About That Letter of Apology…

By Craig Andresen – Right Side Patriots on American Political Radio

A few days ago, Valley High School faced off against Des Moines North in an Iowa High School State Basketball Tournament game.

Valley won that hard-fought game, at least, they won it on the scoreboard…but elsewhere, they lost it big-time.

You see…it is something of a tradition at Valley High School, that when they play in the state tourney, their fans forego the school’s colors of black and orange, and instead wear red, white and blue as inspiration, cheering on their team to something greater than just a high school behind where the weathermen stands.

It is Iowa, after all, in the heartland of the nation where patriotism grows like crops in the fields and pride in one’s country is as natural, and normal, as going to the movies on a Friday night.

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Rebel Flag Flap…Let it Fly

By Craig Andresen – The National Patriot and Right Side Patriots on cprworldwidemedia.net

rf 1Did Nikki Haley really cave to political correctness in now agreeing that the Confederate flag be taken down from the South Carolina statehouse?

And why are Conservatives all bent over that flag being taken down?

There are plenty of people out there turning themselves inside out trying to make a case for leaving that flag flying and they’re using the flag’s design to justify it.

I have seen thousands of comments and posts regarding the Confederate flag over the last week or so and many of them are along these lines…“Neither the design nor the content of the flag has anything to do with racism, slavery, hatred or white supremacy. Nothing.”

That of course, is correct…there IS nothing in the DESIGN of the Confederate flag that denotes racism. But…is the design of the rebel flag all there is to it?

Look…I know about the Confederate flag design…

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If You’re Not OFFENDED…You’re Not a LIBERAL

They are among us.

They walk, sleep, eat and live among us and, at a glance, they look like us but, they are another breed altogether.


You know who I’m talking about.

Certain segments of many different demographics.

Gays, Liberals, Muslims, PETA people, Anti-Gun Nuts, Black people to whom being black is more important than being people, Illegal Aliens, Atheists, Feminists, tree huggers, global warming alarmists…

THEY know who they are…Any group or seemingly unrelated individuals who act in concert while claiming to all be unique…together…

The TERMINALLY offended.

One would think, the way they carry on about this, and that, that they are on the verge of ceasing to fog a mirror should YOUR behavior not change and, change RADICALLY.

A subset of the terminally offended are those who are…

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In a not at all surprising move yesterday, Russia and China, both vitriolic supporters of Assad, got up and walked OUT of a U.N. Security Council meeting regarding Syria and the impending military strike Obama is desperate to make.


Their position is clear and that’s not good news for the U.N. puppet, Obama.

He will NOT have the authorization of his beloved union of despots, thugs and thieves to launch attacks on Syria but…Will he have the authorization of his own CONGRESS?

Ahhhhh…That is the question.

Obama and HIS regime say that the impending strikes are not about regime change in SYRIA.


He HAS to make that claim, for doing otherwise, would be announcing his transparent support of al Qaeda and other terrorist entities in yet another sovereign nation.

He did it in Libya and covered it up.

He did it in Egypt and cloaked it in a “democratic election.”

He did it in Iraq and Afghanistan by announcing our retreat.

He did it in Iran by NOT interfering when pro-democracy protesters were massacred there.

Now, by aiding and trying to supply al Qaeda, Ansar al-Sharia and other such ilk in Syria, he intends to assist those terrorist groups by striking Syria with Tomahawk cruise missiles.

Obama wants to attack…

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