Did Cornered Obama Launch a Preemptive Strike?

Over the last several days, we have seen an uptick in the rhetoric from the Obama campaign and it’s all personal attacks against Mitt Romney.


We fully expected that during this campaign and, we fully expect it not only to continue but, to get worse.

Lots worse.

We know Obama can’t run on his record and we know he’ll try to swing the topic away from things like jobs, unemployment, the debt, the economy, raising taxes and just about any part of his record or administration one cares to mention.

But what has transpired in the past few days may well be being mischaracterized by almost everybody in the press and the blogosphere.

What we are hearing most often are words and phrases like…”Jumped the shark” and “desperation.

Here’s what is leading to what could well be the biggest missed foreshadowing in recent history.

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“Birth Certificate” a Distraction leading to an Undoing

Sometimes, what we know NOW as opposed to what we knew THEN can make a great deal of difference in clearing the picture.

I have suggested, for some time now, that anything this administration does, in a big way, is cover for something else. We need look no further back than a year ago to see this in what may well be its pinnacle usage.

I would also suggest, this is how Obama has painted himself into a corner.

It was one year ago, yesterday, that Obama made a big deal of releasing his “Birth Certificate.” He held a press conference. He showed it off. He said it was his, it was real and it would end any questions about it.

It was, as we know NOW, not his, not real and certainly did not end any questions about it.

Obama, it seems, didn’t take Sheriff Joe Arpaio into account.

I’ll get back to that.

The one question I asked the day he released that “birth certificate” and one that was asked by many was: Why then?

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