The Image says it all.

Mitt Romney has officially chosen Wisconsin’s Paul Ryan to round out the Republican Ticket.

This is a GREAT choice.

Paul Ryan, the 28 year old wiz kid who became a Congressman from Wisconsin 14 years ago is now the 42 year old budget genius who will, in a couple of weeks, become the Vice Presidential nominee!!!

Yesterday, on Right and Wrong Radio with John Matthews, I said that, from the short, short list, if Romney wanted to refocus the dialogue and the discussion on the issues that matter the most in this election…The economy, unemployment, jobs and the deficit…Paul Ryan would be THE best VP choice.

While the Obama campaign flounder about trying to talk about anything BUT the issues…

A Romney/Ryan ticket will HAMMER on those issues AND on Obama’s FAILURES regarding those issues!!!

Paul Ryan has put forth budget proposal after budget proposal which have been passed by the house only to be referred to as DOA and put on dusty back shelves by Harry Reid in the senate and never voted upon there.

Contrast that to OBAMA’S budget proposals which HAVE been voted on in the senate and have NEVER RECEIVED A SINGLE VOTE!!!

Mitt Romney, in the 80 some odd days leading up to the election will highlight America’s future greatness while Paul Ryan will focus on Obama’s 4 years of economic failure.

That is a 2 front plan while Obama has…nothing.

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