URGENT!!! Amerika…THIS is Your Final Warning!!!

Are you awake yet Amerika???

That is NOT a typo.

I’m talking to YOU…Citizens of the Socialist Banana Republik of the Former United States.

Some of you, far too many, have been hitting the snooze button for far, FAR too long.


Are you awake…YET???

Yesterday, in what was surely the strangest press conference I have ever seen held by a president…One masquerading as one made some EAR SHATTERING announcements.

Ear shattering only if you aren’t DEAF to the sound of a nation’s destruction.

Normally, appointing Joe Biden to do ANYTHING would be a laughing matter but, this simply isn’t funny.

Biden has been put in charge of Obama’s commission to end gun violence.

The reason this isn’t at all laughable is because Biden couldn’t lead anyone’s way out of a wet paper sack and Obama damned well knows it.

Biden, therefore, is nothing but a figurehead and future pavement under a Canadian made bus should anything go wrong.

The entire commission, whoever should be appointed to it is a sham.

To be succinct…This panel or commission or board…Whatever it ends up being labeled…Is nothing different from the group of scum who drew up the Sharia law “constitution” for Morsi in Egypt.

It’s a kangaroo committee.

Make no mistake…The Emperor means to disarm Amerika and lay waste to the 2nd Amendment.

Allow me to connect a few dots and decode a couple of things from yesterday’s presser.

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More Gun Control? Shut The Hell Up!!!

Okay socialists…The topic is gun control.

You want to have that conversation???

Okay we’ll HAVE that conversation.

I’ll start.


As I rather doubt you will take that advice, I’ll continue.

No…We’re NOT giving up our guns OR our 2nd Amendment rights. It’s not gonna happen.

Hollywood socialists…YOU seemed MORE than giddy as YOU tweeted YOUR demands for more and more gun control in the wake of what happened last Friday in a small Connecticut town.


YOU want more gun control???

YOU make BILLIONS of dollars every year off of movies that make GUNS look WAY TOO COOL. The way you hold them sideways…probably couldn’t hit the broadside of a barn doing that but…THAT’S the way all the GANG BANGERS hold THEIR guns today…ISN’T IT???

You Hollywood sorts like to show the bullets in super slow motion. Why? SO PEOPLE CAN OOOO AND AHHH OVER THEM AS THEY HEAD FOR THEIR INTENDED HUMAN TARGETS!!! That’s why.

I’m willing to bet, without guns…Hollywood’s income would have been less than 25% of what it has been, over the history of movies WITH THEM.

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Weekend Edition: Newtown CT – Idyllic, Horrific, Courageous

I have never been to Newtown Connecticut…Never even heard of it until last Friday.

In my mind, I can picture it now. I have no idea how accurate my mind’s eye might be but, let me share it with you.

Last Thursday…

Newtown Connecticut was the 21st century equivalent to a Norman Rockwell painting.

It’s mid-December. The colorful leave have fallen, been raked up and taken away but, the sky is a vivid blue.

Newtown, last Thursday, was a clean small town full of cheer.

It’s a place where the owners of stores and shops unlock the door in the morning and those owners work behind the counters during the day. Owners, not managers or corporate employees. Owners who hire their friend’s kids to work after school or on weekends.

Newtown Connecticut…A place where everybody in town actually KNOWS the Mayor and the Mayor knows everybody in town whether or not they voted for him.

Last Thursday, in Newtown, it didn’t matter where you went…To the market, the salon, a bakery or the gas station, the same questions would be asked.

“How are you this morning?”

“What can I get for you this afternoon?

“Are you going to the school concert tonight?”

The concert…

Everybody ALWAYS went to the Christmas concert at the school. That’s where the Sandy Hook Elementary School 4th graders performed.

When Norman Rockwell painted Saturday Evening Post covers, there may have been a few photos taken before or after such a concert but today…cell phone videos are made by almost everybody in the audience.

The audience…

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Another School Shooting and the Liberal Double Standard

There could be no more clear an illustration of the double standard of liberals or their mouthpieces such as the ACLU that the horrible turn of events in Ohio this morning.

Chardon High School was the scene of terror. It was around 8:15 local time this morning, while students were preparing for their first classes of the day, many eating breakfast in the cafeteria, that a student with a gun opened fire inside the school.

We don’t know much yet but we do know the gunman fled and was caught off the school grounds. We know 5 students were wounded.

We now know that 1 has died of those injuries.

The students have been released to their parents.

We also know, via various reports from some students, that the gunman had, through social media, made threats over the weekend.

Here is something else we now know.

The Superintendent of Schools there has stated there will be a candlelight vigil, tomorrow evening, at a church across the street from the school.

Liberals, their mouthpieces, the ACLU…none of them will utter a word.

A candlelight vigil, for students, at a church.

Let a prayer be uttered at a high school graduation and all hell would break loose. Let a student athlete point to the heavens upon scoring a touchdown or hitting a homer, well, the student would be penalized and the fallout wouldn’t be pretty.

A school choir singing the praises of Allah is fine but let a school choir, even an extra curriculum choir sing of praising Jesus?

No way.

All those things are fair game to liberals, their mouthpieces and the ACLU.

Students, meeting in a church, to pray about the previously day’s tragic happenings?

That will be met with silence.

All of these things, relating to prayer or Christianity in schools should be met in the exact same manner.


Liberals, their mouthpieces and the ACLU love to pipe up about separation of church and state. They love to sow the seeds of offense. If you PRAY…You will OFFEND those who don’t. You’ll OFFEND those who might hold a different belief OTHER than Christianity.

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