FDA Should Be Crying Over Spilled Milk

First, they went after the Amish…and spilled the milk.

Now they’ve gone after a private raw food group…and cut the cheese.

Watch out, all producers of natural food, the FDA nannies are on their way to plan a sting operation on your small family business! And we, the taxpayers, have paid for one-year investigations into these providers of raw products to knowledgeable and informed buyers!!

What I have learned from these raids is that it is legal to sell these raw products in 10 states, illegal in 11 and DC – but it is the Feds who enforce it through their thugs in the Food and Drug Administration! That means that even if you live in a state where it is legal, you get to foot the bill for these bureaucrats and their teams of law enforcement personnel to pose as purchasers for more than a year (“to gather evidence”) and then obtain warrants and raid Amish farms! Hmmmm – aren’t there more important uses for our taxpayer dollars and the time of our law enforcement officers?

And why, as consumers, are we being denied the right to eat what we want? I wonder how long it will be before they come knocking on our doors to inspect the contents of our refrigerators for contraband raw milk and fresh cheese…

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