Shhhh…There’s a Paraceratherium in the Room

There’s a Paraceratherium in the room.


Don’t talk about it. Just ignore it and maybe nobody else will notice it.

Maybe it’ll go away.

WhatEVER you do though…don’t talk about the Paraceratherium in the room.

THAT is what we’ve seen for a LONG, long time now from the media regarding the Emperor’s hidden and buried past.

Not even Fox News wants to talk about the Paraceratherium in the room.

Okay…so what exactly IS a Paraceratherium?

It’s a prehistoric giant hornless rhinoceros.

Like so many other prehistoric beasts, the Paraceratherium has evolved. It’s much smaller now and can be found in the halls of Congress, state legislatures, some Governor’s offices and yes, its spirit seems to have found its way into the control rooms at Fox News.

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