Who Knew…When…And Why Didn’t Anybody Try To Stop It?

Joe Paterno knew. He knew about Jerry Sandusky. Paterno knew back in 1998 that Sandusky was being investigated on charges of child molestation and he knew in 2002 when Mike McQueary told him what he witnessed in the shower room. Paterno knew and all he did was kick it a rung or two up the ladder. Paterno told the Penn State Athletic Director and the school’s Vice President.

If McQueary knew and Paterno knew, and Curley and Schultz knew…so did a lot of other people. Graham Spanier, the school’s President knew. He’s the former President now.

It’s impossible to believe that, among a coaching staff which works so closely together every day, they didn’t all know.

A Pennsylvania DA who had investigated Sandusky back in 1998 vanished in 2005. Vanished, never to be seen or heard from again and has now been declared legally dead but no trace of his body has been found either. That DA knew.

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Is Penn State a Microcosm of Today’s Society?

When the Rule of Law Falls Beneath the Code of Morals

While we at The National Patriot do not venture off the political stage I am hoping you, our fine readers, will allow something of an exception here.

For more than 40 years, one man has either paced the sidelines or led from the box in Penn State. He has become the most successful coach in college football history. Joe Paterno and his career seem to be finished due to a sex scandal at that school.

Allow me for a moment to add some personal disclosure here. I grew up in Lincoln, Nebraska, and to this day, I am a true dyed in the wool Husker fan. I was attending the University of Nebraska back in the early 1980s when one of the most contentious games ever played between the Huskers and Penn State took place. Penn State won that game with the assistance of a couple of the worst calls ever seen by the officials.

Decades later, Graham Spanier, the current President of Penn State, was the President of the University of Nebraska.

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