Weekend Edition: Obamacare Slapping Liberals With Reality

When it comes to Obamacare and, Obama himself, there is a very telling quote out there from Dr. John C. Drew.

Drew was introduced, by his girlfriend, Caroline Boss, to Obama back in 1980 at Occidental College at a time when Drew himself had just given up the idea that a communist America was possible.

The college student, Drew, had converted. He no longer believed that communism in America could work.

Here is what the now, political scientist and PHD said of Obama in 2010:

“The young Obama was a garden variety Marxist-Leninist. He and Boss and his sophomore year roommate, Hasan Chandoo, believed that social forces where creating an inevitable Communist revolution in the U.S. and that it was important to have a highly trained elite of educated leaders guide this revolutionary process and oversee it once the revolution took place. Remember, this was at the height of the Cold War in 1980. Ronald Reagan had just been elected president and the USSR was still our mortal enemy.”

That quote will not be so important about what it “reveals” regarding Obama’s ideology to those of us who have known it all along but…

It is the last part of the quote and, the date, that will come as a startling revelation to those who have ignored the lessons of history.

Allow me to explain.

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The Day We Discovered Reagan Wasn’t Bulletproof

It was a sunny Monday and I was a Junior at the University of Nebraska. I’ll never forget that day, March 30th, 1981.

I had arrived at my Econ 101 class a few minutes early, I suppose around 12:20pm. It was a 12:30 class. I had stopped at the vending machine in the hall, as normal, and was drinking a Pepsi and chatting with classmates.

I checked my watch and noted to the guy sitting next to me that Professor Reiffler was late. Reiffler was never late but, it had only been a few minutes so, no big deal, I thought.

Reiffler entered the auditorium from the front as he always did at 12:35pm, went straight to the lectern and made the announcement.

“I am cancelling today’s class. I suggest you all find the closest TV and watch the news. President Reagan was shot just a few minutes ago. Again, I am canc…”

He didn’t need to tell me twice. Nor for that matter, did he need to tell anyone more than once. Before Professor Reiffler could finish his sentence, I, and better than 100 others, were out the door.

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