More Anti-Gun Laws? To Combat TERRORISM???

By Craig Andresen – The National Patriot and Right Side Patriots

ft 1Illinois Democrat Rep. Jan Schakowsky was doing a radio interview a few days ago and she tried to make a case that was devoid of logic and any aspect of intelligence.

Before I continue, allow me to point out that Schakowsky is a congresswoman, from ILLINOIS and that IS important to this article.

Schakowsky’s inane point was this…because of the recent terrorist, the recent ISLAMIC terrorist attacks in Paris…we should adopt stricter GUN CONTROL laws in OUR country.

Here’s what she had to say on the matter…

“Obviously it is frightening for every western country, but I do want to remind you that before we killed a jihadist named Awlaki, he did a video that said to Americans, ‘Join the jihad and get guns,’ because it’s so easy in the United States of America to get a weapon. And that ought to be a chilling reminder because, aside from blowing themselves up, which is of course is not about small weapons. These people used the kinds of weapons that are still available in the United States of America. I think it ought cause us to have another consideration of sensible gun safety laws.”

You have got to be kidding me…

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More Lipstick for the Islamic Pig

mus 1Liberals and socialists, as we all know, get their little panties in a wad anytime religion enters our schools.

Say “Under God” in the pledge and liberals get an instant wedgie. Point to the sky after scoring a touchdown in a high school game and liberals have kittens. Say a prayer, read a bible during open reading time, mention the Almighty during a graduation…liberals and socialists are fit to be tied, lawsuits are filed, the Uncivil Liberties Union goes on a rampage and the whole world must stop until the situation is resolved.

Hell, they have been known to take their wadded panty cases all the way to the Supreme Court.


Let ISLAM drift into the curriculum and all you hear from the left side of the aisle is…crickets.

Liberals and socialists, those running nearly all government centers of indoctrination will bend over backwards to tell you that ISLAM is the RELIGION of peace. They well run about screeching like a turpentined cat telling you that RELIGION is VERBOTEN in our schools and then…liberals and socialists will CRAM their “RELIGION” of peace down the throats of your children AT SCHOOL.

Just look at what is transpiring right now in Jenison, Michigan at a government center of youth indoctrination…

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Friday Fume

So…We finally track down bin Laden’s son in Jordan and been LYIN’S crew IMMEDIATELY reads the TERRORIST his…RIGHTS?????


The DICTATOR has locked the peasants out of the palace because of the sequester…One assumes because he doesn’t want anyone to accidentally stumble upon the Queen’s 27 personal hand maidens.

And socialist senator, Chris Murphy fired off an angry letter to NASCAR trying to get the racing organization to drop an NRA sponsorship of a race in…TEXAS…of all places.

“Whether or not this was your intention, your fans will infer from this sponsorship that NASCAR and the NRA are allies in the current legislative debate over gun violence.”


Has this dip from Connecticut ever SEEN NASCAR fans and…HAS HE EVER BEEN TO TEXAS?????

If I was the head of NASCAR…I’d send this Murphy pants wetting ninny a letter asking if he could help get the Newtown Kids Choir to sing the anthem before the race since they’ve been used as props everywhere else.

Yep…It’s been quite a week of socialists on parade hasn’t it?

What do ya say we wrap it up with a few laughs? Today is Friday my patriot friends and…

I’m fuming.

Oh dear…

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On Principle and In Fact, AKIN MUST GO!!!


In The most important election since 1860, a great deal is at stake.

To be clear, it’s not just the white house.

In order to start the process of taking our nation back, restoring the principles of our founders and framers, congress is equally as important as the presidency.

With the House currently controlled by conservatives, the urgency to keep it that way is pressing.

Also pressing is the need to swing control of the Senate from a liberal majority to a conservative majority.

There seems to be little doubt as to the House remaining in the control of conservatives but, each and every seat up for grabs in the Senate is crucial.

There is something else of a crucial nature which must be brought forward.

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