Liberals…Glass Houses and Dancing Doofi

By Craig Andresen – Right Side Patriots on American Political Radio

You know what they say…

Those who live in glass houses…will have many dead birds at their foundations.

While liberals make slobbering fools of themselves regarding Jeff Sessions and his meeting with a Russian Ambassador, insisting that he either recuse himself from any investigation related to the Trump administration and the Russians…which he has done…or resign over HIS meeting with Ambassador Kislyak…they forgot to close their own drapes.

Did Sessions meet with Kislyak? Yep, he sure did.

Did he discuss the 2016 election with Kislyak? He says he didn’t, and there is no evidence to counter that claim.

Was his meeting with Kislyak illegal, in any way, shape or form?

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So, last weekend, a rodeo clown donned an Obama mask and stood in the ring as the announcer asked the assembled crowd if they would like to see Obama run down by a bull.

The crowd roared with approval.

In the end, the Obama masked clown ran away from the bull and out of the ring to the delight of the crowd but, that certainly wasn’t the end of it.

Oh no…

Senator Clair McCaskill and congressman William Lacy Clay issued a joint statement.

“I am amazed that in 2013, such hatred, intolerance and disrespect towards the President of the United States could take place at the Missouri State Fair. Our fair is supposed to showcase the best of Missouri, instead, it showed an ugly face of intolerance and ignorance to the world.”

While I am loathe to agree with 2 socialists…McCaskill and Clay were 100% correct…

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