American Sniper, Chris Kyle and Liberal Loathing

By Craig Andresen – The National Patriot and Right Side Patriots on

chris 1On December 2nd, 2013, Eddie Ray Routh reportedly told his sister and brother in law that he had sold his soul for a new truck.

Those were his words apparently…”I sold my soul for a new truck.”

The pickup he was driving wasn’t his. It belonged to someone else and Routh’s sister and brother in law called the police.

The trial of Eddie Ray Routh begins next month and he’s on trial for murder.

It’s not going to be one of those ‘IF’ trials…it’s a ‘WHY’ trial as Routh has admitted what he did…we just don’t know why he did it. We all want to know…why?

Why did a troubled Marine who had brushed in and out of mental care shoot and kill Chad Littlefield and Chris Kyle? They were trying to help Routh. They were there for him to talk, work things out, ease Routh back into the world and provide him with friendship he could lean on.

But that’s not how it ended up.

It ended on that early December day when Routh, at a gun range near Chalk Texas, shot and killed Littlefield and Chris Kyle and then took Kyle’s truck and drove to his sister’s home. She asked about the pickup according to reports. Where did he get it? WHEN did he get it. How…did he get it?

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Weekend Edition: Remembering The Hero of Benghazi

Somewhere in the home of Charles Woods there is an American Flag.

That Flag has been crisply folded, by United States Marines, into a triangle.

Only the stars are showing.

Most likely, that folded Flag is in a frame. It might be made of oak or, perhaps walnut.

Charles Woods may have placed that Flag where it can be seen by all who enter his home or, he may have placed it in a more private place. A study or a home office.

Make no mistake though. That Flag is there.

For the rest of his life, Charles Woods will have that Flag but not his son.

American Flags, crisply folded by United States Marines are for Heroes.

I suspect, like most Heroes, Tyrone Woods would not use that label to describe himself.

Tyrone Woods would, most likely, tell you he was just doing his job.

What job was Tyrone Woods doing when he earned that crisply folded Flag?

Well, from what we know now. It went something like this.

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