GOP Deck Shuffled…No More Mr. Nice Guy

Less than 24 hours after the Iowa Straw Poll results were announced, the candidate many considered, Mr. Nice Guy, pulled out of the race – and to be honest, it was not a surprise.

Tim Pawlenty, after a Sunday morning conference call with supporters, called it quits. So, what went wrong?

Pawlenty, the former Minnesota Governor, was by most accounts, a really nice guy but, was he true presidential material? No. Pawlenty had 2 memorable showings in debates once calling Romney’s health care plan ORomneycare and the second, going after Michelle Bachmann harshly. Neither moment would be enough to get him any better than 3rd place in the Iowa Straw Poll nor it seems, be enough to garner further financial support for a long and tough campaigning.

The financial end of it is but one factor in his decision.

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