We Have Officially Gone Over the Sanity Cliff

Maybe the Mayans were right and we’re all too apathetic to notice that the world really has come to an end.

We are no longer facing the fiscal cliff…We’ve officially gone over it, for now. Today, maybe tomorrow or perhaps later in the week, the House will attempt something only seen previously in cartoons…Hanging in mid-air, turning around and trying to run back to safety before gravity sets in.

Last night, the senate passed a sort of, almost, not really fix for the fiscal crisis in that it included no spending cuts, doesn’t deal at all with sequester and only raises taxes on those making $400k per year.

The house hasn’t voted yet, and they might not like it at all since they didn’t like it when the tax hikes hit those making a million or more.

Given the fact that congress has a single digit approval rating, they waited until AFTER the last minute to do anything on this fiscal cliff issue and the senate hasn’t passed a budget in 1400 days or so…

Naturally they all deserve a raise.


I mean, we’re now 16.4 TRILLION dollars in debt, taxes are going up, spending is NOT going down and Congress  is basically waiving the white flag so…Obama signs an executive order giving them all a raise.

That ONLY makes sense if the world actually HAS ended…Right?

$16.4 trillion dollars in debt…

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