What the Iowa Results REALLY Mean

Imagine how different the next few debates are going to look to Rick Santorum. He’s going to be at or near center stage and he’ll actually be asked questions.

On the other hand, imagine how much the same the next few debates are going to look to Jon Huntsman who just found out that when voters in Iowa aren’t picking corn, they’re arranging the podium order for the next few debates!

The OTHER Rick…Perry…will have the best seat in the house for the next few debates…The best seat in his OWN house as he heads back to Texas to reassess his campaign. Nobody goes home to “reassess” and then comes back to be a player in the race.

Want to know why?

Because those who donate money are now reassessing THEIR strategy and right now, they’re looking toward investing in center stage Rick over living room Rick.

Michele Bachmann has a problem.

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Game On… New Hampshire is Next!!

Last night and for that matter, into early this morning, Iowa had their say and as horse races go, this one was a corker.

The GOP field broke into 2 distinct tiers and the results weren’t all that surprising considering the up and down ride over the last couple of weeks.

Rick Perry and Michele Bachmann finished last unless of course, you count Huntsman who not only didn’t compete in Iowa but dismissed Iowa’s contribution to the process less than a week ago.

In the actual vote count from the Iowa Caucus, the win went to Mitt Romney by less than 14 votes with Rick Santorum coming in second and Ron Paul 3rd.

Newt Gingrich, who a mere 2 weeks ago was running away with it finished 4th.

Now, given the numbers, who had the best night?

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Newt Is Stretching the Lead

We are just barely a month away from the Iowa Caucus, January 3rd is the date, and with all the shuffling of the GOP candidates over the last 6 to 8 weeks, it’s time for things to get…busy.

Reports have Mitt Romney planning and scheming on ways to go after…Newt Gingrich.

This would be quite a switch as, for at least the last month, Romney has focused on Rick Perry. The fact that Perry has dropped in the polls should NOT be taken by team Mitt as a sign that this tactic has been working however.

Perry’s slide in the daily polls has, I believe, been due to none other than…Rick Perry. Perry’s showing in debates has been miserable to say the least and for him to slide, he didn’t really need anyone’s help.

Now, with his sights set on Gingrich, is Romney barking up the wrong tree once again?

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