An Open Letter to Congress from We The People

Author’s note: The contact information for all Members of Congress can be found by CLICKING HERE. Please email the link to this letter to all Members of YOUR Congressional delegation today!


To:  All Members of Congress

Re: Holder’s Contempt


Dear Member of Congress,


Today, We The People speak with a singular voice as this letter, distributed via social media and our own email lists, is forwarded to each and every Member of Congress.

We understand that, finally, Congress is ready to vote on contempt charges against Eric Holder.

It’s about time.

It has now been more than a year since Holder started obstructing justice and stonewalling Congress and the American people regarding Fast and Furious.

Now, we are led to understand, there is still a way for Holder to escape contempt charges if he simply turns over a few, post February 4th, 2011, documents.

This is outrageous and unacceptable!

As one of We The People, this must NOT be allowed to happen.

The Congressional Committee investigating Fast and Furious has subpoenaed some 80,000 documents, emails and memos from Eric Holder. Holder has only turned over 7,600 of those subpoenaed documents.

We The People demand that the ONLY way for Holder to escape contempt charges is to immediately turn over all documents, emails and memos subpoenaed. ALL OF THEM. All 72,400 subpoenaed but so far withheld documents.

As the vote is set to take place on June 20th, 2012, We The People demand that no Member of Congress accept ANYTHING LESS than the FULL compliance to the subpoenas by that scheduled date.

Should Eric Holder attempt or agree to turn over just SOME of the remainder of what has been subpoenaed, he is stalling for more time. He has already been given more than a year to comply.

Let me ask this question. Were I, as a common citizen, subpoenaed to turn over evidence in an investigation and, for more than a year, I refused to give some 90% of the subpoenaed evidence TO the investigators…What exactly would be MY fate?

If upon then handing over a small handful of more evidence, in the face of contempt charges, but FAR from all I had been ordered to produce…Would I then be “off the hook?”

I believe we both know the answers.

Why then should the Attorney General, appointed as our nation’s top law enforcement officer, be given such latitude? Why should the Attorney General be allowed to essentially tell but 10% of the truth under oath? Why is the Attorney General NOT held accountable to the same standards as We The People?

Eric Holder has, for more than a year, obstructed justice from the top of the Department OF Justice. He has shown open contempt for Congress and the American people and he has perjured himself.

As a Member of Congress, the time is long overdue for you to act and act decisively. Do NOT provide Eric Holder with another chance, another pass and more time to stall this important investigation. People on both sides of our southern border have died because of Fast and Furious and so has agent Brian Terry. The weapons “walked” over that border will be in play for years…Decades…to come and the more than 200 deaths thus far are just the beginning.

Will YOU, as a Member of Congress, take this opportunity to act decisively or will YOU allow further obstruction of justice by striking some sort of “deal” to allow Eric Holder to stall, stonewall, and continue to break the laws by which I, as a common citizen, must abide?

If Eric Holder is NOT held FULLY accountable and allowed to turn over but 10% of the subpoenaed material, a dangerous and unconstitutional precedent will be set in that the nation’s top law enforcement officer will be held to a much lower standard than the common citizen.

If YOU, as a Member of Congress, accept some sort of “DEAL” in this regard, YOU will set that precedent.

Please do NOT respond to me personally. Rather, reply to this letter via The National Patriot at as the author of this letter which is being sent to all Members of Congress, WILL print it for all to see.

Fed up American Voters with the ID’s to prove it and a focus on accountability, await your response.


We The People

National Patriots All.