed know their stuff, they were not affiliated with an official law enforcement investigation and therefore, were ripe for ridicule, ripe for what we now KNOW was UNWARRANTED ridicule.

Now, to the questions regarding the long form birth certificate which MUST be asked, AGAIN, because of the OFFICIAL LAW ENFORCEMENT INVESTIGATION, conducted by the office of Sheriff Joe Arpaio in Maricopa County Arizona.

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