Dying to Vote This Year?

Well, well. This will come as no surprise, great or otherwise, to conservatives but  it is sure to have liberals heads bursting as they search haplessly for a way to apply spin.

In the New Hampshire primary, just a couple of days ago, dead people were allowed to vote.

Think what you will of James O’Keefe, like him or hate him, he has a way of digging to the bottom of the barrel to get to the tactics of liberals.

O’Keefe, who exposed ACORN and others, has now shed the light of truth on voting practices in New Hampshire.

O’Keefe sent people into the polling places and had them state a certain name. The name of someone deceased.

Yep. They were registered to vote.

In each case, according to O’Keefe, the person asking for the ballot also offered to show ID.

In each case, the person was told no ID was necessary and yes, they WERE indeed given the ballot.

O’Keefe’s people did not vote. They walked out of the polling places without casting the ballot.

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Bachmann’s Campaign Falling Apart?

Well, it seems Michele Bachmann’s quest and campaign are nearly finished. Reports are filtering in that her entire paid staff in New Hampshire, the location of the 1st in the Nation Primary, has quit.

It seems to be true that all 6 of the staff she has had in New Hampshire have walked out the door. Bachmann has been laser focused on Iowa and that may well be the reason.

According to New Hampshire State Legislator, Fran Wendelboe, “It certainly underscores the impression that New Hampshire isn’t a priority for her. She’s totally written us off.”

Early reports claim the staff was citing a lack of focus on New Hampshire as their reason for locking the door behind them.

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