Fast & Felonious…The Slippery Slope of “Tolerance” and Apathy

The “Fast and Felonious” gun walking scandal is growing deeper by the day. Eric Holder is in trouble. Lots of trouble – and the GOP sent a letter to Obama demanding a Special Counsel to look into the matter.

It’s not going to end there. It’s not going to end with Holder and the DOJ-  and for that matter, I don’t think it going to end with just the “Fast and Felonious” scandal either.

This was a multi level, multi departmental death trap. Right now, it’s the DOJ in the hot seat but, as we all know, the ATF was in on it and so was the DHS and, I suspect, it goes farther still. ICE probably wasn’t untouched by it either.

Ask yourself this question.

How could an operation involving the ATF, the DOJ and the Department of Homeland Security escape the notice, or…The INVOLVEMENT by way of signing off on it, of the President? HOW?

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